Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lord Spare Us From Another Bush

In a previous post  I discussed that I thought that if there was a singular candidate who could prove more disastrous than Hillary Clinton, it is Jeb Bush.  I speculated that it would be hard to tell what folly or betrayal he would pile on top of brother's and Father's.

Well it appears that Jeb has decided to start small by endorsing statehood for Puerto Rico.  Such a move would of course guarantee two Democrat seats in the Senate and three or four in the House.  He can't wait to betray the country so he starts with the party he claims as his own

Yeah Jeb what a great idea!  That out to endear you to the conservative wing of the party.  We can hardly wait for Mitch McConnel and John McCain to endorse the idea.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bodymore Goes Full "Wire" Part 2

When you take a moral basis out of the structure of law and legal thought, then you get not only immorality, but as we are seeing now, the purposeful use of law for the targeting political opposition. This is the very foundation of tyranny. In structure, form and application it is no different than the Nazi's use of the Nuremburg Laws to drive the Jews out of business which was the necessary precursor to sending them to the camps, and I would challenge any leftist to try and prove me wrong.

I don't care who does what in the privacy of their own home. But that does not give them or anyone the right to deliberately shove their behavior in other peoples face knowing full well their objections, and then using that to destroy them. So yes there is a "gaystapo" and it is an instrument of "liberal fascism".  It's 21st century form is no less as ugly and dare I say evil than its 20th century form. It is the manifestation of selfishness and generations off being taught what to think instead of how to think.

And this brings us directly back to the riots in Baltimore except that rather than being an example of what instead of how, it is a demonstration of a complete absence of any thought whatsoever.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake is a typical big city political hack. She might be fair to middling at playing politics but she is clearly in way over her head when it comes to crisis management. She stuck her foot in her mouth up to her ankle with her "room to destroy" comment. Now she doesn't eve have the integrity to admit to having made a poor choice of words. So instead she doubles down on stupid and denies she even said what is on video for all to hear and see. Rather than having made such a face first pratfall shame her from the political stage it will be used as a venue to elevate her to the next level.

Just as Hitler used his SA storm troopers to create the very chaos and hatred that swept him to power, once he secured that power he unleashed the even more depraved SS on them in the "Night of the long knives".  He executed the leaders and left what remained as a toothless adjunct to local police forces. 

Lord forgive me but I hate these people.

Bodymore Goes Full "Wire".

Baltimore burns, and the authorities have told the cops to stand by and watch it burn down.  There is a false hope that this situation would burn itself out.  That has clearly not worked, so now they will have to move in with massive force.  Whether or not this will quell the violence or add fuel to the fire we will just have to wait and see.

Realistically this is the penultimate failure of leftist social engineering that has bread generation after generation after generation of illigitimate ghetto dwellers who have been brought up in a moral vacuum and subsequently lack the social conscious necessary to know or even care what the difference between right and wrong is.

They have been given just enough food and shelter to live a subsistence existence and facilitate their breading like soulless rats. In turn they have been robbed of any incentive to actually work to make their lives better and pumped full of hate filled propaganda that even attempting to improve their lives is a hopeless endeavor because "the white man" is out to keep him down.  Therefore they have no reason or need to take responsibility for themselves or their communities.

There is one thing you can rest assured will happen.  Every communist/fascist/agent provocateur will come crawling out of the woodwork in every ghetto across america with a can of gasoline in one hand and a match in the other.  Absent any real police violence rest assured the incidents will be manufactured.   All this will just make the  black communities cannon fodder for and the excuse for a massive police state crack down on everything and everyone.  This crackdown will go hand in had with ever increasing restrictions on cash transactions, currency controls or saving anything except in the form of government "approved" instruments.  Ultimately these are the very communities and people are that will suffer the most under the coming draconian and disfunctional dystopia.  No credit card or debit card linked to a personal account or no government EBT card?  Well the tough luck. You don't eat.

Now guess which party will be sitting in the White House directing the government violence and guess party will be licking Obama's boots while whimpering like beaten dogs about the need for "law and order"?  The Republican's beaten bat shit crazy ex POW John McCain and their house faggot Lindsey Grahame will no doubt be leading the charge.

Just what do you think all those FEMA camps were built for?  They've already got the boxcars lined up on the sidings and bodybags folded and stacked.

And while we are consumed in our on paroxysm of violence the Middle East and North Africa will erupt in its own spasam of seemingly endless death and destruction. Then guess which newly reformed Eurasian alliance will announce the need for them to step into the fray to restore "peace and stability?

Naaaaahh, never happen.  John of Patmos.  Who be dat?  He gots some free shit fo' me and da' bros?

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Only Outstanding Question Left.

For anyone with more than a few brain cells left it's pretty clear that there is a financial crisis on the horizon.  There are those who admit it and have publicly rung the alarm bell and those who know it and choose to believe that the inevitable can be forestalled for as long as the powers that be think is necessary.

The reality is that the last thirty or so years of globalization has spread the infection of fiat monetary foolishness to every global corner of the world.  The only remaining question is from what corner will the triggering event emerge from.

The U.S. and to some extent the northern European nations have excelled in exporting their inflation to the rest of the world in order to replace production with endless consumption.  Sadly the rest of the world has bought into the scam and stuffed their coffers with debt paper of increasingly questionable and shrinking value.

It's no longer just a question of a reinflated U.S. housing market bubble bursting, but will it be the endless refinancing of hard assets in China or the continued falling of oil prices triggering a new collapse and regional unrest in Russia?  Will it be Greek default spreading to Italy and Spain and triggering a derivatives collapse? Will someone finally commit some ultimate act of stupidity in the Middle East and trigger a regional war and glass covered parking lots?

The point being, that there are so many potential triggers out there that the jugglers in the centers of power are going to drop a ball someplace, somewhere, somehow.  Pandora's box will be open and the furies of decades of hubris, arrogance and greed will be unleashed upon the world.

The only people who will be left unaffected will be the ones living in remote self sustaining subsistence cultures.  Sadly in the end the rest of us will either be left in a world of tyranny, dead or joining the world of subsistence living.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Depression? We Ain't Got No Stinking Deprerssion!

The truth is that we are in a deep recession if not depression now.  Instead of soup kitchens, the WPA and itinerant labor riding the rails from town to town looking for any job they can get, we have massive "Federal assistance" programs. These programs not only pay people not to work, they rob people of any incentive to work.

Integration began not with the factories
of WW II but with equality of starvation
in the soup kitchen lines of the depression.
EBT provides the soup without
the social interaction and so
breeds resentment, isolation and

So what we have then is a MANUFACTURED depression that has created a permanent undereducated underclass that will of course continue to vote for the corrupt system that gives them a subsistence existence in exchange for their votes.

When signs like this become more
common resentment, isolation and
mistrust will explode into violence
But it is human nature for everyone to want more, but the system has little more to give and is running on borrowed time and borrowed money.  This is going to see the Greek scenario played out everywhere.  When that happens and the EBT cards and assistance payments get cut because there is nothing more to give, these poor, manipulated souls will explode in a spasm of violence that will give the government just the excuse they have been seeking to crack down on everyone and everything in the name of "public safety".

Who needs guard towers. In the
desert there is no place to run
and no place to hide.
Welcome to the USSA.  Those who continue to resist will be "invited" for a long stay in a new American Gulag known as Camp FEMA.  The government is closing it's iron fist around the internet.  Soon all traffic will have to go through government portals like in China and Russia and all "news" will be filtered by through "Ministry of Truth".  Our televisions are already listening in on our conversations,.  I wouldn't be surprised if they already had built in cameras watching us as well.  Coming soon, no off button?

Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Once Great Site Sinks Into The Abyss

Questions for those intellectually lazy or incompetent trolls on ZeroHedge. 
  • Tell us when have I ever said anything positive about the cesspools of Washington DC or Brussels? 
  • Tell us, were the Russians ever held accountable for the Holodomor?
  • How about "The great terror" and the Gulags?
  • Did they ever make amends for the occupation of Eastern Europe or the violent repression of the Hungarian and Czech revolutions?  Oh that's right never. 
  • How about the mass deportations of millions, never to return?
  • How about the vast swaths of radiological death across Kazakhstan? 
  • How about the mass slaughter of their own troops that were taken prisoner by the Germans?
  • When has Russia ever known anything but tyranny and/or chaos?  I'll tell you. Not since Peter the Great.
  • Why did all those former Russian occupied vassal states declare their independence once the Soviet Union collapsed under the weight of its own corruption and incompetence? 
  • How many ethnic minorities across European Russia and Siberia are still held under Russian tyranny? 
  • How is Putin's behavior or yours any different than the Fuherprinzip or the even older Russian concept of the Vozhd?
You people need to get your heads out of your butts.  At best You are exactly the same kind of people who said that Hitler sought nothing more than to restore German dignity.  At worst you would behave like Hitler's SA or Dzerzhinsky's Cheka.

Sadly the West is thoroughly under the sway of its own batch of globalist tyrants, but that doesn't mean that the likes of Russia and China aren't still determined to carve out their own global empires, and they have a proven track record for ruthlessness even more brutal than the Nazis.

A Bit Of Evidence....,

A bit of evidence that Putin's Russia is operated by scumbags.  I mean let's be serious here my humble site does not get a great deal of traffic.  I do have a few people who check in regularly from places around the world.  Recently however I have experienced a large upswing in traffic from Russia and Ukraine. I am accumulating a long list of referring sites with the .ru suffix.  Some of these have been Russian based industrial supply sites. Others are links to clothing, home furnishings and consumer products.  The vast majority however have been Russian pornography sites. As I fail to see that the consumers of this garbage would suddenly switch gears and move over to my humble commentary I can only surmise that the FSB trolls in the basement of Lubyanka are unhappy with my content and trying to create some association of my blog as a porno site in order to get it banned.  How pathetic.  Or maybe it's that porno is the only unfettered business operating in Russia because the Kremlin can siphon off so much money from it.

The Choices We Face . . . . . If You Can Call Them That.

Maybe it's just me but each succeeding election cycle seems to get longer and longer.  This coming one, being a Presidential election and with Obama no longer eligible (thank God for such favors) will I'm sure prove torturous in its own way.

Those candidates and potential candidates that have presented themselves, declared or not are as motley a crew as we have ever seen.  I'd say the lack of qualifications and experience, combined with personal and political corruption is appalling, but it's what we have come to expect from our degraded and degrading election process.

That said let's take a look at what we've got: First the so-called "Democrats".

Joe Biden: A drunk, a clown and as intellectually shallow a man as I have ever seen.  He's so vacuous I doubt even a deadlocked Democratic Convention would see him as an alternative.

Martin O'Malley: For most American O'Malley is a political unknown.  A fact I'm sure he's counting on.  For anyone with even a passing familiarity with the political sewer of Baltimore MD shudders at the thought.  For those not so familiar I'd suggest watching reruns of the HBO series "The Wire" and examine the character of Tommy Carcetti.  O'Malley is Carcetti in all his venality. 

Lincoln Chaffee:  Lincoln who? He couldn't ride any farther on the coat tails his father's good name so he changed party and slipped into political oblivion.

That brings us to the "heir apparent," the "presumptive candidate," the "entitled one," (hey let's get the first dose un-PC and "sexist" pejoratives out of the way) Hillary Clinton. 

Where do I start but to say that I don't think our nation has seen a candidate as unaccomplished, unqualified, grasping, power hungry, arrogant and morally corrupt since Aaron Burr.  Her recent stunt of flying coach and carrying her own bags was even more transparently phony than Michelle "where do I vacation next" Obama shopping at Target.  Does she think that makes up for parking her campaign van in a handicapped zone?  Hillary's blood soaked hands are bought and paid for by every elitist power broker between Dubai and Wall Street with the mansions of the Hollywood hills thrown in for good measure.  A vote for Hillary is a vote for national suicide.  Six and a half years of Obama has placed the gun firmly against our temple, Hillary will pull the trigger at the first opportunity.

That so many others from the left side of the aisle (qualified or not) are avoiding the race is a measure of several things.  1. They smell disaster in the wake Obama's overreach, malfeasance, and Chamberlainesque pandering to our nation's enemies and Wall Street's corruption.  2. They recognize the Clinton organization for the vicious, remorseless and vindictive machine that it is and don't want to expose themselves to it's flesh tearing jaws, or 3.  They figure it's just easier to wait out the Clinton's last hurrah, hope four years of anyone else besides Obama will wash at least some of the bad taste out of the voter's mouths and they can in the meantime continue lining their pockets at the taxpayer's expense.

This then brings us to our so-called "Republicans". 

1. Bobby Jindel.  I don't question his sincerity and he no doubt deserves credit for being elected as a man of color in a deep South state.  But again it's a matter of Bobby who?

2. Marco Rubio.  At first glance some may see the Senator from Florida as an appealing candidate.  Personally I think all talk after his Senate race has gone to his head.  When it comes to policy statements he flip-flops more than a lobster just dropped in a pot of boiling water.  I'll pass.

3. Chris Christie.  One word, "weasel".

4. Rand Paul.  Sorry Senator but you listen to your old man too much.  He might be dead right on monetary policy but you're both dead wrong on foreign policy.  I'll look elsewhere.

5. Jeb Bush.  If there is any singular candidate who qualifies as potentially a worse disaster for the Republic than Hillary Clinton would be or Barak Obama has been, it is Jeb Bush.  His father snatched defeat from the jaws of Reagan's victory over the Soviet Union by assuring the Russians that neither the communists nor communism would be held to account for over 70 years of crimes against humanity and who's barbaric toll surpassed even the Nazi's organized slaughter.  The result of such incompetence is a revanchist Russian imperialism with bands of "former" KGB operatives in the drivers seat.  His brother followed up on father's failing to apply the lesson of history by letting the newly constituted governments of Afghanistan and Iraq include Islamic Shria law as basis for their new constitutions.  I can only shudder to think what a third round of Bush style arrogant incompetence would lead to.  I do know for certain it won't be good.  Leopards don't change their spots.

This leaves us with Ted Cruz and Scott Walker.  Cruz has certainly put on the persona of steadfast and traditionalist conservative and this of course will make him target of vicious and merciless attacks from the left's lapdogs in the media.  He will no doubt be labeled as "the right's new Joe McCarthy" or words to that effect.  He would do well to rember that McCarthy was proven right and that it is the left that has "no shame".

Wisconsin's Scott Walked is the candidate that the leftists most loath and fear.  He has proven himself and the temper of his metal. By succeeding in both an attempt to recall him from office and a subsequent reelection he has shown he can withstand the machinations of media, the left and their union lackeies. By breaking organized labor's grip on public service employees and restoring both public and private workers rights to choose wheather or not to join a union he has earned both their undying enmity and deprived both the unions and the Democrats of a big chunk of money.

As of yet I am far from making a choice. There is a lot to be learned about both men and unknow events to unfold before that time comes, but I think you can guess who I'm not supporting.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Poor Pooty Poo . . . .

The crybabies in the Kremlin are now upset that the Ukrainian parliament has banned the symbols of both the communist and Nazi occupations, declaring it "repression of free speech".  Really Vladdy boy?  So tell us how many journalists have disappeared, died of fled into exile under your watch?  Or perhaps there is something about opening old KGB police records that the legislation also calls for that has you concerned?  Or maybe you're worried that the Ukrainians will melt down all those statues of Lenin and turn them into bullets to shoot at the Russian troops you say aren't in Ukraine.

Does this statement of outrage include an apology for all the millions of Ukrainians you Russians have killed just since1918?  Or how about a thank you to George H.W. Bush for letting you sorry communist murderers off the hook for your nearly 75 years of crimes against humanity.  Maybe the world would take Russia more seriously if you finally buried Lenin's rotted corpse and took down his statues and stopped putting up posters of Stalin and apologized to the rest of the world for his having started World War Two in conjunction with Hitler.

We all know none of that will happen so how about taking your phony outrage and sticking it where the sun doesn't shine and just STFU!

If There Was Ever Any Doubt........

If there was ever any doubt that long term association with the Kardashians was poisonous, one only need look at the ongoing story of what has become of Bruce Jenner.  It's sad.  What's sadder still is that so many look upon it as entertainment rather than the tragic destruction of the life and mortal soul of a man that so many once admired, looked up to and saw as a role model. What's horrifying is that there are those who will cast his destruction as something to be admired, looked up to and emulated.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Blind In His Right Eye....

So Harry Reid has admitted that he is blind in his right eye, blaming his latest "exercising accident" for the affliction.  Sorry Harry but the whole world knows you have been blind in the right eye for decades!  Well maybe we should give Harry credit for being religious.  "If thine eye offends thee, pluck it out."  Somehow I doubt it.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Putin: Europe's 21st Century's Would be Vlad The Impailer.

So now Uncle Vlad is busily engaged in openly threatening to set the ethnic Russian populations of the Baltic states into deliberate civil discord in his displeasure at NATO having placed a couple or fighter squadrons and a few hundred troops on their sovereign territory and at their request.

Poor Pooty boy!  I guess he would have the world forget that for almost half a century Russia had over half a million troops and thousands of tanks and aircraft occupying Eastern Europe and within quick striking distance of most the capitals and major cities of Western Europe.  So the shoes is on the other foot now and the new Tsar doesn't like the fit!

Say what you will about the last bunch of Russian imperialists, they were a lot of things, most of them bad, but they weren't crazy.  They knew full well that MAD was indeed madness and no good could or would come from it.  I'm not so sure about this latest batch.  Maybe they see the neo Chamberlains of the current administration as more than willing to back itself into a corner of impotence and Vlad and company are glad to help them do it.  That would leave Russia and China free sweep into Southwest Asia, the Middle East and North Africa and gouble up the resources the have long coveted.

The more things change the more they remain the same.  The world's entire financial regimen is teetering on the edge of disaster. History has proven time and again that is just when tyranny strikes.  Unfortunately I doubt the current batch of scoundrels in Washington DC and Brussels have the intellectual or intestinal fortitude to do anything about it.  God save us all from those who are "smarter" than us.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Note To My Ukrainian Readers.

I have noticed a late upturn in traffic from Ukraine in the last couple three weeks.  I might hope it has to do with my humble attempts at defending Ukrainian human rights in the face of naked aggression from their former masters to the north and east.  My thoughts and prayers are with you in your struggle for freedom and self reliance.

You have come a long way so far and there will be many new obstacles placed in your way by for and so-called friends alike.  If any of you have any information, pictures I can help you get out to American citizens just ask, I'll be glad to make whatever humble effort I can.  Please leave a comment and let me know where you're from and what you think.