Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hillary, Caught In The Hyperbole Trap.

Donald tactics in taking on Hillary and the Democrats just seems to add another facet of brilliance at every turn. The latest being the Democrats and their surrogates in the media getting twisted in knots over Trump's sarcastic invitation to the Russians to find Hillary's 30,000 missing emails.

This is what I would call an almost perfect execution of "constructive hyperbole". In one fell swoop Trump demonstrated a brilliant sense of humor and elicited a response of "reactionary hyperbole" that illustrated not only the Democrats total hypocrisy on the subject of Hillary's emails but also their inability to think about what they are saying in the first place.

Huma Abedin's emailed reminder that Hillary"is often confused" apparently applies to the entire Democrat operation. From the beginning Hillary has contended that there was nothing to be found beyond yoga schedules and wedding plans. Even after the FBI showed her to be a liar she stuck to her story.

But now let Trump skewer her for not having adequate and necessary security on her illegal email server and suddenly it's Trump's remarks not her negligence and incompetence that are issues "national security".  This what happens when arrogant politicians react without thinking, they open their mouths and I sent their foot and end up reinforcing the view that they are liars and fool's that was the entire point in the first place.

Once again Hillary is forced to step back into a defensive position by her own folly and then will have to take several steps forward just to get back where she was.

The obvious question of course is a fairly simple one. The DNC email leaks pretty well established that the DNC, the DSCC and the DCCC are little more than fronts for the Clinton machine. If Hillary Clinton wouldn't or couldn't be bothered to protect her illegal bathroom server or those of her political operations, the why would any reasonable person think she or her operations would be competent or even be bothered to protect our nation's most vital secrets?

Somehow, somewhere before November the Clinton campaign with try to find a way to portray her as the victim of some "vast right wing conspiracy" to falsely discredit her. The same sad, pathetic story the Clintons have been playing for the last quarter of a century. Some how I don't think people but are going to buy it this time.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Communism Reaches For Its Inevitable Conclusion.

With the continuing turmoil in the American election process, the ongoing suffering in Venezuela has fallen quite literally to the back page.

The food crisis brought about by socialism's distortion of how how capital is created and allocated has removed goods from the stores and brought the people into the streets demanding both food and new government. The latest edict, to call it a law is its own kind of travesty, should have been expected.

The nation's farmers won't grow food there is no expectation they will be paid for. Foreign suppliers won't sell it to the government because the currency is now completely worthless. So now the government has empowered itself to force the population into the agricultural fields for as long as it feels necessary.

What better way to remove the protesters from the streets and prevent them from voting in a referendum to remove the government. This exactly the same method used by the butcher Pol Pot in Cambodia. Sadly just as in Cambodia this will not be the final bloody chapter. Next will come "food triage" where only those seen as worthy supporters of the regime will get food. All the rest will either starve or be executed outright.

So far Obama, the UN and the world remains silent, as if daring history to repeat itself.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sargent Hillary And The Unasked Questions.

Please no words with more than three syllables.
So far The Clinton campaign's response to the release of documents hacked from the DNC's servers has been two fold. 1. Blame the Russians and 2. Channel Sgt. Shultz from "Hogan's Hero's". "I know nothing!"

Anyone familiar with the old TV sitcom will recall the above quoted line. You might also recall that the allied prisoners maintained and underground tunnel that allowed them to smuggle people and things in and out of the camp.

What? I should be held accountable?
Never mind that Hillary is feigning ignorance of any actions taken by the DNC to undermine the Sanders campaign, she hasn't denied it was done at her behest either. I guess we are supposed to beleive that there was no quid pro quo for all those millions of dollars her political fund raising operations funneled into the DNC over the last four years.

We are also supposed to beleive that the security on the DNC's servers was even less competent than what Hillary had on her own private server but that it was sophisticated enough that they can say with certainty that it was the Russians and only the Russians who got in. What a load of horse shit.

Virtually any server system automatically logs all incoming traffic, when they entered, where they went, what they looked at (and or copied) and how long they stayed. Many systems also have commercially available software that automatically back traces and logs the IP address of anyone entering the system. Yes some sophisticated hackers have ways of either going around these systems or entering them and removing their footprints. But even this can leave evidence of data voids where that information has been deleted.

Asking the public to beleive that the FSB are not sophisticated enough to erase their tracks and that everybody else who illegally entered the systems was, is so ludicrous as to be incredulous. Nobody who knows anything about server systems believes a single word of this BS. Neither is anyone expecting the DNC to release the traffic logs from their servers that would actually point a finger at the Kremlin.

Now I'm not saying they weren't there. What I am saying is that if the Russians got in, so did a lot of others. This of course raises a lot of unasked (by the leftist media) and unanswered questions.

Who else got into the system and what did they take?

How many of the other correspondents had their systems subsequently comprimised? This can produce a long daisy chain of compromised platforms.

If the tunnel on "Hogan's Hero's" had really existed you can be sure that they kept strick control of who and what came in and went out. Not so apparently for either Hillary's or the DNC's systems.

Jullian Assange of Wikileaks has promised that these 20,000 leaked DNC documents is just the beginning. Hillary can and should expect a steady drip, a Chinese water torture, of leaks between now and November.

So while you're cooking the popcorn waiting for the next act, ask yourself and anyone who will listen: If Hillary "she's often confused" Clinton and the DNC aren't competent enough to operate a couple of email systems with any measure of security why and how should anyone be expected to think they could operate the massive reigns of government in anything but the most bumbling incompetent manner?

The Losing Formula.

Poor Hillary knows perfectly well that blacks are not going to turn out for her in November in anything like the numbers they did Obama. She has completely alienated a large percentage of the Sanders faction. Some will vote for Trump, others will vote third party, others will just stay home.

Clearly the Islamists are on the offensive across Europe and here. Each new horror will only produce more anger and more Trump voters.

Wikileaks is far from done. They are going to produce a slow steady stream of releases, each more damaging than the last.

Hillary will be on almost constant defense for the next three months. Elections are not one from the defensive position.

America as it had become under the last three decades of neocon, new world order globalists of both parties clearly hasn't worked out we for anyone but the 1/10 of 1% that inhabit the worlds of Wall Street and Washington DC. Each successive year brings nothing but more instability, more debt and more atrophy and incompetence in government. Now each week brings more violence and death.

People aren't stupid, they can see it and they want some one to try and change it. They can also see that Hillary Clinton is hip deep in that very Wall Street and Washington establishment. Everybody knows it, hell she doesn't even deny it. She even trys to sell it as her "experience and strength". Problem for her is that fewer and fewer voters are buying her BS and that's why, short of a massive political blunder by Trump, Hillary is going to lose.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Hillary Gets Hoisted On Her Own Petard.

I have often stated that my displeasure with Mitt Romney was that I thought he is " to slick by half". Well now Hillary is finding out that she has been "to clever by half".

With wikileaks having exposed the hard evidence of what everyone with common sense already knew, she is going to be left to cook in her own juices. Where as she might have expected that 10 or 15% of Sanders's supporters might either defect to Trump or vote for a third party or just stay home, they are now fully enraged. Say what you will about Sanders being a 1960's CPUSA retread and the naivety or downright cluelessness of supporting him, Hillary will now be lucky to receive 10 to 15% of the Sanders supporter's votes. Given that they compromise between 35 and 40% of the voters in the just completed primaries, this spells doom for Hillary.

The desperation is already setting in. The DNC is going to accuse anyone and everyone for being behind the hack and leaked documents. Presently they are blaming the Russians. We can fully expect more victims to presented in the coming weeks.

Hillary's paranoia will rise to the fore. The nastiness of her campaign will be unprecedented. Anybody who thinks Trump used unscrupulous tactics had better hold on to their seats because they "ain't seen nothin' yet!"

The bitterness displayed in 2008 at being pushed aside by Obama will pale in comparison by what will be on full display at seeing her last hope for her lust for power turn to dust just as the General election campaign begins.

Hillary would have us think that the issue here is one of who hacked and provided the files to Wikileaks not the facts of what the leaks revealed.

Only two questions remain. How many more voters will be turned off by her vindictiveness? And will she suffer a complete mental and or physical breakdown on camera or off, before or after the election. Clearly Trump will now be able to overcome the margin of fraud that any candidate faces when up against the Clintons.

How delicious!

Monday, July 18, 2016

An Interesting Change In Tone.

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who noticed but there was what I thought was an interesting change in Obama's rhetorical approach in the wake of Sunday's assassinations in Baton Rouge.

Previously, every time there has been some horrible act of violence, be it perpetrated by Islamists extremists or by some black extremists, Obama's statements have always contained some passing phrase of sympathy for families of the victims, followed immediately by open caveats about alleged systemic police racism and an attack on the 2nd Amendment.

Today we heard none of that. What we got was a call for national unity and a statement about these attacks on police officers being an attack on us all and on the very structure of society.

So then, is our feckless fool of a President finally starting to realize at last that he has overplayed the Alinsky card and the blowback is getting beyond either his or a compliant media's control? Well no shit Sherlock. While Obama and even a large majority of the public can turn a blind eye on the senselessness of urban drug gangs slaughtering each other, when you stir the pot of racial animosity so deeply that the extremist elements start gunning down police officers then people are going to start looking for someone to blame.

Obama and Hillary through their crass pandering to the Black Lives Matter extremists may have, in the short term, put a target on the back of the police. In the longer term however they have put it on their own. Most people with common sense, be they black, white or brown know that when the shit hits the fan, those very same police are their first line of defense, if not their only one.

Even the most dedicated political adherents begin to have second thoughts when their personal safety becomes a factor. I can only guess that internal polling has taken an ugly turn and for Hillary, Obama and his so called legacy. Get the message you Democrats, Obama's legacy is on full display in Nice and Orlando and Dallas and Baton Rouge.

You've opened the Pandora's Box of violence and hatred. Try as you might to close the lid, it's too damn late.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Going To Lengths To Ignore The Obvious.

Dateline Nice France: Insane Muslim slaughters 84 innocents during Bastille Day celebrations.

Dateline Dallas Texas: Crazed gunman murders five police officers from sniper's perch.

Dateline Orlando Florida: Mad Muslim slaughters dozens in gay nightclub.

Dateline July 17th 2016, Baton Rouge Louisiana: Gunman assassinates three police officers, wounds three others.

Dateline July 16th 2016, Baton Rouge Louisiana: Malik Shabaz and the New Black Panthers announce the starting of a chapter in Baton Rouge.
"I've got your back!"

It doesn't take some sort of genius to draw connection between the escalation of Islamic slaughter and the sudden explosion of assassinations of police officers. Anyone who has been paying attention knows that the Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan has for decades been claiming that white people are "devils" who do little more than plot ways to murder blacks.

Neither is it some unknown that Malik Shabazz and his New Black Panthers are steeped in radical Islam and racial hatred.
It takes nothing more than a cursory search to find videos of Shabazz and his associates spewing their blind hatred of whites. Some of these same despicable people are the ones that Obama's former Attorney General gave a deliberate pass for intimidating white voters in Philadelphia. Again the video is readily available.

Now video evidence has been found that the Baton Rouge killer had been a member of the Nation of Islam and openly hated whites. Again I have to ask: What will it take to force the government to act? Why does every statement by a white get challenged as racist or "triggering" by Democrats and the media, yet open hatred by the likes of black Islamists and the Black Lives Matter movement draw nothing but a blind eye.

The most obvious fact being ignored by the politicians and the media is that if the police really wanted to see more blacks killed all they would have to do is withdraw from patrolling black neighborhoods and then stand back and watch them slaughter each other in numbers greater than any "police conspiracy" could ever achieve. There have been over 3,400 homicides in Chicago since Obama took office. The vast majority of the victims have been blacks murdered by other blacks. Yet the President remains all but silent about that carnage and condemns the police for being forced to make snap decisions when confronting violent criminals.

Add in the fact that Islam has been using the prison system as a recruiting ground for decades and that numerous of our feckless politicians including our deceitful President have openly met with and even praised the likes of Farrakhan and you have a recipe that will produce nothing but further violence and death that will be met with nothing but words and inaction.

May the good Lord spare us all from such arrogance if not treason. Sadly I suspect that there are going to be many more innocent dead before there is any resolution in the conflict between Islamic 7th century barbarism and western civilization. Not here at home, not in Europe and most certainly not in the already blood soaked Middle East.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Ergodan And The Coup That Failed...Or Did it?

As it appears that the coup in Turkey has failed at that can only mean that Ergodan will become the unchallenged dictator of Turkey and its transformation into an unrestrained Islamic state will only move more quickly.  The fate of those officers and soldiers involved I have no doubt will share the fate of Hitler's SA on the night of the long knives.

The dangers Ergodan will now present are obvious. Turkey is already inside the military structures of NATO and possesses the second largest Army in NATO.  It is no particular secret that Ergodan's differences with ISIs are not religious or philosophical but purely political.  Ergodan is just as much a revanchist for the past power of the Ottoman Empire as Putin is for the lost Russian Empire. And they both blame the West for the loss.

The realities of past conflicts between the Ottoman and Russian Empires aside, Ergodan's desire for Turkey as an Islamic state is to restore it as the seat of the Califate and both ISIS and Basher Assad stand in the way of that goal.

That if Ergodan successfully cements his power he will no doubt increase his blackmail leverage against the EU with a renewed flood of refugees is beyond doubt. What is in doubt is the EU resolve. Will they defy Ergodan and find a way to turn back the flood or will they take cowards way out and simply finance Ergodan's imperial ambitions that can only lead more conflict in that most troubled region.

That the bureaucrats in Brussels would think that Ergodan can be trusted is perhaps the biggest fool's errand since Neville Chamberlain signed the Munich Accords in 1938. All of Europe would be well served to remember Winston Churchill's comment after returning to London and claiming to have secured "Peace in our time." Sadly I doubt they will: "You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war." They will be like the man who feeds the tiger, hoping it will not eat him.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Overreach And The Invasion Of The Moral Conscience.

In my previous post I asked at what point is the public going to demand that government take action against Islamic violence. Perhaps now we need to speculate as to what may have changed within the Public's conscience that will trigger these demands.

No one is questioning the moral revulsion that we all feel when events like just happened in Nice occur. Sad as such a state of affairs is, it's sadder still that we have developed almost a sense of numbness to these events. Just so long as they occurred every 6 or 8 months we could express our horror at the event but then within a few days or weeks the numbness sets in and we go back to our daily routines and the memories of these events fade from the forefont  our everyday lives.

Yes we do think that there but for the grace of God go I, but then the funerals are over the perpetrators are caught or killed, we breath a sigh of relief and push the thought that another such event can and will occur out of our minds.
We become almost thankful that we get that needed breathing space. The scenes of the horror in France, in Florida, in Germany and elsewhere are so awful, so stressful, so emotionally draining that we come to crave the opportunity to reset ourselves and resume some sort of normality it our daily lives.

But now that appears to have changed. We don't get that opportunity to reset. The 6 month interval is all but gone. We don't even get 6 weeks. The horrors now seem to come every two weeks or less. The narratives of horror, the visions of blood soaked bodies of innocents laying in the street are quickly replace one upon another. There is no rest, no reset. The stress, the emotional exhaustion becomes relentless. This condition if it remains persistent can and will become the equivalent what was once called combat fatigue, what we now call PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

This creates problems for government. Firstly we are private citizens not members of the military. Combat stress is part of being in combat arms.  Military recruits receive training to deal with the stress of combat, civilians don't and shouldn't have to. The toll of extended stop loss deployments on US soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq has long been seen in the continuing horrific suicide and institutionalization rates among veterans. When this stress begins to manifest among the civililian population, and if the current trends and frequency continues it will, the results will likely be even more extreme.

The longer the politicians procrastinate and talk about "living with terrorism" as French President Hollande did today, the sooner one of two things will happen. The public's demands that government stop sitting on its hands in the face of innocent bodies being stacked like cord wood will grow louder and louder and eventually if necessary, move into the realm of demonstrations and civil disobedience.

If individuals don't start conducting random acts of retribution against Muslims, innocent or not, and their property it will be a miracle. When and if it does happen the responsibility will be as much on the feckless poloticians failure to act as it will be Islam's failure to evolve beyond the 7th century barbarism of Sharia law.

What Is The Trigger Point? How Much More Will People Take?

What will it take? Just how much more are we supposed to withstand before we demand that our government finally respond to acts of war with our own acts of war?

Will our politicians remain so recalcitrant that the the people will be forced to act in our own defense? It's not the politicians and the social and banking elite who are the targets of these 7th century barbarians, it's the regular people who depend on government to protect them from just such events.

What do we have to do to get government to act in our best interest against people who want nothing more than to kill as many of us as possible and are willing to die themselves in order to accomplish their evil goals? Do we have to march in the streets demanding action? Do we have to bring our city centers to a halt and not relent until they act? Or will we have to take the initiative against the enemy ourselves? Do we have to make our own threats? Must we resort to our own violent reactions before government acts?

This horrific attack in Nice is not the first time some Jhadist has taken a vehicle and used it as a weapon. It's not even the first time it's happened in France. Do a simple search for "Muslim driver deliberately runs down pedestrians" and the the list is appalling long.

Don't tell me that the FBI and Homeland Security don't know which Mosques are the hotbeds of this hate filled barbarism. Don't tell me that the greatest threat comes from white American military veterans or even the ragtag remenents of the Klan or skinheads hiding in a compound in the mountains of Montana. Don't tell me that closing our borders and halting immigration from the cesspools of the Middle East that breed this insanity is not an effective tool in at least reducing the potential for more attacks.

And yet even as the light of dawn in Nice reveals the bodies of the dead still laying in the street our so-called President still can't utter the words Islamic terrorism. Nobody but nobody is waiting for him to say once again that the motives of the attacker are undetermined. Nobody is buying the disingenuous prevarications coming out of the White House press office. We don't want statements. We want to see clearly articulated plans of actions to defend the nation AND destroy the enemy.

We know who the enemy is and it's not just some "lone wolf" who's been radicalized on the internet. The enemy is Islam itself and its failure to reform and become compatible with the rest of the civilized world.

For the moment you can bet that neither the Obama administration nor Hillary Clinton have either the first idea or slightest intent of doing anything of substance. They will run their mouths about strengthening alliances and sharing more information but not a single proposal for real action other than sender a few hundred more of our beleaguered troops into harm's way in northern Iraq and Yemen.

Short of giving Muslims the option of converting to Christianity, internment or packing their shit and getting the hell out I don't know what else can be done to rid ourselves of this menece. Clearly the problem in Europe is far more serious and clearly more deadly than here at home. But do we really want to wait until we are seeing this horrible attack duplicated here on an even more massive scale than we already have?

Before anybody starts bellyaching about civil rights, tell me what greater civil right is there than to go about your life free from the fear of being obliterated by some demented 7th century madman hiding behind his "religious freedom"? Where are the so called "moderate Muslims" lining up to report the would be murderers among them?

We all know that at the rate these monstrous acts are accelerating it's going to come down to a choice of us or them. That has been the story of history since the first scribe to a stylus to clay tablet. Every century or so some monster or group if monsters thinks they have the right to subject the rest of the world to their will. When it happens the cost in treasure and lives to slay the he beast is horrible and each time the cost seems worst than the last. We might kill the monster but the evil bitch that breads it is always in heat.

The bottom line is that when people become angry and fearful they do not act with reason, but they do act, and even the slightest provocation or perceived threat will bring forth violence. When that happens those Muslims who don't overtly wish us harm will suffer along with the rest and it will be BOTH their own inaction, their own failure to clean up their own house if horrors AND our politicians feckless political correctness that will be responsible.

So the next administration, be it Hillary or Trump will have to make a decision. Do they want to confront the monster where it breeds and decisively or do they want to face both Islamic violence here AND a growing internal rebellion born of the refusal to act?

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hillary And Bernie Sitting In A Tree...

Bernie and his hero.
So now Bernie Sanders shows his true colors by endorsing Hillary.  All the stories about Bernie's so-called integrity and standing on his socialist principles have just been proven the lies that anybody with any common sense always knew they were. 

This just goes to show that like all godless communists Bernie has a price. Besides a check with an obscene number of zeros, written to an untraceable offshore bank account, I have no doubt that Hillary maneuvered to remove him from the the DC political scene by promising the Ambassador's post in Havana where he can commiserate his final years away with Fidel, Raoul and whatever other despicable exiles and scofflaws the Castro brothers are giving seaside condos while the rest of the populatuon plots how to build boats to take them to Florida.

The only question that remains is how many of his dedicated if na├»ve supporters will defect to Trump in November and how many will simply just stay home? 

That Hillary is just as crooked and the system is just as rigged as Trump says it is gets more apparent evey day. The choice is between acceleration into the abyss of corruption, lies, fascism and war or a leap into the unknown.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Feeling Spat Upon.

As William Shakespeare said,"There is something rotten in Denmark." and it doesn't take anything more than plain old common sense to see it.
The events of the last week have clearly demonstrated that there are one set of rules for us commoners and absolutely none for the powerful elites and their agents.
These circumstances are little different, some would argue even more egregious, than those that led to the Continental Congress drafting the Deceleration of Independence.
As someone who held a TS/SCI security clearance and worked inside a high security SCIF for both terms of my clearance, I can state from my own knowledge of procedures, what I was told were actions forbidden by law and the nondisclosure agreement that I had to sign that outlined the severe penalties involved if I screwed up, I know for a fact that what Hillary Clinton and her staff did was a violation of the law. It was very clearly explained to me at the time that if something leaked by my action or words I can and would be charged and intent had no bearing on it.
That FBI Director Comey and now AG Lynch went to such great efforts to distort the meaning of the words in the law, even going do far as to include interpretations of intent where none exist, shows the veracity of my earlier conclusion.
The last step of the investigation I went through to be granted a clearance was a polygraph examination. These tests include electrodes measuring brain activity, monitoring of pulse, blood pressure and resperation rates, along with galvanic measuring of how much an individual is sweating. They even put a specisl cushion under the subjects butt to measure how much they are squirming in their seat or clinching their butt cheeks in reaction to the questions.
Somehow I don't think either of the Clintons or any members of their staff are going to be volunteering to be subjected to such examinations that any of us commoners would be REQUIRED to do so if we were in these sensitive positions.
As it stands then, there is no reason to beleive any thing we here from the Clintons or their minions is anything but a bald faced lie.  NOT PREVARICATIONS OR OBFUSCATIONS BUT BSLD FACE LIES!  Trust is earned and they have done everything to show that they are not worthty of it. 

The Clintons and this government have spat upon us and then all but challenged us with "What are you going to do about it?" As such we owe them nothing. Not respect, not loyalty, not trust and certainly not obedience. NOT A DAMN THING!

It Takes But Some Three Percent....

When any group of people gets pushed hard and fast enough into a corner there will be those who will simper like dogs but there will also always be a percentage of them that will be, perhaps slow to anger, but will reach their limits and fight back with a vengeance and without mercy, because they finally realize there will be no survival without s fight. Time we all asked our selves just what lmits we will not be pushed past? Or are we to become the simpering cowards that clog the roads for the brave fighters trying to move forward against the enemy?

Since the assassination of John Kennedy the communist underground has been slowly and persistently pushing for the destruction of Western Judeo-Christian cultural and governmental structures and the rule of law with the intent that the foundations will become so riddled and rotted of any moral integrity that they will collapse of their own weight. Sensing that their goal was finally in sight with the election of Obama, they shifted tactics to a full on frontal assault against anything and everything moral, cultural, Christian, Constitutional and white. But as with all arrogant collectivists they have overreached and in result the last two years has created a sudden and determined backlash and the phenomenon of Donald Trump's political ascendency.

They see him and the people and movement associated with him as truely capable of reversing the 30 years of destruction wrought upon Western civilization, Christian cultural identity and that great leap of faith that was and is the American experiment in self government.

There is no lie they will not tell, no depth they will not sink to, no perversion they will not promote in order to achieve their goal of not just collectivist physical enslavement but of a moral bankruptcy that will render many a man intellectually incapable of resisting against a bondage applied not just to America but the entire world.

Conversely those of us who are fully aware of the narrative and nature of their plot and the people who carry it out, must make ourselves ready for the fight that could well become violent at a moment's turn.  We must remember that our enemies are capable of and willing to do anything they see fit that is not expressly resisted by some force.

We all of course should, like the founders, pray daily for the device guidrnce and intercession of God, but we will also need to to temper those prayers with the full knowledge that God helps those who help themselves. If that means we must prepare and lay in wait with an out numbered forcep, like Nimitz at Midway, to strike at the highest crest of the enemies assault, then that is what we must do. If we are righteous in our cause and preparations and sacrifice, then God will provide the moment to strike the fatal blow, just as he did for the dive bomber groups who turned the tide of war with a single blow. May God preserve and protect us all in this our great endeavor.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Comey's Conclusion, Collusion Or Confounded Confusion. The Weight Of The World Now Falls On Loretta Lynch's Shoulders.

This "conclusion" (collusion?) by FBI Director Comey that there is insufficient grounds to prosecute the Hillary Clinton or any of her staff pretty much guarantees that she will not be holding anything but carefully stage managed press conferences and interviews between now and November.

That said, there is more going on here than meets the eye. Either Comey has succumbed to blackmail or covert threats to his family, (what has become known as Arkancide) or he is more clever than anyone thinks, even the Clintons, or both. Anyone like myself who has held a TS/SCI clearance and read and signed the attendant nondisclosure agreements, with their promises of arrest, prosecution and imprisonment for failure to comply, understands that Comey's  statement was pure prevarication and obfuscation on the pertinent points of the applicable law. (18 U.S.C. Section 793-F).

AG Lynch by her history is clearly beholden to Bill Clinton, director Comey is not. Perhaps by his report he relieves himself from any threats from the Clinton Mafia and puts the entire onus of the final decision on Lynch and the DoJ, thus making ANY decision they make seen as either completely spineless or purely political.

It should be noted that when it was first announced that Director Comey would be issuing a formal statement it was also said that he would be taking questions from the press "in private" afterwards. WHY DID THIS NOT HAPPEN? As has been mentioned elsewhere, Black's Law Dictionary defines gross negligence as "extreme carelessness". The two phrases are indistinguishable in their legal context or meaning.

We all know, as Shakespeare said, "There is something rotten in  Denmark" and this mess already stinks worse than a wheel of Limburger cheese left out in the hot sun.

The report raises more questions than it answers. Outside any legal questions how aggressive is Donald Trump and his opposition research team going to be in pounding on this? Are there any reporters with the guts and integrity to vigorously hound her with the legal definition question and most importantly, how will that 5-10% of the voting public, that decides the outcome of any election, (outside if fraud of course) going to react to the rancid stench burning in their nostrils?

Hillary, the leftwing media and blogosphere might think she just got a pass and will spin Comey's statement as an exoneration. What it has done in reality is forced AG Lynch into that narrow crevice between a rock and a hard place where Hillary has resided for the last year and into making a huge bet with her reputation and career based on the outcome of November's election.

If she passes on pressing charges and Hillary wins in November she will either move back into private practice or stay on as AG under Hillary. If she passes and Trump wins, she risks getting dragged even deeper into any subsequent investigation and a possible conspiricy indictment of her own.

If she opts for pressing charges and Hillary wins her career is finished. If Trump wins then maybe she escapes with her personal reputation intact and perhaps as a behind the scenes attorney in a private law firm way, way, way outside the DC beltway. Either way she risks the aforementioned Arkancide.

The stench of association with the Clinton Mafia cannot ever be scrubbed off. Not with bleach or acetone or sandpaper. The repercussions of her bad judgement and that 30 minute conversation on the tarmac in Phoenix will haunt AG Lynch for the rest of her life. But hey that's just the way the Clintons roll. They don't care how many bodies or how much damage to lives and reputations they create, just so long as they remain at the top of the festering pile.

Sadly, the future of the Republic, perhaps its very continued existance, may rest in the decisions she makes in the next few weeks. If she has any intelligence and integrity at all she is in for some long and sleepless nights. For her sake I hope she locks the door to her office, calls every honest spiritual advisor she can think of (one might hope that the great Billy Graham can muster the strength to help her in this her hour of great tribulation) and then falls to her knees and has a good long prayer for the Lord's advice and guidance. She is going to need it and I will be praying that  she finds it. Perhaps we all should.

Comey Buckles.

It's enough to make any person of conscience puke. Comey's conclusion that HE doesn't think the case against Clinton and her staff could be successfully prosecuted is a travesty in itself. Anyone with any legal common sense would have found his statement contradictory.

Just how does someone in the position of Secretary of State behave in a manner that is "extremely careless" and at the same time avoid being found in "gross negligence" as under 18 U.S.C. Section 793-F? Black's Law Dictionary itself defines gross negligence as extreme carelessness.

The controversy over this stinking load of Clinton corruption is far from over. Just like the Clinton cronies at the Wall Street Banks think they are "Too big to fail", the Clintons think they are "Too big to jail." Let the leaks from the FBI files begin. The evil bitch is going to be on the defensive all the way into November.

Bill's silver or lead ploy on the Phoenix airport tarmac is going to backfire. Otherwise the Republic is finished. God save us all.