Sunday, September 1, 2019

Hunting For Something To Be Outraged About

Johnny Depp's foray into selling cologne (at $150.00 an oz,) has crashed and burned before even getting off the ground. It was straffed and destroyed by the PC police just as it was rolled on to the runway for take off.

The crime? That it used fanciful images of native Americans and a name of "Sauvage". Such linking of the two is strictly forbidden by the new Puritans. Our self appointed guardians of language and the protected classes. Historical reality be damned, they don't like it, so it must be destroyed. There will be no discussion allowed.

So what's the problem? The native American populations were for the most part savages by any standards you want to choose be they 16th century or 21st century.

For a great many native tribes one of the primary aspects of their warfare, both amongst each other and against European settlers, was kidnapping for the purposes of rape and slavery.

But by the corrupt, short sighted standards of "white culture must be destroyed" such activities are only to be considered criminal if and when they are committed by white people against a protected class.

Having been so designated as a victim class and thus protected, apparently conveys a get out of jail free card for any and all past crimes.  A free pass that no white may possess, no matter how virtuous, simply because of the color of their skin.

But let's not even dare to explore that other and not infrequent practice of our sacred protected peoples, human sacrifice occasioned with a bit of cannibalism. After all that was just a "cultural thing" right? Kind of like raping young boys and marrying prepubescent girls to old men is in much of Muslim central Asia. It's not to be even mentioned never mind criticized.

Should anyone have the temerity to commit such a transgression the
PC police will of course respond that "Those things are all in the past. You can't judge or label people today by the actions of their ancestors!"

Unless of course those people happen to be white.