Friday, December 13, 2019

Virginia Democrats: Ignoring History And Unintended Consequences

The Demonrats of Virginia are, as is their customary practice, allowing transitory political power go to their heads while simultaneously ignoring the possibility of unintended consequences. Their passage of draconian and clearly unconstitutional gun control laws produced an immediate reaction from the vast majority of state county governments that immediately passed 2nd Amendment sanctuary ordinances that the local sheriffs immediately announced their support for. One Sheriff announcing that he would officially deputise as many citizens of his county as necessary to thus authorize their right to carry arms banned by the state.

Rather than stopping to reconsider their overreach the Governor and state Attorney General chose to double down and announced that they would use the state National Guard to enforce their corrupt laws. Apparently the Governor hasn't considered that these are not innocent children with no means to resist his murderous intent, but full grown adults willing and able to resist in order to protect their rights.

The shortsightedness of corrupt politicians seeking to suppress the liberties of free men and women has a long and storied history, especially in Virginia.

So what are the unintended consequences of this tyranny? They range from the mild to the violent.

1. The members of the National Guard, officers and enlisted, may simple refuse to follow the Governor's unlawful orders.
2. Some counties of Virginia may either declare their independence from Virginia and petition for admission to the Union as a new state or request to become part of West Virginia or North Carolina.
3. Any attempt to call up the National Guard could result in the President nationalizing the Guard and either ordering them to stand down and or placing them under the command of regular Army officers from outside of Virginia. (Recall President Eisenhower's actions in Little Rock Arkansas.)
4. Like minded patriots from across the country could very well flood into the state, armed to the teeth and ready to stand in solidarity with the Patriots of Virginia.

Is a standoff the likes of Bundy Ranch on steroids in the offing? Only time will tell. Clearly the Governor and AG haven't considered that many of the members of the state National Guard and State Police are the very same people and come from the very communities that these outrageous and tyrannical laws are directed against. Even if a substantial portion of the National Guard and  State Police choose to follow the Governor's orders it would by definition remain a limited pool of resources. That would be outnumbered by both local and out of state militias that would come to the defense of the 2nd Amendment.

Either way, by violence or a political retreat, the Demonrats of Virginia are in for a humiliating defeat. Whether bloodshed is involved is entirely up to them at this point.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

So Just How Revealing Will The Horowitz Report Be?

That is of course the question on everyone's lips. Is going to be an attempt to try and minimize the the involment of the Obama administration in trying to derail the candidacy and Presidency of Donald Trump. Or it going to point fingers at more than just some allegedly "low level" staff lawyers and raise serious questions if not accusations of malfeasance at the FBI and DOJ?

It must be kept in mind that Horowitz as an IG for the Justice Dept. is not authorized to do anything but make referrals for prosecution and those would be confined to officials within the Justice Dept. This does not mean he has not unearthed information on Obama officials outside his limited purview. Neither is there any limitation on what he can or does share with other authorities who do have the power to further investigate, impanal a grand jury and present indictments both I side and outside of the Justice Dept. I.e. John Durham.

It should also be noted that both the Horowitz and Durham investigations have been pretty much leak free up to this point. With the completed Horowitz report now in circulation internally there are bound to be leaks. The one leak we have seen is being passed of by the media as the aforementioned "low level" staff lawyer. No one with even a reasonable amount of scepticism is buying it. I would suspect that if there is seriously damaging information in the report AG Barr is keeping a tight ship and wants everything properly presented in the manner prescribed by law and then let things in the investigatory realm and the public reaction arena proceed as they will.

Horowitz is of course only the first shoe to drop. Durham will be the game maker or breaker. And how the reports play against the backdrop of the impeachment frenzy no one can really tell.

No matter what anybody who thought the 2016 election season was momentous had better hold their breath because 2020 is going to be utter chaos.