Sunday, January 31, 2016

From the "Gates of Vienna" Blog

As you all know I don't often reprint the works of others but the below article is of a perspective that needs to be fostered. Make no mistake Western civilization is under siege. At stake is our culture, its centuries long achievements and Christianity itself. Worse yet we are being betrayed by our own erstwhile leaders and the reaction in Rurope has begun. It will only get more violent and bloody. Any who think the traitors among us don't plan to visit the same chaos here in the U.S. are naive.

Desiderata For Our Time
by Seneca III
Go with stout heart amid the noise and turmoil, and remember what peace there may be in victory. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with your own and forgive them their timidity for they do not understand what is upon them.
Give neither time nor succour to those loud and aggressive people who are inimical towards you; they are vexatious to the spirit and a threat to your person. If you compare yourself with them you waste your days in needless introspection.
Enjoy your achievements and those of your ancestors, and stay true to your past. Keep yourself interested in your freedom, however demanding; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
Exercise caution in your governance, for those who would presume to govern can often be full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtues there are amongst your own; many people strive for high ideals, and everywhere the lives of your brothers and sisters are full of quiet heroism.
Speak truth unto tyrants and listen to others who do the same. Speak of this even to those of your gentle neighbours who stand confused amidst the tumult; they did not ask to be defenestrated and consumed in an inferno of treachery.
Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection for those who hold none for you. Neither be cynical about your love for your own; they who do not possess this gift are in all their aridity and disenchantment as sterile as the sands of their deserts.
Take wisely the council of the years, gracefully surrendering the naivety of youth; it is not ordained that your bloodline be scoured from the pages of history nor that your lives and livelihoods be torn asunder on a rack of barbarism.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness, but if you are joined each with the other who stands beside you, fatigue will not bring fear as its handmaiden.
With a wholesome discipline be firm with yourself and ruthless unto those who would destroy you. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and stars; in absolute, you, and you alone, have the right to live safe in your ancestral lands all according to your ways.
And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is not unfolding as it should. Therefore be at ease with those actions you must now take in order to gift to your children a future free of chains, and give no mercy where none is due.
Hence, whatever your labours and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, gather together, keep your wrath quietly within and your swords close to hand then let those instruments fall heavily upon the heads of those who seek to take from you your birthright and cast it amongst swine.
Even with all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, this world can be beautiful again. Be cheerful; be courageous. Strive hard and strike firmly; stride boldly into the growing darkness, for thus will you soon pass through it into light.
— Seneca III, Middle England, 28th of January in this the year of our Lord 2016

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Poor FOX News

I can only imagine that after Donald Trump refused Bill O'Reilly's pleadings for him to attend the debate that the RNC minions at FOX are scrambling to reshape their format for this evening. Like it or not, empty podium or not, Trump will still be the 500 pound gorilla in the room. No doubt they had a series of "gotcha" questions and rhetorical hit pit pieces planed with their "guest" questioners, and illegal alien and an Arab Muslim woman. Oh they may still ask the questions but with their intended target not present they are going to be pretty week and do little more than provide a means for the also rans to tell the audience how tolerant they are. (Read how liberal they are and why they are gathering such low poll numbers). It should prove amusing, except I won't be watching. I'm sure it will quickly devolve into a pettiness contest with more than a few thinly veiled shots at Trump.

Trump will come out after and say something about "they got what they were looking for, a platform to attack me where I couldn't shoot back. Just how did they think that would work out?"  He will then unload on each and every assault against him, by moderators and candidates alike. Unlike the platform of the debate Trump will be able to be far more direct and pointed with his return volleys and the tables will be turned in that his targets will be unable to respond.

Even in his absence, maybe even more so because of his absence, the debate will be about Trump. Which is exactly what he was shooting for in the first place. He remains three steps ahead and above the rest of the field and the news media.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Looking For A Few Good Men/Women.

I've been writing this blog for a few years now. Since I retired from full time work it has become a more frequent past time.

I've been thinking it might be nice to expand things a bit. Perhaps add some other writers and exchange pieces with others on their blogs.

The political season is heating up and is no doubt going to be a very interesting one.

I'm not going to ask everyone to agree with me whole heartedly in their submissions but I am going to ask you to be able to 2. Podit a thesis. 2. Present some supporting evidence and 3. Be able to defend it. I promise to do my best to do the same in any submissions to your blogs.

If this interests anyone please leave a comment or submit an email to:

I promise asuch anonimity as possible given the pernitious snooping by Google, Apple, and the government. But that's about all any one can promise in this day and age.

Good luck, good writing and looking forward to some lively correspondence.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Metastasizing The Disease.

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am no fan of the Bush clan, an as incompetent a lot of inbred political hacks as there ever was. That doesn't change the fact however that through the entire arc of W's presidency the disdain, bile and open hatred that flowed out of the political left towards him reached new depths of incivility. So frequent was it that it  took on a name of its own; Bush derangement syndrome.

The symptoms of the disease my have gone into remission somewhat upon his leaving office but the methodology of the virus, the intellectual cancer itself never really went away, like any other retro viruses and cancers it metastasizes throughout the body (politic) only to be called forth by the self described wizards of political sorcery when the next target appeared to threaten their grip on their current interpretation of political orthodoxy.

That target is now of course Donald Trump. The proof of my above thesis is that he is not just the target of the hard left and Democrats but the RINO Republicans who I won't dignify as referring to them as being on the right but rather just not as far left as the Democrats.  The disease's reemergence is evident to anyone who has bothered to follow this political season in the least. Tuesday's announcement that Sarah Palin is endorsing Trump, immediately following his "I will defend Christianity" speech at Liberty University has brought out a particularly nasty fever ridden flair up of the disease.

Noted chicken choking expert/fan?
This includes one particularly deranged comment, from a so-called Republican expert, one Rick Wilson, that Trump's support was made up of  "single, childless young men, who spend their time masturbating to anime." Perhaps Mr. Wilson might explain to us just how is it that he is so familiar with chicken choking to Japanese porno cartoons? On that one question alone I might rest my case.

Inspiring frantic intellectual masturbation.
It seems to me however that Sarah Palin is a private citizen and has the right to endorse whom ever she wants. If Trump wants to accept her endorsement and enthusiastically promote it, well he's still a private citizen as well, so that's his business.  The more pertinent question would be; If Ms. Palin is to be regarded as a political light weight and her opinion of little or no meaningful consequence, why are all these so-called political experts running around with their knickers in such a twist?

Unless she launches into full campaign mode with own tour schedule and numerous joint appearances with Trump, I doubt her endorsement will be long remembered. What the pundit class won't say, is that they are scared shitless that it will have a more immediate, if short term impact in Iowa and give Trump just that much more momentum going into New Hampshire and South Carolina, effectively burying any hopes they still have of derailing Trump or creating the possibility of a brokered convention. If there is one thing you can count on the "experts" for it is that they will never tell you the true motives for their rantings. Otherwise, as John Nance Garner once said, the opinions of Tucker Carlson, Megan McCain, Glen Beck, Rick Wilson etc. etc. "ain't worth a bucket of warm spit."

Monday, January 18, 2016

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today is the day that respectable Americans honor MLK Jr. by showing respect for both what he accomplished and tried to accomplish. It's also a day many of those same Americans shake their heads in disgust for the societal perversions that have been committed in his name. If there was ever supposed to be a legacy of what he wanted both for American blacks and America itself it was the desire that "All god's children be judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin." If one were listening carefully at his tomb in Atlanta this morning one might have heard him groan and turn over in his grave.

King's dreams of racial equality are long since gone. The good Dr's. dream has been distorted into a demand for privileges not earned, for respect demanded not commanded, for never ending placations for never ending failures. Failures in education, failures in social development and integration.

The perversions only get deeper with each passing day. From what was supposed to be the "hand up" of affirmative action has become the never ending, family destroying hand out based on every pathetic excuse that could be dreamed up in the sick leftist mind. What was at first expressed as "white guilt", the foolish notion that blacks failed to prosper because white people were at best oblivious to their suffering. Never mind that that suffering is often self imposed. It white America's fault. This diseased argument is now being deliberately metastasized in "the structural racism of being white." I kid you not. There is no end to the distortion and perversion of language and reason that these social saboteurs will not resort to.

Yes there have been great strides in black integration. There are no more "Whites only" signs on public accommodations, there are more middle and upper class blacks in America than ever before and that's the way it should be. But the cost of that achievement has been terrible. It has created a Frankenstein's monster that worse than just plaguing society, those who gave it life refuse to see it as the results of their work. So then they demand even more limbs be grafted on to the monster. Another dose of poison must be force fed to white America so as to "cure" the disease of white European, Christian culture. Don't ever kid yourself, that is the goal, not elevating "oppressed" blacks.

Objective standards be damned, the old adage about leading a horse to water still applies.
For every prosperous black family that has come out of being given opportunity there are hundreds of of unwed mothers raising children who don't have and will never have any sense of family structure,. Children for whom the closest thing to a father figure is a pimp or a drug dealer. Even at best they are fed the false notion that the only way out of the ghetto is sports. But for every young black kid who succeeds as a basketball player or football player there are hundreds if not thousands who don't and then go through life thinking they got cheated, never thinking that if they had worked as hard at learning a marketable skill and learning to speak proper English that it would carry them farther in life than fantasies of bling and hos.

So now we have quite deliberately bread roaming packs of feral animals that prey upon anyone they perceive as "other". And given any provocation these packs merge into swirling mobs of looting and destruction. Not because the give damn about worthless thugs like Michael Brown or Freddy Grey but because they have been brought up being told that they are entitled to things they haven't earned and this has bread a mindset that no matter what they are given they are entitled to more and if they don't get what they want they will take what they want and will have no compunctions about using violence to get it.

It all comes back to MLK Jr's. dream. Sadly I'd bet that a large percentage of urban blacks don't know what it was never mind what having character means. Neither do they understand that they are being used in a larger game of fascist social control by people who pay them lip service in exchange for their votes and then fully expect them to return to the hell holes of the ghetto while they go back to their gated communities or academic halls to pen another screed about outer peoples racism.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Denied, Undeniable Truth.

During his State of the Union speech President Oblivious stated that anyone who said America's economy wasn't healthy was spreading lies. This coming from someone who admitted that he did not watch enough social media to gauge the depth of public reaction to the Islamic assault in San Bernardino.

So I guess it's just a figment of my imagination that the DJIA is down over 400 points this morning or even more importantly that the largest retailer in the country, Walmart announced this morning that it is going to lay off 16,000 and close "100s of stores". Either the President truly is oblivious or is being deliberately being fed bad information by his advisers or they see such facts as evidence that they are getting ever closer to achieving their goal of destroying the country as a constitutional republic.

It seems pretty clear that Obama and his inner circle have become so narrowly focused on hyper-accelerating the destruction of the American Republic in his last year in office that there is no reality, no facts that are going to deter them from that goal. That they have announced that they are going to pursue a path of "audacious executive actions" in this last year is proof positive of this goal.

They must feel that they are so close to that goal, that if they can continue for another year that the damage will be so complete that no succeeding President or Congress will be able to reverse it.

Sadder still for the Republic and the citizens thereof, the ostensibly Republican controlled Congress, all their protestations to the contrary sits in those hallowed halls, emasculated and gutless cowards, incapable of or unwilling to muster the fortitude to obstruct the administration's tyranny on any front.

I genuinely fear that short of the next President declaring a global reset of all international debts the Democrats/socialist/communist plan may be all but complete. It would be foolish to think that the economic globalization plans, that have been pursued by BOTH parties at the behest of Wall Street financial interests aren't part and parcel of this overarching goal.

Viewed in such a light their are a couple of very frightening parallels with the rise of fascist Germany that should be pointed out.

During the rise of the Nazis it is pretty well established that the German financial community thought that Hitler and his party could be and would be controlled by their influence through such persons as Hjalmar Schracht  who had been head of the German Central Bank and was soon appointed as Hitlers finance minister. The Nazis however made it quite clear that this "controlling" relationship was going to be reversed and in short order. They announced this with the theme of the first Nazi Party convention after seizing control of the government upon President Hindenberg's death: "We Command The State".

It was not just Jewish business owners that were forced to sell at extortionist prices and under threat of incarceration.  Yes businesses and banks could remain in the hands of ostensibly "private ownership" but only so long as those owners demonstrated loyalty to the party and performed in accordance with the directives of the state. To do otherwise and they quickly got the "Jewish" treatment and their company would then be securely in the hands of someone who did comply.

As far as these German bankers were concerned their best interest was Germany's best interest and that should the interests of the state (the banks) and the interests party diverge, those of the state/banks would remain supreme. Seems they bought into Mussolini's definition of fascism as the merger of state and corporate interests but fell victim to the Nazi's Nietzcheian force of will and the Führerstadt.

So here we sit today in the "post World War II world" and our contemporary bankers have indeed achieved the goal of merging corporate and state interests, this time with financial interests reigning supreme over both the state and the people. Worse still our politicians have become little more than the facilitating instruments of this contemporary fascism.

So what will it take to start to reverse the pendulum? Donald Trump? I honestly don't know. But I do know it's not any of the other candidates, especially Clinton or Bush. I also know that when the major financial institutions start talking seriously about charging negative interest rates as a solution, that they and the world is on the brink of mass insanity if not open rebellion.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

And On The Insane War Front...

The headline today that an "ISIS suicide bomber" detonated himself in a crowded square in Istanbul is highly suspicious. Not that the event did not occur, but that given that the victims were all foreign tourists, nine Germans and one Peruvian at last count, makes this tragedy stink of a big red "false flag" attack. Oh yes we will here that this was revenge for the justifiable reaction in Germany against the New Years Eve rape assaults.

ISIS black market oil convoy.
I'd speculate that the Erdoğan government manufactured this to give them exactly the excuse they have been looking for to invade Syria and northern Iraq to seize directly the oil that up to now they have just been skimming the profit off the top of. If they run in to the troops of their old nemesis Russia that's a political plus for Erdoğan. He is just as much of a revanchist, seeking to re-establish long lost empire as Putin is. If he can drag NATO into helping him do it all the better for Turkey.

Neither would it surprise me if the Obama administration. went along with it, if for no other reason than to counter attacks against it for appearing "weak" and "feckless". Remember ISIS is not the target of either Obama or Erdoğan, Assad is. God save us all from insane politicians and their evil machinations.

Hillary Fades Like A Bad Paint Job.

Not that it should surprise anyone, but as so many predicted, Hillary would peak n the polls at year end and then fade into also ran status.  When the, which was established by the Clintons to get the public to "move on" from BJ Bill's sexual peccadilloes, comes out to endorse Bernie Sanders you can be pretty much ensured that Hillary is finished. With the numbers shifting his way in Iowa and getting stronger in New Hampshire, if he caries that momentum forward and wins South Carolina I would speculate Hillary will do noting but carry forward with a token campaign that will allow her to continue raise money and as that dwindles, drop out entirely. This of course will, under existing law allow Hillary to pocket any campaign funds she has not yet spent. Pink slips will go out to her campaign staff faster than shit through a goose. Hillary will show the world a tearful smile as she quietly laughs all the way to the bank.

We should not cheer her justly deserved political demise too loudly as Sanders my prove a more formidable candidate than many might expect. Bernie will turn up the "more free stuff" and "destroy the rich" propaganda rhetoric to at least 11 on the volume scale. So of the very targets of his rhetoric will line up to fill his campaign coffers knowing full well that none of it will get past a Republican controlled Congress. They hate Trump and/or Cruz more than they love Sanders.

We will become bombarded with all the usual bovine scatology about how the evil Republicans are going to repeal Obama Care and take health coverage away form "millions of Americans. Nowhere will you here from Sanders and Company, never mind Hillary, that under the ACA millions of people were reduced from full time employment to part time, and lost even the meger coverage they had, or were dismissed outright and replaced with foreign workers paid under the table. In short a Sanders victory would create chaos and gridlock, which would be the desired outcome.

The federal government has never been interested in doing anything but creating legislation that is intended to "enhance revenue". Simple as that. The ACA is just another mechanism, albeit a very complex one, to contine you the long established practice of shearing the public and paying for increased salaries and benefits for government bureaucrats. If you think otherwise you are both naive and stupid.

We should never underestimate the greed of stupid people or the Democrats skills at producing voter fraud. That is exactly how we got saddled with Obama for the last two terms.  For the Republicans to carry the White House, as always they are going to have to produce a landslide that can overcome the Democrats "margin of fraud".

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Everyone Knows Sean Penn Is A Jerk....

Probably not a real stretch to speculate Spicolli was promised a lifetime supply of drugs for doing this piece.

Frankly I'd like to see Mexico issue a warrant for his arrest for aiding and abbeting an escaped felon. The pictures of Penn in a Mexican jail would be priceless!

I wonder if his noted "tolerance" would extend to his being used as the new cell block sex toy!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Just More Fodder For The Trump Campaign.

Not that anyone should hold their breath but if there is any truth to the story that Hillary ordered an aid to remove the "Classified" reference from an email and then retransmit it on an unsecured system she has committed a felony and should be charged with violations of the Nation al Security Act.

Of course it would take the existence of moral and legal integrity at the Obama DOJ for that to happen. Even if some lower level ADA were to attempt it or even broach the subject Loretta Lynce would squash them like a bug under a steam roller.

Oh well just more cannon fodder for the Trump campaign. I can hear it now." I will promise you this, When I am elected I will get to the bottom of this mess"! The crowd goes wild and Trump goes up another point in the polls.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Crocodile Tears In The East Room.

While Obama cries phony tears over Newtown CT, that number of bodies stacks up EVERY WEEK in Chicago. When you add in the numbers from St. Louis, Detroit, DC, Oakland, Philadelphia etc., etc., etc., the Newtown number fades to virtual insignificance. No one with any common sense thinks restricting the rights of law abiding citizens is going to do anything to stem the flow of blood running in the gutters of Chicago or Detroit etc.

This whole initiative has one purpose and one purpose only, well maybe two. Secondarily it serves to prop up Hillary in the short term, but primarily it serves as a very public distraction from the ongoing disasters in Obama Care, the failure of his feckless Middle East policy and the continuing shrinkage of global markets and growing financial instability.

With all the possible events that can and will occur between now and the elections this circus show will soon be forgotten. As it should be.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Question The Media Will Never Ask Hillary.

"Mrs. Clinton, can you tell us please how it felt to get so badly punked by Mr. Trump over your ISIS recruitment claims?"The question will never get asked but it sure would be fun to watch her turn beet red with anger, if not sputter in apoplexy. Any reporter who did ask such a question would be immediately ejected from the mostly empty venue and banned from covering the campaign. Such would most likely be a moot point as they would be fired from their job as well.

Rather than deny the accusation or call Hillary out for the liar she is, Trump owned it and said  “Of course they go after the person with a HUUUUGE lead in the polls! I predict they will make more!” There was an internet posting of course did it not show up until days after Hillary made her claim. But Trump, in one feel swoop accomplished several things. He made Hillary look the fool by re-framing her comment as a reinforcement of his lead in the polls. He also set himself up to be able to claim that he is the candidate ISIS fears the most should they actually make any videos referencing Trump. 
He just took up space inside both Hillary's and ISIS's head free of charge. If Hillary could figure out how this just happened, she would be livid. Or maybe she has and the individual who gave her this bit of failed tactical advice has already ben relegated to the last buss in the campaign convoy.