Tuesday, September 21, 2021

How We Got A Generation Of Communist Morons Infecting Society

Mussolini himself described fascism as corporatism, harnessing corporate power to the servicing the needs of the state. Given that he was a longtime socialist, raised by radical socialists his fascism was but a modification/evolution of what up to then was pretty much standard European socialist thought.

Rather than having complete state ownership of the means of production, it's owners were brought to comply by two means. The first being direct party/state pressure, i.e. a gun to the head l. The second was social pressure created through propaganda extolling the virtue of cultural and racial unity as an instrument of building the socialist state. This was envisioned as then becoming a collective of "national socialist" states. 

This became the divergence from Marxist Leninism that of course wanted direct state ownership of everything and saw any long existing cultural and national Identity as an obstacle to creating the "international socialist" collective.

That this perspective is not taught in schools is why we have a generation of communist fools and antifa shock troops coming out of our universities.

An Evil that Never Dies.

 I have been speculating for quite some time now that the so-called Delta varient is either delayed physiological damage resulting from vaccination or, given that the purpose of these mRNA vaccines is to modify the human genome, the result of the vaccines themselves modifying the genetic structure of the virus. Seems a logical explanation of why there are so many "breakthrough" infections among the vaccinated. If not at least a question that needs exploration.

The last 19 months have left me convinced that mankind is facing an evil far worse, far more pernicious than anything carried out in human experimentations of the Nazi Dr. Mengle or by the Japanese Dr. ShirĊ Ishii and Unit 731.

For years the left had lectured us about the alleged dangers genetically modified organisms (GMO) in our food supply. Look how many foods are boldly labeled that they contain no GMOs. Now this same left is demanding that we allow ourselves to be injected with a drug that has the design intent of turning us into genetically modified organisms!

In the face of millions of people across the globe refusing this the response has not only been open calls that the unvaccinated be denied medical care of any kind regardless of being infected or not but even open calls that we be confined to " quarantine camps" as if being unvaccinated defacto makes you some reservoir of the virus. This in spite of the fact that there is growing evidence that it is the opposite that is true and that it is the vaccinated that have become the incubators of the Delta varient. 

There is no way for us layman to know if it's not just those "breakthrough cases" that are spreading the disease. Is it not also possible that many of the vaccinated could be asymptomatic and unknowingly spreading the Delta varient like some vast pool of " Typhoid Marys"? Again a question that needs exploration.

Far worse than the likes of Governor Inslee of Washington State openly advertising to hire "strike groups" to "manage" quarantine camps we now have the federal government giving grants to schools like Univ. Of California Riverside to explore genetically modifying food plants to turn them into mRNA factories!

Given the seemingly unending string of lies we have been told since the the first one of "two weeks to flatten the curve" I see little reason to not beleive that should they succeed, that even more poison will be showing up in our grocery stores and the consumers will be the last to find out and when we do it will be to damn late! Attached is a screenshot from U of C Riverside's web site.

In my mind this kind of nightmare scenario makes Orwell's 1984 a dystopia of half measures! I fear we are approaching the point of only two possibilities to save mankind from this 4th turning of proportions that not even Strauss and Howe could have imagined. Either mass insurrection and we haul the monsters to the gibbets ourselves or Christ's return with the invincible army of God. 

I sometimes ask myself if Tolkien's "Army of the dead" in the closing battle of The Lord of the Rings wasn't precient in a way. I know that Bertolt Brecht's warning definitely was: "Do not rejoice in his defeat, you men. For though the world has stood up and stopped the bastard, the bitch that bore him is in heat again."