Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Covid Tracking and the Security of the Bureaucratic State

Google has been caught installing tracking apps on phones in Massachusetts without the permission of the user. Don't expect them to stop just because they got caught. I have no doubt that the events in Massachusetts are just a test run. Soon these apps will be embedded in the next round of mandatory system updates. The cover story will be that a "flaw" has been found that would allow hackers into your phone. The "flaw" is they can't yet trace who you might be communicating with outside the systems they control. I.e. they want to be able to track who you might be talking to in person.

Anybody who thinks these tracking apps are about the Sino-Lung-Rot or that the technology will just be put back in the the box if and when the stinking government says covid is no longer a threat is naive at best or a complete irredeemable fool at worst.

The bureaucratic state is working hand in glove with big tech to build there 1984 dream state.

“Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State.” 

Mussolini is smiling up from hell. When first asked to define fascism he said it would be better described as Corporatism. A union of Corporate power and state authority. What I would better define as collectivism under a state banner rather than collectivism under the phony bologna of "internationalism."

Any from of critical thinking that leads to questioning of corporate (Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.) or state structure, policy or authority is already being defined as treason. The 1st Amendment be damned.

 Should anyone gain traction doing so, they will soon find government popping out of the wall just as in Orwell's book. Then just to make sure any such dangerous thinking doesn't spread they will also come down on any and all who so much as may have listened to the thought criminal AND THEY WILL USE THESE TRACKING APPS TO FIND THEM! They will then knock on their doors and demand to know what if anything you talked about and threaten them with nebulous "conspiracy" charges if they so much as deny knowing the thought criminal or refusing to divulge the conversation or even acknowledge that you were even in the same place at the same time.

We have allowed the bureaucratic state to violate the law using a "crisis" as an excuse and they have gotten away with it. They have no incentive to not continue doing so. Only a fool would now think they won't manufacture more crises to continue breaking the law and destroying your rights until the constitution itself is utterly and irreparablly broken. Which has been their goal all along.

They most certainly aren't out to protect you from the Sino-Lung-Rot. They are out to protect themselves from you!