Monday, October 5, 2015

Learning To Loath And Mock The American Leftist.

Anyone who dares enter into the comment section of any of the numerous leftwing based or dominated purported news sites such as Huffington Post, Dail Koz or Mediate, knows that it can be a perilous adventure. If you dare question any of the blanket condemnations, unsubstantiated claims or hateful hyperbole found there you had best be prepared for an assault on not just your perspective but your personality, character, intelligence and sanity. Actually engaging in open discussion of issues is the very last thing they are interested in or capable of.

You see, the veneer of civilization on the contemporary leftist is very thin. Peal it away by questioning their perspective and the first thing you find is a layer of arrogance masking deeper layers of ignorance, fear and cowardice.

This condition is the logical and predictable result of a failed educational system wherein the inmates are told what to beleive rather than being taught how to think, perform objective analysis and draw their own conclusions.  Rather than being the marketplaces of ideas they once were, our schools have devolved into asylums of indoctrination, where perspectives are presenteted as axiomatic facts that are beyond debate and anyone who dares question there presentation as such is condemned has phobic and or hate filled. The facualties then wield their so-called students like fascist street thugs to shout down any opposition to prevent their perspectives from ever being heard, never mind debated.

This then is one of the greatnesses of an open and free internet, and why the left continually seeks it regulation. The products of this defective educational system have been redered not only incapable of grasping complex historical and philosophical constructs, frighted at the prospect of seeing them presented in a forum where they can't be shouted down before they are heard or debated, because they never learned the skills of debate or objective analysis, but they are also deeply afraid of being proven wrong because they somehow know they don't really understand and can't really explain their own positions.

These deficiencies in the thought process have been replaced with the tactics of obfuscation, deflection and misdirection. When these fail they immediately resort to the projection of their own deficiencies and then assualts on your intelligence and name calling from the mild to the vile. There are of course among these leftists those who resort to this last tactic first and foremost. These last are also generally also devoid of any sense of humor.

Of course the most fundamental constructs they are incapable of grasping are political and economic. Juxtapose fascism and communism together on the left or posit that neither of them are actually anti-capitalist or counter capitalist by rather that they are extreamely inefficient and corrupted forms of capitalism, then stand back and watch their heads explode in vitrol and profanity. Beyond these base emotional reactions, even further cognitive dissonance can be created by asking simple questions, such as can they explain the difference between "national socialism" and "socialism in a single state", or asking them to explain the structural difference between the managment of a factory in the Soviet Union and one in the U.S.

These quesions will produce one of three reactions. 1. More obfuscation, deflection and misdirection. 2. Stupid answers that demonstrate that they don't even understand the question(s). 3. Refusal to further engage, coupled with the insistance that you are in need of psychiatric assistance.

You can then genty remind them of three things, that their suggestion is precisely in line with their Soviet progenitors who used the psychiatric hospitals as extensions of the torture chambers of the gulags, that you engage in these exercises for the benifit of those other readers who can be educationally exposed to their irrational behavior and to have good laugh at their expence before moving on to the next batch of contemptable, ignorant leftists.


  1. Wow, There's a lot of blanket condemnations, unsubstantiated claims and hateful hyperbole in that rant. It was a mostly fact and point free assault on not just the leftists' perspective, but their personalities, characters, intelligence and sanity.
    But I do agree that the U.S. has an educational system "wherein the inmates are told what to believe rather than being taught how to think, perform objective analysis and draw their own conclusions." Of course, today's leftist attended school with today's rightist, so of course, your rant applies to members of both camps.
    Instead of the 99% splintering in opposing labeled groups and fighting among themselves, we should be organizing to battle the real enemy - the ruling elite who steal our money and use it to start wars for the 99% to fight, line their off shore accounts with the profits, bail out their criminal bankster cronies with our money, suck our financial system dry, and reap the profits of their taxpayer funded prison industrial complex, and let the country's infrastructure degrade to third world levels.
    Your rant is on the level of Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter and doesn't offer anything helpful..

    1. So then prove me wrong go on any of the above sites and propose that fascism is the product of the political left.

  2. Almost 40,000 views and no comments? Very peculiar. Either the number of views is bogus or you're doing a lot or censoring.....

    1. If I could manipulate the number why would it only be 40,000?


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