Sunday, July 9, 2017

The New York Times Becomes Saturday Night Live.

So far the Russian collusion narrative has been a major failure for the left. Frankly I've lost count of the number of times that one so-called news outlet or another has been busted peddling one fake story after another. But then these hate mongers don't possess any sense of embarrassment or shame.

Wait! Is that a Russian hat Ann is wearing?
What more proof of collusion do we need?
Consequently here we go with another series of highly suspicious accusations built around an actual meeting that took place after the nominating convention. The meeting, according to several reports was to discuss opposition to changes in Russian foreign adoptions policy. Well apparently that wasn't going to gather any traction in furthering the collusion narrative so a meer 24 hours later the new avenue of attack is that the meeting was really about some vague and unestablished rumor that someone had promised to deliver dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Seriously, there people get more laughably desperate with each passing day. Nevermind that even if such a promise was made and some information was passed, there is once again no evidence that the Trump campaign considered it credible or that they used it. None, nada, zero, zip, zilch. If they had any evidence that they did the Times would have run with it right up front.

In fact, the counter story that this was an attempt by Hillary operatives to plant some sort of a provably false narrative that could then be used as proof that their was collusion seems far more credible to me. The Clintons couldn't sneak their garbage in the back door so now they want try and force it through the front door using the battering ram of the New York Times.

"This story just in: Hillary Clinton
is still not the President!"
There is no depth that the Clintons or the media establishment will not sink to in their attempt to derail this President. Project their own tactics and motives on the President is apparently all they have left. I look forward to the President's twitter blast in response to this latest steaming pile of excrement. Maybe something along the lines of an old Chevy Chase SNL bit. " This story just in, Hillary Clinton is still not the President!"

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