Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Korea, Asia's Great Cultural And Political Conundrum

North Korea and its petty, murderous, emotionally stunted and gravitationally challenged tyrant has been busy of late playing the old family game. Threatening everyone around in hopes of securing tribute in the form of free food from the West and cut rate oil and coal from China to keep the neighborhood bully from acting even crazier.

Unfortunately this third generation egomaniacal fool is not content with digging tunnels under the DMZ, blasting propaganda over loudspeakers, assassinating troublesome relatives or executing military officers with anti-aircraft artillery.

He has chosen instead escalate into the madness of combining a total absence of morality with nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles thinking the world will simply respond with more tribute.

Adding to the general nervousness is the exchange of technology between North Korea and the some only marginally less insane Islamist regimes.

Beyond the cynicism of Hillary Clinton telling Goldman Sachs that "We don't want to see a unified Korea" because she and her ilk profit from the status quo of human suffering and political instability, lays a truth that neither China and Russia nor the US, South Korea and Japan want or need the cost that would be associated with bringing 25 million starving and brainwashed souls into the 21st century. It would prove to be a multi generational task that would make German re-unification and the movement of central Europe from nearly half a century of Soviet (Russian) occupation and back into Western society, look like child's play.

After the bombings of Japan, Emperor Hirohito realized that the importance of the preservation of Japan's thousand year old culture outweighed her xenophobic sense of racial superiority which had clearly set them onto a path of destruction.

A war in North Korea would contain no such recognition of inevitability or desire for cultural preservation as Hirohito found. It would be more Hitlerian in that Kim would see his people as not deserving survival beyond his own. Inspite of the 13 years of Nazism the German people still had as sense of their past cultural achievements and Western Civilization in general.

After over 70 years of the Kim's own brand of fascism, advertised as communism, I suspect the saturation of propaganda and the desire for basic human survival has all but extinguished any real psycological links to their more distant history and cultural structures. The sudden exposure to a modern society that doesn't want to starve, imprison, murder or enslave them, could well produce not just a cognitive dissonance but mass insanity that could manifest as a very difficult guerrilla war and or segments of the military and population fleeing into the mountains as occured with Japanese soldiers who refused to surrender or even believe that Japan had been or could be defeated.

What then is the West to do with such a deranged, nuclear armed fascist regime with a combined military force of 1.9 million? Given the established facts that they can and have secretly tunneled under the DMZ, they already have produced nuclear bombs, however crude compared to modern designs, and that Kim is just plain bat shit crazy, can the western powers, really wait for the overt act before striking?

At first glance it would seen to be incumbent upon the Chinese to rein in if not remove Kim and his regime. After all it is they who have propped up North Korea as a cat's paw against the West for decades. They certainly don't want to see any expansion of their existing refugee problem along the Yalu river and are openly addressing it with large troop deployments. On the other hand having South Korea, Japan and the US handle the problem and having South Korean troops across the Y'all might be an acceptable price to pay to see a major economic competitor burdened with chaos and a vast economic drain.

Should Kim go completely paranoid nutso and deploy his nukes or his Special Ops teams to use dirty bombs, things could spin out of control very quickly and the Chinese could be faced with both refugees and nuclear waste clouds coming across both the Yalu river and the Yellow Sea.

If someone can come up with a truly viable solution to this mess I'll be glad to hear it. It may come to a secret agreement between Washington and Beijing to J St go ahead and decapitate the North Korean regime as quickly and decisively as possible. I doubt it can be done without any collateral damage. But nuclear blackmail must be taken seriously and appeasing tyrants never works out for the better.

Round Three.

Round three of the Battle of Berkely will commence sometime on Thursday whether Ann Coulter shows up or not. In reality the ball is in the police's court after they were roundly criticized for allowing it to get out of hand last time.

They apparently hoped the leftist thugs would prevail in the last round and they were the ones who gut the worst of it by far. The cops should adopt a strict policy of "No masks, no hoodies, no weapons" and enforce it on both sides. Then we can get to watch these violent leftists turn on the cops with predictable consequences.

Got to find somebody carrying a live feed from an Oakland TV station in the morning. Should make for an interesting show.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Ghost Has Been On A Brief Vacation.

In the interim the world and its insanity goes on. Sometimes it gets harder and harder to care. A symptom of getting older I guess.

Join the North Korean Army
or slowly starve to death.
Korea: Yawn. Big deal. So what. Yes the little fat boy is a menace and nobody wants to see NK armed with nukes and the missiles to deliver them. Somehow though I don't think either China, South Korea or Japan or the US want to take on the burden and costs of trying to assimilate millions of starving and brain washed people into civilized society. It would require a multi-generational effort and the rest of the world is far to enmeshed in their own pending crises.

The abundance of Socialism.
Venezuela: The inevitable end to stupid people being suckered by greedy so-called socialists more than a willing to take them for every centavo they have. And then the money... and the food runs out. See Cuba.

Syria, destruction and death
for 3500 years. This is just
the latest spasm.
Syria: Yawn again. The place has been the crossroads of wars for 3500 years. Really why should we care now? Just so long as the mess eggs confined to Syria and northern Iraq I say let them kill each other. If we want to join in it should be confined to obliterating the nastier elements but strictly from the air and then if we're are going to do it, do it relentlessly and quit boo hooing about civilian casualties and damaged Mosques. It's a war for cripes sake.

Even the blind can see, but not
European leftist politicians.
Europe: The EU is disintegrating at an increasing rate. Good. Maybe if they do the individual nations will realize they are on their own and they had better take me care of the Islamic invasion in short order. Call Hungary or Poland they do seem to understand the reality. Kill them, drive them out or convert them to Christianity or atheism. What ever it takes. Islam is a social and mental disease. Where ever it exists it only thrives on massive infusions of Western cash and technology. Better it should die.

Just a hate crime? BS.
An Islamic crime as well.
They are not mutually exclusive.
And then there is the good old USA: Time for Americans as well to wake up to this Islamic poison.  We have made it worse by allowing it to thrive in our prisons where it mutates and combines with black racism and illegitimcy to create an even more hateful deadly virus that manifests itself in these so called "random acts of violence" as just occured in Fresno California. Random my ass! This is Islam at work. First they kill their religious and racial enemies then they go after whatever sect they disagree with.

Tomorrow: More insanity to come, I'm sure.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Poor Susan!

Susan Rice made a conscious decision to lay down with dogs and now all those fleas she got are bitting more than just her ass. The latest revelation is that she requested "detailed spreadsheets" on communication intercepts involving members of the Trump campaign team. There is nor was there any evidence of any wrong doing on their part or that of those Russians they happen to have been talking to.

The most important questions that must be answered are; who ordered the unmasking of US citizens, why did it continue after they showed no evidence of wrong doing, and who exactly did this information get distributed to?

As mentioned previously Obama seems to be in hiding. If Hillary, Podesta or anyone on her campaign were recipients then there are grounds for criminal charges. Not if, but when Rice gets subpoenaed to testify before Congress will she 1, flee the jurisdiction, 2, take the Fifth or 3, suffer some "unforseen" accident" or sudden despondency leading to "suicide"?

If she is smart she will somehow get the message out that she wants immunity and witness protection in a cave somewhere in the Canadian Rockies. She best figure out real quick that she is a highly expendable cog in the DC political machine. There are those who won't hesitate to solve their problems with her head.

Monday, April 3, 2017

The Plot Thickens. Rev. 1

Just as President Trump predicted, the latest revelations are showing that Obama's National Security Advisor and chief bought and paid for lying sack of shit, Susan Rice was indeed requesting, examining and disseminating Russian security intercepts and specifically asking for the revelation of the redacted names of members of Trump's campaign and transition teams. This of course follows her doing a Sgt. Shultz impression less than two weeks ago saying, "I know nothing about any unmasking" about these very same intercepts.

Given that Susan Rice is a proven liar and Obama flack, were she called to testify before Congress or perhaps at a trial, any lawyer worth his salt would ask; "Ms. Rice, were you lying then or are you lying now?" She would, I have no doubt, try to plead the 5th faster than shit through a goose.

I can only imagine the seething rage at Bloomberg and the New York Times, both of whom had the story and we're deliberately sitting on it to both protect Obama and prevent Trump from being vindicated. Mike Cernovich of the Danger and Play website, who broke the story, has further revealed that his sources were not a leakers at CIA or NSA but within the IT departments of both of these so-called news organizations. He has also said that he has more information yet to be revealed.

The calls for Rice to be hauled before Congress have already started. Little wonder then why Obama has all but gone into hiding. Perhaps Cernovich has evidence directly connecting Obama, Valerie Jarrett or Hillary. Perhaps Congress will force immunity down Rice's throat and tell her to spill the beans or face a long stretch for contempt and obstruction. Hillary may yet decide that she was better off lurking in the woods around Chappaqua. I suspect the fun is just beginning!