Thursday, November 23, 2017

Martial Law or Frontier Justice. The Choice Is Coming Like It Or Not.

I fear that the problem of Baltimore or Detroit or south Chicago cannot and will not be solved until we have a straight up race war. Unfortunately that means a lot of innocent people will die both white and black. But until the black population is effectively culled of it's feral animals and the rest understand that going forward they are going have to become civilized members of society, work and behave or die by starvation or swift justice, nothing will change.

We have spent decades subsidising both criminality and stupidity. Why is anyone surprised then that our cities are flooded with more and more stupid, violent criminals? 

As American settlers spread across the continent building farms and towns, industry and cities, one of the first things they did was kill off the predators, both two legged and four, or drive their numbers down to the point where they were no longer a threat to people, property or livestock. Why then as a civilized society should we treat these predators any differently? Not doing so has turned our inner cities into their hunting grounds. Time has come once again for "frontier justice" and for the predators to become the prey. Sadly it's a choice THEY are forcing upon us.

Friday, November 17, 2017

The Swamp Is Being Revealed As An Open Cesspool

The Rolling Stone has just ran a story purporting to debunk the "Pizzagate" story. I find both the timing of the release of the story and the fervor with which it stakes out a position of righteousness in their claims as highly suspicious.

Firstly, this story hasn't been anywhere near even the back burner of public interest in months. Given that and the daily deluge of revelations coming out of Sodom and Gomorrah (Hollywood and Washington DC) one has to wonder if Rolling Stone knows more than they are telling and is this a preemptive cover story.

I posted the following comment directly on the Rolling Stone story:

Let's look at the givens.
1. Hollywood has now been exposed to be filled with every variety of sexual and perverts. Straight, gay and pedophiles.
2. The Halls of Congress are now exposed as being filled with the same sorts of entitled, self-absorbed, predators. So badly so that over $15 million in tax payer money has been shelled out in hush money to cover it up and PROTECT the perpetrators.
3. Historically there is nothing new about sexual predation, the sexual exploitation of children or beastiality.
4. Judge Moore may not be exactly the exception to the rule but so far the vast majority of these so far exposed pervs have been reliable Democrat donors and water carriers.

Given the above facts why would anyone be surprised by accusations that the rich and powerful would operate an underground (literally and figuratively) network to both feed and hide their disgusting sexual appetites?

Questions then arise that demand answers:

1. How bad is the Capitol Hill situation that newly elected members will have to take mandatory sensitivity classes on not harassing Congressional staffers.
2. Why did the recent story on Capitol Hill predators stop short of naming names, especially as the Hollywood revelations have been filled with the names of both the perps and the accusers.
3. Why is Rolling Stone so engaged in trying to discredit the Pizzagate story rather than assigning staff to dig into both the story AND more importantly its implications.
4. Could it be that the majority of Capitol Hill predators are well know and highly placed Democrats? (Just look at all the available videos of creepy Joe Biden engaged in publicly touching young girls in highly inappropriate ways.)
5. Could it be that Rolling Stone and other reliable left-wing media outlets are puting a political agenda over and above the welfare of children?
6. How long will this post remain up before it gets removed? Or will it simply go into the "awaiting moderation" pile and never see the light of day?

(To their credit RS has at this point not censored my post.)

I further noted that people generally collect art and or objects that reflect their interests and tastes. NASCAR fans often collect die cast models of their favorite drivers cars. Many sports fans collect and frame autographed jerseys of famous players. I then invited the defenders of the article to Google "John Podesta's art" and assured them they would find disturbing images of cannibalism and child bondage and torture.

I would invite any of my readers to do the same.

When asked about this image depicting cannibalism John Podesta
remarked, "It's better to be the man with the guy with the fork
than the guy on the table."

Torture sculpture displayed prominently
in Tony Podesta's home.
Jeffery Dahmer posted his victims in death and
kept Polaroid photos. Look familiar to you?
Speaking of monstrosities.
Have we found the DNC's 2020 ticket?

Friday, November 10, 2017

Another Final Solution? Be Careful What You Wish For.

Here is a little story from personal experience for all those people so anxious to see the next "final solution".

In the 1980s I worked as a quality control engineer in a branch operation of a major control valve manufacturer. The main facility of this company was "N" stamp certified and built both commercial and military nuclear systems. Our branch operation was not. All of our manufacturing orders were forwarded to us by the main plant.

We were given a VERY large order for valves. The statement of work required that all equipment was to be "manufactured in accordance with but not certified to ASME SEC. III". The main plant also assigned additional QC staff to assist us in meeting these requirements as the amount of additional paperwork for material certification, welding certification, manufacturing, assembly and testing procedures was exponentially greater than that required for your typical commercial coal fired power plant. 

The reason for all this additional work became abundently clear when when the job was completed, boxed up and ready to go. It was not until then that were finally received the final shipping instruction, and US Customs officials arrived to lock and secure the shipping containers. From there everything had to be sent via a customer contracted trucking company to a specific port and specific vessel. The ship to address on all crates and containers was "Demona Israel via Tel Aviv". The "manufacture in accordance with but not certified to" instruction was simply a means of circumventing prohibitions on the exportation of nuclear technology.

My point being is not that this order was large enough to outfit two nuclear reactors plus spares but that the State of Israel was founded on one simple principle, "Never Again". A concept repeated by every Israeli government from 1947 to the present day. The Israelis did not build the Negev Nuclear Research Center to keep the lights on in Tel Aviv and Haifa. If another war comes and it approaches a point where the Isralis are facing destruction IT A SURE BET THAT THEY WILL OBLITERATE THEIR ENEMIES ONCE AND FOR ALL. Nuclear fallout across the Middle East will be the last of their concerns. 

The Israelis have been preparing for this possibility for at least half a century. They will not be subjected to another annialation alone. I would venture to guess that the Israelis have told the House of Saud that they will not be exempt from their wrath and crackdown on the extremist Wahabbi elements and a backdoor alliance is as much about self preservation as it is about economic restructuring, or political and/or religious reform.

The hatreds in the Arab and Muslim world are manifold. Centuries old  tribalism is rife across the region. The hatred between Arab and Persian  predates even that between the Sunni and Shia divide in Islam and is as much if not more virulent than either of thems hatred of Israel.

I sincerely doubt that the new Crown Prince is great visionary or a Muslim Martin Luther. He has been tasked to make sure the House of Saud remains in control and he's setting about doing that with ruthless efficiency so far. Any deal making between SA and Israel must been seen in that light. And if that undermines Iran and their Shia allies in Lebanon all the better for them.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

To All The Petulant Children Of The NFL Players Association:

Is it the NFL the (former) fans are angry with, or is it you, a bunch of overpaid, self-absorbed, athletes that they have simply had enough of? Or perhaps both? Face it, you characters have been pampered, catered to and all but worshiped since at least high school.

Many of you apparently think that the whole world needs to accede to your political will. Guess what ass holes, we don't and we won't. The reaction to your childishness has been the essence of capitalism and democracy. Voting with our feet, our wallets and turning off the TV! Ha ha ha!

I can't wait for the product endorsement and merchandising contracts start drying up as the (again former) fans start boycotting those products that continue to feature you overgrown ignorant children. The leftists pulling the stings you dance to have said since before the election that they are "at war" with America and what it stands for. Well boys, you may all be rich but we of the (former) fan base wield far more cumulative economic power than the whole bunch of you spoiled brats. Just where do you think the money comes from that pays your over inflated salaries?

As the TV ratings continue to decline, so will the ad revenue and the network payments to the league. Same with the big tax breaks and sweetheart real estate deals (i.e. bribes) that cities give the owners to locate their teams and build their stadiums.

Apparently there aren't a whole lot of you players who never took or paid much if any attention in economics classes. Football is a business like any other. And when a business starts losing money they either cut expenses or close their doors. So just where do you think the owners are going to go to make up for that lost revenue? STRAIGHT TO YOUR SALARIES AND BONUSES THAT'S WHERE.

It may be late but it's about time you self-important children learned some hard lessons in life. Namely that actions have consequences and that they are usually the unintended kind. Basically it comes down to the fact that you need us, the former fans, a lot more than we need you. I hate to say it but maybe it's time for soccer or rugby to become a major sport and we leave football to the past.

Oh and one more thing.

To Cam Newton specifically:

Maybe the press made a big deal about you saying that you "find it funny" when a woman asks you about passing routes but what they were really doing is making cover for your completely callus, insensitive and profoundly ignorant remark about Colin Kapernick having made "the ultimate sacrifice". 

Are you really so stupid as to think that the relatives and friends of all those servicemen and women who have actually died or been wounded and maimed for life, made the real ultimate sacrifice, would just let that just slide? You owe our veterans and their families a sincere and very public apology. Otherwise we will gladly sit back and watch your career and sport wither and die.

Cam, this is what the ultimate sacrifice looks like.
For many of them this is what marks their graves.


A very, very angry FORMER fan.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Breaking My Silence.

I have been deliberately silent of late. Not for lack of opinion but out of pure disgust. As my son told me quite some time ago "You might still love your country but your country no longer loves you.

That said this whole NFL business has driven me out of my self imposed exile, at least for a brief moment. It's not just disgusting, it's revolting. What we are being forced to deal with is a group of people, 99.9% of whom have been spoiled and pampered and catered to since they were in high school if not sooner, simply because they had a talent of throwing or catching a football or running around hitting people. Ask yourself what do they really contribute to society as a whole? Watching them celebrate making a touchdown or a tackle like they had just singlehandedly cured a disease or saved the world from some impending disaster makes me want to puke.

Add in the fact that the great many of them can't speak proper English even after 16 or more years of school and you have a picture of what is wrong with American culture. Any businessman who walked into his customer's store and told them he didn't like his country, his culture or his flag would not be in business for long. And then they wonder why when they come to the field they look up to see a half empty stadium and hear fans of the game booing them personally. I guess it's true. Steroids make you deaf and stupid.

Just because someone has paid you millions of dollars because you have a talent limited to a very narrow field doesn't make you intelligent, knowledgeable or your opinion worth anything or even worthy of being listened to.

I don't ask my mechanic what his opinion is on this, that or anything other than can he fix my damn car. Same with my Dr. or my accountant or the guys who mow my lawn. In fact if I walked in their office or business and the first thing they did was to start lecturing me on something unrelated to why I hired them I would leave and find a new Dr. or accountant or landscaper immediately.

That these bone heads can't seem to grasp that simple reality just goes to show what a bunch mental defectives they are. Same thing goes for the leftist assholes in the media and the public who defend them. If your life revolves around how this, that or the other sports team is doing then I find it highly questionable that your opinion on police violence or anything else is worth much more than a piss hole in the snow.

President Trump was right. If the owners had told these children in adult bodies right up front that when they put on the uniform they were representing their companies and their public image and that they would be suspended for repeating their bad behiviour this crap would have died quickly.

For me the straw that broke the camel's back was the comment by Cam Newton of the Charlotte Panthers that Colin Kapernick had made "the ultimate sacrifice". This was not just stupid and insensitive but deliberately insulting to the families and friends of those who have died defending the flag and the nation that has given him the opportunity to be a very rich and self indulgent asshole. Watch him or any one of the dozens of others who when in public at anything but a staged event and they have on their $1000 headphones so they don't have to interact with the fans, without whom most of them would be just another ghetto boy and you have all you need to know about how out of touch with reality these petulant children really are.

Needless to say the NFL is banned in my house and will remain so for the foreseeable future. I dare say that nary a one of them, living in their million dollar mansions, in predominately white gated communities really gives a shit about "racial solidarity". What they care about is seeing their names in the paper or their picture on the TV and what that will add to any future contract negotiations.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Manufacturing A Crisis To Create Political Chaos.

All of the clamoring on the left is being manufactured to create chaos and destabilize the government. Let's be honest here. All of these Confederate statues and memorials have been standing for well over a hundred years, some for nearly a hundred and fifty.

Other than for maybe once a year, when the Daughters of Confederate Veterans lay a wreath at a few selected memorials, they go completely ignored. Countless millions drive or walk past them everyday and don't give them a first thought or glance  never mind a second one.

Don't kid yourself. None of this is about tearing down Confederate statues. It's about tearing down the very structures of and foundations of liberty and freedom themselves. The worst and most violent, hate filled aspects of Communism didn't die with the fall of the Soviet Union. They just went underground for a while, only to emerge again like a cancer coming out of remission, with renewed and increased destructive intent.

There is no possible doubt that it is this revived communism that is behind the vast majority of violence we are experiencing. Confederate statues are just a convenient instrument. If they weren't openly clamoring about these all but forgotten statues the neo Nazis and Klan would have largely stayed under their rocks and this young lady in Charlottesville would still be alive.

It is the violent and vocal left that has repeatedly shut down the freedom of speech of those they disagree with. In the face of this tyranny the media stands complicit in their silence and complacency, refusing to acknowledge the most basic truth that without freedom of speech for all there is freedom for no one.

The goals of the left are not destroying statues or Christian bakers and florists or demanding transgendered bathrooms. Their goals are the destruction of the west, individual liberty and personal responsibility. Their interest is not in removing "white supremacy" but replacing it with their own supremacy. Such is as it is in any Communist tyranny. Given the opportunity they would replace these statues with a pantheon of murderous icons of the left.

They would have us all become Winston Smith, shut up and obey. For them Orwell's 1984 is not a warning but an instruction manual. SCRATCH A COMMUNIST AND YOU WILL FIND A FASCIST EVERY TIME.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Wonderful Dose Of Irony.

It has been reported on several occasions that Canada has been facing a large influx of illegal aliens fleeing possible deportation from the US as part of ICE doing its job. It seems however, contrary to many years of Canada lecturing Americans about our being intolerant and unwelcoming, that these holier than tho Canadians are finding that the unrestricted flow of largely uneducated, low IQ and often disease infested aliens has a large negative economic impact.

Some how I doubt they a ready for a Canadian
winter. Come November they will be begging to
 be sent back to Florida. Hey Justin, they're yours.
It also seems that these sanctimonious Canadians are particularly uncomfortable with the large numbers of Haitians that have been crossing at an obscure crossing point at Champlain NY. Now you would think Canadians, especially French Canadians would be welcoming to "refugees" from the only other French speaking nation in the western hemisphere.

Apparently not, as military troops have been brought in to help confine the influx to tent cities. Tent cities that one might honestly expect will eventually turn in to refugee camps whose underlying purpose will be to prevent them from spreading into the cities and creating scenes of chaos as are now being created I'm Paris and elsewhere in France where Africans are living on the streets and turning them into garbage strewn open sewers.

As far as I'm concerned the Canadians should keep them and do what they want with them beyond that, except of course send them back here. I also have no doubt that as far as them being granted refugee status by the Canadian government the Haitians will be low priority and that actual French fleeing the chaos in Europe will be at the top of the list, if not given expedited status. The Haitians will be largely kept confined to refugee centers, out of sight is out of mind after all.

Could it be that someone in the Trudeau government has realized that these people cannot and will not ever assimilate into western culture? After all just how many domestics do the elite of Montreal and Quebec City really need?

Pass the escargot, frog legs and horse meat steaks please!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Just How Ignorant Can Leftists Get?

I recently had occasion to engage a young lady of the "liberal" persuasion in a political discussion. A typical leftist, she soon displayed her complete ignorance of history. She had not the slightest clue of the intersection between Islam and the Nazis.

So ignorant was she that she actually posited to me that that Muhammad and the establishment of Islam was historically concurrent with St. Peter and the foundation of the Catholic Church in Rome. She further claimed that North Africa had always been Muslim. Seriously this young lady actually believed these absurdities.

Rather than asking her how stupid she really was, I asked her if she knew the difference was between 64 and 635. Realising at that point that she had painted herself into a corner, rather than answering the question, she responded that "I hate Socratic arguments,"  I.e. "I hate reason and logic." If ever there was an admission that not only had she lost the argument but that she really had no argument to begin with, that was it. She then retreated and left before she could further embarrass herself.

That was to bad because I only had one more question for her. Namely, "How can you expect to form cognizant opinions about a question of present circumstances when you are admittedly ignorant of the established events of the past from which they originate?

Sunday, July 30, 2017

One Final Betrayal.

Hopefully for the last time John McCain has betrayed the American people in the name of making sure that he is the center of attention.

Last week he returned to the Senate floor to make a speech excoriating the Senate itself for "not getting anything done". Then he turn right around and voted to make sure nothing will get done.

The old saying is that one shouldn't speak ill of the dead. Well this miserable old bastard isn't dead yet and deserves all the possible scorn that can be thrown his way. I don't buy for one minute that being diagnosed with a fatal disease suddenly imparts either wisdom of character, especially where none has previously existed.

A one way ticket through
the Plutonian Gates await
John McStain with the jaws
of Cerberus close on his heels.
McStain (and no that is not a typo) has never done anything that didn't put the focus on himself first and foremost. Rather than resigning and going to spend his final moments with family contemplating his mortality I'm sure he would rather croak on the Senate floor clamoring for yet another war and bellowing "Look at me, look at me!" one last time.

I have not the slightest doubt that Charon is anxious to load his sorry carcass on the Stygian ferry and Cerberus is salivating at the prospect of chewing on his ass and chasing him through the Plutonian gates. If only that vision could be played into the heads of Washington politician every night as they go to bed.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Clinical Insanity Sets In.

May a just and merciful God save us from the psychopathic hatred of Democrats.

Only a complete mad man would risk that humanity be sacrificed to a nuclear holocaust upon the alter of their blind and seething hatred of Donald Trump. More frightening still is that not a single person on this panel look at Begala with even the least bit of incredulity nevermind condemnation.

The sooner this man is strapped into a straight jacket and delivered to a mental institution and subjected to heavy doses of Thorazine the better off we will all be.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Encountering The Annoying Neocon

I recently made a comment on one of Bernie Goldberg's latest columns purporting to give advice, unsolicited of course, to President Trump. My having the temerity to point out that Bernie had never had anything nice or supportive to say about the President from the moment he announced his candidacy and as such there would be no reason to expect Trump would read his column or take his advice so that substantively it was little more than just another list of complaints being spewed into the echo chamber of the neocon blogosphere did not sit well with Bernie's resident attack dog.

This wasn't the first time I found myself being criticised for commenting on his columns with words to the effect "Well if you don't like what Bernie says what do you bother reading him or commenting?" I swear some of these people live in Plato's cave. 

This time was different however as I found myself coming under repeated attacks by one John Daly who's arguments consisted of calling me a mindless Trump supporter and conspiricy theorist. Keep in mind that after calling me a self important nobody he pointed out that he not only wrote columns for Bernie's website but also for the National Review and had appeared as a guest on Glenn Beck's (failing) live blog The Blaze! 

I told him such a CV simple proved he was of the same neocon stripe as Bernie himself and I asked him if he was Bernie's personal attack dog (i.e. forum moderator) and was he his food taster as well. I further asked if Beck had paid him for his appearance with some ground up Cheetos. 

As I said none of this sat well with Mr. Daly. (Neocons like leftists have have very poorly developed senses of humor.) The first question was deflected with a non answer answer, the second as impossible because they lived in different parts of the country and the third by telling I needed to look up what the meaning of "guest" was. I can only surmise that Beck paid him for his advice exactly what it is worth, nothing. After a bit more parrying and pointing out his apparent ignorance of historical realities I concluded with the following statement.

"You are nothing more than a phony and an ignorant lackey of forces I doubt you understand. Even if you did it would just prove you the most dangerous kind of fool.

"What you do is (falsely) present as intellect that which is but rhetorical opinion used in the service of ideology. If I had to cite just one thing that I have learned in sixty years of studying history, it is that political ideology and philosophies are nothing more than rhetoric used to obtain power and that the only thing that matters is what is done with power once attained. Collectivism, no matter what it's form or what it claims to be or disguises itself as is the path to tyranny and the antithesis of what the American Revolution represents.

"The sovereignty of the individual is the basis of the sovereignty of local government which becomes the basis of the sovereignty of state and then national governments. But there the progression must stop because national governments and to some extent state governments, in order to persist, must be based in the bonds of common cultural and linguistic identity. Dissolve these bonds and the very concept of sovereignty itself disintegrates back down the chain to the level of the individual, at which point men become ciphers, subjects rather than citizens and tyranny reigns supreme.

You would be served by remembering Santayana's full quotation not the truncated one most are familiar with.

"'Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. In the first stage of life the mind is frivolous and easily distracted, it misses progress by failing in consecutiveness and persistence. This is the condition of children and barbarians in which instinct has learned nothing from experience.'

"President Trump's speech in Warsaw and his speech on the proper basis on international relations early in his campaign were reflections on this understanding. Deny it it all you want. You can't refute it so you retreat into petty sarcasm and poor attempts at belittling humor which does nothing more than exposes how shallow your intellect really is.



"You see some people can write based on actual scholastic research as opposed to your pseudo-intellectualism. There are far more important things to be learned from the lessons of history than from the sexual peccadillos Hulk Hogan or the self-inflicted wounds of Megyn Kelly. (Two of Daly's recent pieces at Nat. Review) More useless and dangerous distractions would be hard to find. At lest the likes of CNN and MSNBC are honest in their hatred, whereas you disguise yours in obfuscation pretending to be insight."

Any and all are welcome to read the entire exchange here.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

The New York Times Becomes Saturday Night Live.

So far the Russian collusion narrative has been a major failure for the left. Frankly I've lost count of the number of times that one so-called news outlet or another has been busted peddling one fake story after another. But then these hate mongers don't possess any sense of embarrassment or shame.

Wait! Is that a Russian hat Ann is wearing?
What more proof of collusion do we need?
Consequently here we go with another series of highly suspicious accusations built around an actual meeting that took place after the nominating convention. The meeting, according to several reports was to discuss opposition to changes in Russian foreign adoptions policy. Well apparently that wasn't going to gather any traction in furthering the collusion narrative so a meer 24 hours later the new avenue of attack is that the meeting was really about some vague and unestablished rumor that someone had promised to deliver dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Seriously, there people get more laughably desperate with each passing day. Nevermind that even if such a promise was made and some information was passed, there is once again no evidence that the Trump campaign considered it credible or that they used it. None, nada, zero, zip, zilch. If they had any evidence that they did the Times would have run with it right up front.

In fact, the counter story that this was an attempt by Hillary operatives to plant some sort of a provably false narrative that could then be used as proof that their was collusion seems far more credible to me. The Clintons couldn't sneak their garbage in the back door so now they want try and force it through the front door using the battering ram of the New York Times.

"This story just in: Hillary Clinton
is still not the President!"
There is no depth that the Clintons or the media establishment will not sink to in their attempt to derail this President. Project their own tactics and motives on the President is apparently all they have left. I look forward to the President's twitter blast in response to this latest steaming pile of excrement. Maybe something along the lines of an old Chevy Chase SNL bit. " This story just in, Hillary Clinton is still not the President!"

Friday, July 7, 2017

G20, Why Do They Bother?

For the last couple of decades, every year we get these so-called G20 or G7 summit conferences. Increasingly they have become little more than excuses for gatherings of violent anarchists and leftists to reek havoc and destruction on one major city after another.
Violence and destruction for the
 sake of violence and destruction.
In today's world of instantaneous communication I doubt there is little that is accomplished at these meetings, other than "Gee look at me photo opportunities, that could not be accomplished electronically. Is a photo shoot really worth the millions of dollars or euros of costs in damages and security operations? Does anyone seriously think that anybody gives a crap about what Mexico, South Africa or Indonesia think about relations between the US and Russia?

Yes face to face meetings are important and can bring about significant changes and or policy initiatives. But what dictates that the whole world needs to know about them months or weeks in advance and give these violent disruptive forces time to organize in advance.

If there is some important issue that requires a one on one meeting I see no reason this head of state or that can't pick up the phone and say "Mr. Prime Minister or President we need to meet" then agree on a location, have their meeting and then either hold a surprise joint press conference or issue joint or simultaneous statements.

Straight out of the dystopian
world of a Mad Max movie.
If anything, I'd say it is just as important that these violent hate groups need to be deprived of platforms and opportunities to operate. They do not represent social or cultural progress but rather degeneration to the crudest of bestial instincts. Who in their right mind would look to them for political acumen or advice.

Monday, July 3, 2017

CNN Falls To A Little Blue Bird.

The President's latest Twitter storm has the poor darlings in the media are just beside themselves. They want the public to see a nearly  decade old video of Trump in a staged production as an assault against the freedom of the press. What it actually is a confrontation  of a so called news channel that has been  caught in lie after lie after lie.

What the left is really upset about however is that Trump has broken the paradigm that said the President only communicated directly with the public at the State of the Union speech or in a standardized format of a speech to this organization or that one. The other exception bring in the case of some national emergency. Other wise the President spoke to the press and the press passed it on to the public as they chose to interpret it. In any case the press exercised a great deal of control of how and when and what information went out to the public and it never did so without their own editorial spin on it.

Well Trump said the hell with that and just as during the campaign, now speaks directly to the public how and when he likes and about what he likes. He neither wants nor asks for the opinion of the press, especially not CNN.

In this way the talking heads are out maneuvered at almost every turn. By they time they try to form a consensus reaction to one set of tweets he comes out with another that catches them flat footed yet again.

Then throw in the combination of the likes of Project Veratas that catches some media mafioso speaking honestly rather than in accordance with an agenda and forced retraction after forced retraction because they have abandoned any standards of honest journalism and they find themselves caught in a reactive mode. Their foibles, hypocrisy and lies become the news, not something Trump said or did.

The deeper and deeper Trump pushes the media and the Democrats into this defensive position the more outrageous and unhinged there responses become.

The mold is broken, they no longer control the narrative and there is no going back. Every politician, left and right, from City Council to the Senate is going to make social media the central aspect of their operations for the simple reason that Trump has proven it to be a highly effective tool. The MSM knows it and their not liking it isn't going to change it. All there protestations are now akin to a dead snake that hasn't stopped twitching yet.

But don't you worry my dear leftist friends. You still have stuttering Nancy, Mad Maxine, Liawatha and the 1% socialist Bernie on their side! Good luck with that because in the meantime the rest of us will be drying your salty tears for a giant batch of Margaritas!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Different Kind Of Reporting

Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame who has done nothing of note since, is desperately seeking relevance in the Trump era. He is now calling for "a different kind of reporting" to confront a "malignant Presidency".

Excuse me Carl but i wasn't aware that you were now the front man for the Comedy Channel. Actually I thought "a different kind of reporting" was what we have been seeing since Trump declared his candidacy. What is otherwise know as lying and making shit up out of whole cloth.

With each passing week the media and reporters like Bernstein get more and more desperate as scheme after scheme falls apart and story after story gets shot full of holes and major media outlets are forced into making retraction after retraction.

They are so blinded by their own  prejudice and refusal to accept the reality of Trump's victory that they have rendered themselves incapable of seeing that all they are accomplishing is both cementing Trump's base by confirming everything Trump has accused them of over the last year and making themselves look like utter fools.

I can only hope that they keep it up to the point that what little credibility they have left with the public is completely destroyed.

As the old axiom goes; When your opponent is making mistakes just get out of the way.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Incompetence, Arrogance Or Just Plain Old Stupidity. Take Your Pick

The MSM, CNN in particular, has been feeling a bit perplexed of late. Oh hell let's be frank about it. They've got their nuts in a vice and they don't like the squeeze they're feeling. It doesn't matter that they are the ones that put them in there and it's they who with their persistent lying that keeps turning the handle.

Reaching a point of desperation they're now claiming that President Trump calling them out for the lying sacks of shit that they are is making them feel threatened. How laughable.

They're like the mugger who got their ass whipped by their would be victim and now plead to the judge that if the victim would have just handed over his wallet nobody would have been hurt never mind facing charges. They're not sorry for their lies. They're sorry they got caught telling them.

Almost as soon as Donald Trump won his first primary race, in spite of the media saying it would never happen, his supporters have faced not just threats but very real violence and assaults and even bloody beat downs.

All through this, the MSM has either played these assaults as nothing serious at best or simply refused to cover them at worst. It's these same assholes who have been carrying water for the DNC that have been ginning up the violent rhetoric since the moment of Hillary's humiliating defeat. That the humiliation and defeat we're theirs to own as well as it Hillary's is the last thing they will admit.

Frankly I would not be terribly upset to see some CNN or MSNBC reporter take a serious thrashing because I don't see any other way they are going to begin to understand that they are supposed to be honest and dispassionate brokers of information. Sure they are entitled to their opinions, just like anybody else, but they need to confine their opinions to the editorial section and quit trying to pass them off as news.

Why defies common sense is that they either can't or refuse to see that the public not just sees through their bullshit and their sick and tired of it, sick and tired of these talking heads acting repeatedly as if calling themselves journalists exempts them from the rules of common decency, courtesy and respect.

If indeed it does come down to some frustrated citizen giving the likes of Wolfie boy, Erin Burnett ot Mourning Joe a bloody nose or worse, it will be nothing more than a self-inflicted wound and a justly deserved one at that. They underestimate just how sick the public is of them and how much many of us would enjoy watching it as a repeating loop on YouTube.

If that vice handle were in my hand I'd be giving it some hard and fast turns. The only question would be what's louder, their shreaks of agony or mine of delight.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Simple Questions For The Simpletons In The News Media.

Who were the commanding officer and the senior officer on the bridge of the container ship at the time of the collision? Are they Muslims?

Are the recent series of fires in London arson? Are the (possible) arsonists Muslims?

Are these incidents just new and deadly ways means of celebrating Ramadan?

After all sacrificing infadels and other Muslims for the glory of Allah is nothing new. To dismiss the possibility of the questions would be absurd. Oh wait we're talking about the news media. Nevermind​.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Horst Wessel Is Reborn From The Womb Of Violent Rhetoric.

Since we'll before November's election the rhetoric coming from the left has been laced with words of violent connotation. With Hillary's humiliation at the polls the connotations have become implications and justifications that have now become escalations from assaults with fists and baseball bats to the use of firearms with murderous intent.

Yesterday's shooting did not occur in a vacuum. From Kathy Griffin's stunningly callous photo shoot to the completely unveiled call for the assassination of the President in New York's Theater in the Park presentation, the provocation curve has moved into the near vertical. What did they think was going to happen?

I have not the slightest doubt that an exploration of the internet history of yesterday's would be assassin will reveal his having visited numerous sites displaying the most overt calls to bloody violence.  How then are Hodgkinson's actions any different from that of some domestic Jihadist, radicalized by the internet or his local Imam? It is the simplest and most obvious of parallels but don't expect the MSM or any Democrat to acknowledge its clearly exists.

The only real questions remaining are, have we gone past some psychological tipping point? Is it even possible for the leading voices of the left to have any real influence in dialing back the rhetoric and bringing the street anarchists and communists they have given birth to under control or has their callous disregard for the possible consequences of their words and actions kicked open Pandora's Box and smashed it beyond any hope of repair? Was this their hidden intent all along?

Bernie Sanders and the rest of the closet communists who call themselves Democrats can fain all the revulsion they want. It won't change their responsibility one single bit. You don't train a pitbull to fight, poke at it with a sharp stick and then claim innocence when it snaps a cardboard leash and goes for the first available throat.

If Congressman Scalise had not been part of the Republican leadership it's quite possible that there would not have been any Capital Police officers present at today's baseball practice. Then who knows what the body count might have been? We should probably at least be thankful that this weak minded fool was not any kind of competent marksman but that doesn't lessen the responsibility of the authors of the violent rhetoric that clearly inspired his actions.

Worse I fully expect that some mindless recording artist (yes Katy Perry, I'm talking g about you) will soon pen and promote an anthem glorifying Hodgkinson's martyrdom to the cause of the "resistance". Hodgkinson will become the new Horst Wessel but that's another parallel will be deliberately be ignored by the political left as well.

More than one commentator has expressed the fear that we are moving inexorably toward what could become a civil war. I fear they may be right It will not be one of organized governmental armies meeting on the field of combat but one of armed militia units striking at each other's supporters and infrastructure. If that happens then the economy will slowly grind to a halt and transportation networks will all but cease to function. Look at Venezuela today. Look at the chaos in Calais France as the thousands of violent Muslims there were blocked from crossing over to the UK and they started attacking commercial trucking to steal anything and everything they could. Now multiply that by a hundred fold as food stops being shipped into inner city neighborhoods and the suburbs begin to find they can't count on the police to protect them and start controlling access to their own areas themselves.

These violent left fascist so-called social justice warriors had best think. Those up to now peaceful suburbanites are far better armed and experienced with weapons than any bunch of college brats and urban drug gangs combined. In fact those drug gangs will kill anyone who gets in their way. They will have no solidarity with BLM or the SJWs expect as to how they can exploit them for their own ends. Just look at drug cartels in Mexico.

But then neither the likes of Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton or Al Sharpton will take responsibility or suffer the repercussions. They will all be hiding g behind high walls and armed private security. It's the rest of us who will have to suffer and many unfortunately, die.

Monday, June 12, 2017

It All Grows More Than A Bit Tedious And Predictable. But It Remains Dangerous For The President.

Having been both sorely disappointed and newly outraged that ex-Director Comey didn't drag Donald Trump's bleeding corpse into the Senate hearing room, the left is now embarked on pursuing even the most absurd of notions as if to try and prove him guilty of something by either ignoring recent example or crude simplistic analogy to a 400 year old fictional play. I kid you not.

I've been through the the desert on a source with no name!
The flesh of the Democrats may be rotted away but the bones
remain alive and deadly like some take of Odysseus.
News was released today that the Attorneys General of both Maryland and the District of Columbia are filing suit claiming that Donald Trump's businesses receiving money under legally executed contracts from foreign entities constituted a "conflict of interest" that they of course want the courts to interpret for them as an impeachable offense.

Never mind of course the millions if not billions of dollars the Clintons pocketed from everyone from the poor storm ravaged citizens of Haiti, to Kremlin linked Russian banks, to every corrupt and xenophobic Muslim Potentate between the Pillars of Hercules to Straits of Oman. Nope, no collusion or influence peddling involved there. "Move along folks there's nothing to see here."

The latest desperation play is of course a real play being put on for the public in New York City, casting President Trump as Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar". I have not seen it and I don't need to look for it on YouTube to confidently predict that the assassination scene is unduly graphic beyond anything that could be ascribed to the Bard's metaphor and that Mark Antony's "I come to bury Caesar not to praise him" speech will either be absent or distorted beyond any recognition. With CNN praising it as "A masterpiece" you know it's complete garbage. Those idiots haven't got anything right in the last two years. They couldn't figure out two plus two equals four if you counted it out for them on their own fingers. What next? "MacBeth" with Kelly Anne and Ivanka as two of the three witches and Hillary as he ghost of murdered King Duncan?

That brings us to the "never Trump" neocon pretenders over at "The Weekly Standard". Their latest line of presumptuous assault is to serve up the goings on inside the White House as President Trump vs. the Trump Administration along with a side a side dish of "Many insiders prefer Pence."

All of these dispicable creatures would be giddy as school girls after getting laid for the first time if they could actually find some albatross to hang around the President's neck. Short of that and in the meantime they will be satisfied with creating phony controversy after phony controversy. Anything and everything to manufacture salacious headlines and to try and distract the President from the pursuit of his agenda.

Traitors are real.  They think of no one but themselves
and they have been around since the dawn of man.

If I could give the President some advice it would be for him to be wary of his advisers, especially anyone who hasn't been with him since well before the Republican convention. As his enemies become more desperate and frustrated with their impotence they will not be beyond finding an insider to manufacture evidence, entrap him with a secretly recorded conversation and even be prepared to take the fall of a prison sentence in exchange for a large enough bribe into an untraceable off shore account. They are even capable of entrapment and blackmail to force the creation of an unwilling but weak-minded Quisling. There is no Machiavellian plot that they will not consider. These are not redeemable souls we are dealing with. The President might even be better off dealing with the devil himself. At least he would know who he is right up front.

He's there already​. I dare say even more than one.
You can bet they are discussing where, when and how
they are going to serve the President up for dinner.
To drain the swamp he should be prepared to start
inside the gates of the White House.

Purchasing Our Own Demise.

Sometimes I would like to say screw the internet. Yes it's great for communication with people far away and commerce for finding those rare items or those thing only available from a vendor hundreds or even thousands of miles away. But it's not just killing the small local merchants who depend on walk in traffic, it's isolating us from our immediate neighborhoods and businesses.

I can't be the only one who wants to pick up and feel and examine an item before I buy it. Plus I like the ability and satisfaction of not only going to a store and getting what I want today but also of building relationships with small vendors with whom I share an interest.

For example over the last couple of years every single hobby shop in my city has closed its doors. Sure there are still places like Michael's and Hobby Lobby that are glorified big box stores that carry either a very limited selection or none of those particular items you're​ looking for because there is no volume or limited demand so they don't meet their precious dollars of return per square foot of space requirements. They have no interest in getting to know their customers. Their attitude is buy what we offer at price we ask or get lost.

Looking for some specialty items and having an immediate need I was forced to go to a shop some twenty miles away and in a different State. When I got there the first thing I did was congratulate The owner on having the only traditional hobby shop left any where around the area. He replied, "Thank you, but to be completely honest with you we're barely hanging on." I could see the sadness and despair in his eyes as we discussed the plight of the small business owner.

The small niche markets are being, have been, all but destroyed, along with the true diversity of interests that make up communities large and small. So the next time you need something that doesn't have to be purchased from across the country and via the Internet seek out your local specialty vendors. Get to know them and let them get to know you. It's good for your community and the human spirit. Keep your money circulating locally as much as possible.

After all just how much more of your hard earned money does Jeff Bezos need? At this point he is no longer building commerce and sure ad hell isn't building communities. His buying influence and power over people. He already owns the Washington Post and it's affiliated news outlets whose despicable opinions and bogus journalism I needn't elucidate here. Now he is seeking to take his billions and create a bank where he will use the fractional reserve process to suck even more wealth, power and the human spirit out of the economy and the American people.

Fuck Bezos and the fascist corporatists like him. True diversity is within communities, their varied economic interests and social and political interactions and opinions and should not have anything to do with the color of their skin or what God they pray to or who they sleep with.

Yes we need banks and a central government capable of defending the nation and our individual rights. But not when those banks either own the processes of economic interaction at even the smallest level and the politicians that operate the levers of governmental power.

Both are a betrayal of what " We The People" means and why the founders put it large bold letters in the Preamble to the Constitution. It is the very concept the corporatists and the politicians they own, be they call themselves Democrats or neocon Republicans, want to destroy first and foremost. Think otherwise at your own peril.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wasting Time On Twitter Wars When Real War is Upon Us.

While a Twitter war between President Trump and the mayor of London serves no good purpose for either the UK or the US, Sadiq Kahn needs to remember his place. He might be the mayor of a European capital, that status in relation to the Presidency of the United States is still pretty lowly. As far as his saying that our President's State visit should be cancelled he ought to just shut his goat munching mouth. Mayor's don't set State policy or conduct foreign relations.

Does this rug sucking piece of shit really think anyone has forgotten that it was he who has said both that terrorist attacks are "Just a part of living in big cities..." and that this latest slaughter was "no reason to be concerned."

 As far as I'm concerned this piece of human excrement makes Neville Chamberlain's "Peace in our time." statement look like pure genius. Sadiq's peace is spelled piece, as in pieces of Londoners scattered around on the streets. If it had been up to me my Twitter response to him would not have been so polite as to say he was "making up pathetic excuses." I would have sent a private message to PM May asking "Why haven't the heads of Scotland Yard and MI5 been fired for shear incompetence in not arrested for negligent homicide?" I'd further ask "Why hasn't Kahn been charged with aiding and abetting a criminal conspiracy?"

The UK has declared it's independence from the European mainland so now they had better realize that Islam has long since declared war on Britain and they damn well better start fighting back with something approaching the earnestness their grandfather's had in fighting against the Nazis or within a decade if not less there won't be any Britain left except in the history books.

The British at prayer in the midst of the destruction 
of the Blitzkrieg. Where is that British fortitude
today?  We all need to hope and pray they can
find it again, for all our sakes.
Do our President and the American people really want us to be in a position analogous to that of Britain in the dark days of 1940 and '41? Dodging the almost nightly bombing raids and praying that the fascists didn't come storming across the Channel the next day?

We saved the Brits' asses twice before when the threat of destruction was still on the other side of the English Channel. Unfortunately it seams that now, with the fascist murders in their midst, many Brits don't even have the courage to fight for their own survival.

When I read the story of the people lying on the floor of that restaurant all but waiting to be slaughtered, where one individual was video recording what may have been their last moments on Earth and another man shouted out "Fuck these Muslim scum!" and he then came under immediate rebuke for swearing at these heinous murders my heart sank. It sank even farther as I read of Tweets supporting the man who had rebuked him, saying how he had "retained his dignity" by doing so.

How in the world can anyone think that there is dignity in cowering in oh so polite fear when facing getting your throat cut or you head cut off by demented vicious murderers who want to kill you for killings sake? Why can't these people understand that the only dignity in such as case is in standing up and fighting back even in the face of certain death? Just what the hell is wrong with a government that tells its own people that the best response to these attacks is "Run, hide and call."?

The only sound I hear coming from across the pond is that of their own "Greatest Generation" groaning and turning over in their graves. I can only imagine how betrayed those that still survive must feel.

The ass lifters seem to be the only ones praying in
the UK and they sure as hell aren't praying for
the salvation of what's left of a once great people.
Just what combination of perfidious self-deception and wanton complacency is it that drives so many people to not see that this is clash of civilizations not seen since the Gates of Vienna 335 years ago. Just what will it take for these people to see that as far as the Islamists are concerned the current invasion of the West is but a continuation of that same conflict and that their goal have not changed at all?

I know that for far too many Christianity is now somehow passé. But as it stands they had better start praying to our forgotten and neglected Father because he may be all that remains standing between them and their destruction AND damnation. Their government and politicians sure don't seem  a to be. They may not have the moral or intellectual fortitude to pray for their own survival but I won't let that stop me from praying for them. I can only hope that that my prayers do some good and that a merciful God can open their eyes to what terrible fate may await them both in this world and the next.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Right On Cue.

Faced with unfavorable reactions from across the political and social spectrum, Kathy Griffin issued the standard non-apology apology and then fell back to the tried and true leftist tactic, playing the victim card.

Like all self-righteous, self-important leftists, Griffin doesn't think the old tried and true axiom that "actions have consequences" should apply to her. Similarly she not bright enough to think there are such things as unintended consequences.

So today we were treated to a performance and don't kid yourself this was nothing but a performance. On could argue that crocodile tears, self pity and blaming everyone but yourself we're raised to an art form at Griffin's press conference but we've seen it all before. In fact Hillary has had this particular show on the road since last November. Nobody with any common sense is buying it from Hillary and were sure not going to buy from a nobody like Kathy Griffin.

So Kathy, I hope you enjoy your long, well deserved and self-created oblivion. Just be prepared for all those high profile lawyers to desert you when the money runs out. I doubt you have the money or the pull to fight off the Trump family lawyers once they set their sites on you.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Reasonable Reaction.

It seems that President Duterte of the Philippines is a practical, if hard and profane man and Democrats are the Sam old emotional cripples who are hell bent on ignoring  realities no matter how ugly.

After a recent speech regarding his having declared martial law in southern Mindanao to fight the ongoing ISIS insurgency one would be Democrat inheritor by the name of Chelsea Clinton took exception to his saying that he would take personal responsibility for any misdeeds they might commit in what has essentially become a war zone.

When Chelsea reacted with the usual feminist, women's rights crap Duterte quickly responded by asking her where was her reaction when her father was "fucking Monica Lewinsky in the White House?"

As is to be expected of cowards Chelsea quickly ran away and the left is condemning Duterte as an "dangerous extremist". Nevermind the continued and increasing frequency, violence and depravity of the Islamic assault on Western Civilization, their tune never changes.

Unless and until these political elites find themselves directly suffering the consequences of their perfidious political correctness and appeasement they will continue to sell their souls for the hope of political power over the rest of us. They will continue to hide behind their gated walls and security details. Suffering and death is for us little people not the self important political and social elites.

Apparently President Duterte is not going to wait for ISIS to spread their violence further and is going to treat the insurgency for what it is, a war directed at the nation and people of the Philippines. The horrors of the fascist Japanese occupation is still within the living memory of many Philippinos. Why would they want to risk repeating that  horror story? I for one say good for him. No war has ever been won by talking to the enemy or appeasing them for cynical and partisan political gain.

As long as Europe's and our own political hacks, and that term is being gracious, continue down the path of appeasing the Islamic fascists they will only grow bolder and more barbaric. At our very peril these morons would have us forget that is the very definition of terrorism.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Connecting The Dots..

As my readers know I don't often post links to other writers work. The appointment of a special prosecutor​ is too important and Robert Gore has produced a piece that needs to be as widely read as possible. For the Democrats they had best be careful what they wish for. The murder of Seth Rich may well be the explanation for Hillary's email to Donna Brazil about them all being hanged. Please read it and pass it on.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

On Second Thought...

I recently post that I was going to start doing a daily or so running commentary on headlines as they occur. On second thought or thoughts, I have shelved this idea. At least or now.

Quite frankly the behavior of the left and their media front operations to assault President Trump have become both predictable and boring. Not that your typical leftist is in possession of much in the way of either critical thinking skills or a sense of irony. (Sadly this applies to many who think of themselves as conservative as well.)

I certainly haven't lost any of my enthusiasm for our President but I am becoming more and more convinced that the corruption of Washington DC is beyond being drained by any conventional means.

The corruption is simply to entrenched within the bureaucracies and the mental thought process of the vast majority of both the District's inhabitants, the establishments of both parties and indeed far, far to many Americans in general. I saw one comment that pretty much summed up my frustration; "I didn't vote for Ivanka or her husband."

Presidents are just to surrounded by courtiers with their own agendas and motives and dependent on these bureaucracies that are more concerned with keeping money flowing into their coffers than the direction or implementation of policy.

As much as I might hope that this light may be dawning in the President's head, I have seriously doubt there is much he can really do about it. Not with his daughter and son-in-law in his ear every day. Like it or not these forces are making JFK's prophecy come true; "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable."

That leaves us with one alternative. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Stock up on God, gold, guns and grub. In the meantime, engage the enemy in the alternative media and be prepared to defend yourself from them in the physical realm as well. Berkeley was just the beginning. I fear that what's coming will be worse, much worse.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Korea, Asia's Great Cultural And Political Conundrum

North Korea and its petty, murderous, emotionally stunted and gravitationally challenged tyrant has been busy of late playing the old family game. Threatening everyone around in hopes of securing tribute in the form of free food from the West and cut rate oil and coal from China to keep the neighborhood bully from acting even crazier.

Unfortunately this third generation egomaniacal fool is not content with digging tunnels under the DMZ, blasting propaganda over loudspeakers, assassinating troublesome relatives or executing military officers with anti-aircraft artillery.

He has chosen instead escalate into the madness of combining a total absence of morality with nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles thinking the world will simply respond with more tribute.

Adding to the general nervousness is the exchange of technology between North Korea and the some only marginally less insane Islamist regimes.

Beyond the cynicism of Hillary Clinton telling Goldman Sachs that "We don't want to see a unified Korea" because she and her ilk profit from the status quo of human suffering and political instability, lays a truth that neither China and Russia nor the US, South Korea and Japan want or need the cost that would be associated with bringing 25 million starving and brainwashed souls into the 21st century. It would prove to be a multi generational task that would make German re-unification and the movement of central Europe from nearly half a century of Soviet (Russian) occupation and back into Western society, look like child's play.

After the bombings of Japan, Emperor Hirohito realized that the importance of the preservation of Japan's thousand year old culture outweighed her xenophobic sense of racial superiority which had clearly set them onto a path of destruction.

A war in North Korea would contain no such recognition of inevitability or desire for cultural preservation as Hirohito found. It would be more Hitlerian in that Kim would see his people as not deserving survival beyond his own. Inspite of the 13 years of Nazism the German people still had as sense of their past cultural achievements and Western Civilization in general.

After over 70 years of the Kim's own brand of fascism, advertised as communism, I suspect the saturation of propaganda and the desire for basic human survival has all but extinguished any real psycological links to their more distant history and cultural structures. The sudden exposure to a modern society that doesn't want to starve, imprison, murder or enslave them, could well produce not just a cognitive dissonance but mass insanity that could manifest as a very difficult guerrilla war and or segments of the military and population fleeing into the mountains as occured with Japanese soldiers who refused to surrender or even believe that Japan had been or could be defeated.

What then is the West to do with such a deranged, nuclear armed fascist regime with a combined military force of 1.9 million? Given the established facts that they can and have secretly tunneled under the DMZ, they already have produced nuclear bombs, however crude compared to modern designs, and that Kim is just plain bat shit crazy, can the western powers, really wait for the overt act before striking?

At first glance it would seen to be incumbent upon the Chinese to rein in if not remove Kim and his regime. After all it is they who have propped up North Korea as a cat's paw against the West for decades. They certainly don't want to see any expansion of their existing refugee problem along the Yalu river and are openly addressing it with large troop deployments. On the other hand having South Korea, Japan and the US handle the problem and having South Korean troops across the Y'all might be an acceptable price to pay to see a major economic competitor burdened with chaos and a vast economic drain.

Should Kim go completely paranoid nutso and deploy his nukes or his Special Ops teams to use dirty bombs, things could spin out of control very quickly and the Chinese could be faced with both refugees and nuclear waste clouds coming across both the Yalu river and the Yellow Sea.

If someone can come up with a truly viable solution to this mess I'll be glad to hear it. It may come to a secret agreement between Washington and Beijing to J St go ahead and decapitate the North Korean regime as quickly and decisively as possible. I doubt it can be done without any collateral damage. But nuclear blackmail must be taken seriously and appeasing tyrants never works out for the better.

Round Three.

Round three of the Battle of Berkely will commence sometime on Thursday whether Ann Coulter shows up or not. In reality the ball is in the police's court after they were roundly criticized for allowing it to get out of hand last time.

They apparently hoped the leftist thugs would prevail in the last round and they were the ones who gut the worst of it by far. The cops should adopt a strict policy of "No masks, no hoodies, no weapons" and enforce it on both sides. Then we can get to watch these violent leftists turn on the cops with predictable consequences.

Got to find somebody carrying a live feed from an Oakland TV station in the morning. Should make for an interesting show.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Ghost Has Been On A Brief Vacation.

In the interim the world and its insanity goes on. Sometimes it gets harder and harder to care. A symptom of getting older I guess.

Join the North Korean Army
or slowly starve to death.
Korea: Yawn. Big deal. So what. Yes the little fat boy is a menace and nobody wants to see NK armed with nukes and the missiles to deliver them. Somehow though I don't think either China, South Korea or Japan or the US want to take on the burden and costs of trying to assimilate millions of starving and brain washed people into civilized society. It would require a multi-generational effort and the rest of the world is far to enmeshed in their own pending crises.

The abundance of Socialism.
Venezuela: The inevitable end to stupid people being suckered by greedy so-called socialists more than a willing to take them for every centavo they have. And then the money... and the food runs out. See Cuba.

Syria, destruction and death
for 3500 years. This is just
the latest spasm.
Syria: Yawn again. The place has been the crossroads of wars for 3500 years. Really why should we care now? Just so long as the mess eggs confined to Syria and northern Iraq I say let them kill each other. If we want to join in it should be confined to obliterating the nastier elements but strictly from the air and then if we're are going to do it, do it relentlessly and quit boo hooing about civilian casualties and damaged Mosques. It's a war for cripes sake.

Even the blind can see, but not
European leftist politicians.
Europe: The EU is disintegrating at an increasing rate. Good. Maybe if they do the individual nations will realize they are on their own and they had better take me care of the Islamic invasion in short order. Call Hungary or Poland they do seem to understand the reality. Kill them, drive them out or convert them to Christianity or atheism. What ever it takes. Islam is a social and mental disease. Where ever it exists it only thrives on massive infusions of Western cash and technology. Better it should die.

Just a hate crime? BS.
An Islamic crime as well.
They are not mutually exclusive.
And then there is the good old USA: Time for Americans as well to wake up to this Islamic poison.  We have made it worse by allowing it to thrive in our prisons where it mutates and combines with black racism and illegitimcy to create an even more hateful deadly virus that manifests itself in these so called "random acts of violence" as just occured in Fresno California. Random my ass! This is Islam at work. First they kill their religious and racial enemies then they go after whatever sect they disagree with.

Tomorrow: More insanity to come, I'm sure.