Thursday, June 29, 2017

Incompetence, Arrogance Or Just Plain Old Stupidity. Take Your Pick

The MSM, CNN in particular, has been feeling a bit perplexed of late. Oh hell let's be frank about it. They've got their nuts in a vice and they don't like the squeeze they're feeling. It doesn't matter that they are the ones that put them in there and it's they who with their persistent lying that keeps turning the handle.

Reaching a point of desperation they're now claiming that President Trump calling them out for the lying sacks of shit that they are is making them feel threatened. How laughable.

They're like the mugger who got their ass whipped by their would be victim and now plead to the judge that if the victim would have just handed over his wallet nobody would have been hurt never mind facing charges. They're not sorry for their lies. They're sorry they got caught telling them.

Almost as soon as Donald Trump won his first primary race, in spite of the media saying it would never happen, his supporters have faced not just threats but very real violence and assaults and even bloody beat downs.

All through this, the MSM has either played these assaults as nothing serious at best or simply refused to cover them at worst. It's these same assholes who have been carrying water for the DNC that have been ginning up the violent rhetoric since the moment of Hillary's humiliating defeat. That the humiliation and defeat we're theirs to own as well as it Hillary's is the last thing they will admit.

Frankly I would not be terribly upset to see some CNN or MSNBC reporter take a serious thrashing because I don't see any other way they are going to begin to understand that they are supposed to be honest and dispassionate brokers of information. Sure they are entitled to their opinions, just like anybody else, but they need to confine their opinions to the editorial section and quit trying to pass them off as news.

Why defies common sense is that they either can't or refuse to see that the public not just sees through their bullshit and their sick and tired of it, sick and tired of these talking heads acting repeatedly as if calling themselves journalists exempts them from the rules of common decency, courtesy and respect.

If indeed it does come down to some frustrated citizen giving the likes of Wolfie boy, Erin Burnett ot Mourning Joe a bloody nose or worse, it will be nothing more than a self-inflicted wound and a justly deserved one at that. They underestimate just how sick the public is of them and how much many of us would enjoy watching it as a repeating loop on YouTube.

If that vice handle were in my hand I'd be giving it some hard and fast turns. The only question would be what's louder, their shreaks of agony or mine of delight.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Simple Questions For The Simpletons In The News Media.

Who were the commanding officer and the senior officer on the bridge of the container ship at the time of the collision? Are they Muslims?

Are the recent series of fires in London arson? Are the (possible) arsonists Muslims?

Are these incidents just new and deadly ways means of celebrating Ramadan?

After all sacrificing infadels and other Muslims for the glory of Allah is nothing new. To dismiss the possibility of the questions would be absurd. Oh wait we're talking about the news media. Nevermind​.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Horst Wessel Is Reborn From The Womb Of Violent Rhetoric.

Since we'll before November's election the rhetoric coming from the left has been laced with words of violent connotation. With Hillary's humiliation at the polls the connotations have become implications and justifications that have now become escalations from assaults with fists and baseball bats to the use of firearms with murderous intent.

Yesterday's shooting did not occur in a vacuum. From Kathy Griffin's stunningly callous photo shoot to the completely unveiled call for the assassination of the President in New York's Theater in the Park presentation, the provocation curve has moved into the near vertical. What did they think was going to happen?

I have not the slightest doubt that an exploration of the internet history of yesterday's would be assassin will reveal his having visited numerous sites displaying the most overt calls to bloody violence.  How then are Hodgkinson's actions any different from that of some domestic Jihadist, radicalized by the internet or his local Imam? It is the simplest and most obvious of parallels but don't expect the MSM or any Democrat to acknowledge its clearly exists.

The only real questions remaining are, have we gone past some psychological tipping point? Is it even possible for the leading voices of the left to have any real influence in dialing back the rhetoric and bringing the street anarchists and communists they have given birth to under control or has their callous disregard for the possible consequences of their words and actions kicked open Pandora's Box and smashed it beyond any hope of repair? Was this their hidden intent all along?

Bernie Sanders and the rest of the closet communists who call themselves Democrats can fain all the revulsion they want. It won't change their responsibility one single bit. You don't train a pitbull to fight, poke at it with a sharp stick and then claim innocence when it snaps a cardboard leash and goes for the first available throat.

If Congressman Scalise had not been part of the Republican leadership it's quite possible that there would not have been any Capital Police officers present at today's baseball practice. Then who knows what the body count might have been? We should probably at least be thankful that this weak minded fool was not any kind of competent marksman but that doesn't lessen the responsibility of the authors of the violent rhetoric that clearly inspired his actions.

Worse I fully expect that some mindless recording artist (yes Katy Perry, I'm talking g about you) will soon pen and promote an anthem glorifying Hodgkinson's martyrdom to the cause of the "resistance". Hodgkinson will become the new Horst Wessel but that's another parallel will be deliberately be ignored by the political left as well.

More than one commentator has expressed the fear that we are moving inexorably toward what could become a civil war. I fear they may be right It will not be one of organized governmental armies meeting on the field of combat but one of armed militia units striking at each other's supporters and infrastructure. If that happens then the economy will slowly grind to a halt and transportation networks will all but cease to function. Look at Venezuela today. Look at the chaos in Calais France as the thousands of violent Muslims there were blocked from crossing over to the UK and they started attacking commercial trucking to steal anything and everything they could. Now multiply that by a hundred fold as food stops being shipped into inner city neighborhoods and the suburbs begin to find they can't count on the police to protect them and start controlling access to their own areas themselves.

These violent left fascist so-called social justice warriors had best think. Those up to now peaceful suburbanites are far better armed and experienced with weapons than any bunch of college brats and urban drug gangs combined. In fact those drug gangs will kill anyone who gets in their way. They will have no solidarity with BLM or the SJWs expect as to how they can exploit them for their own ends. Just look at drug cartels in Mexico.

But then neither the likes of Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton or Al Sharpton will take responsibility or suffer the repercussions. They will all be hiding g behind high walls and armed private security. It's the rest of us who will have to suffer and many unfortunately, die.

Monday, June 12, 2017

It All Grows More Than A Bit Tedious And Predictable. But It Remains Dangerous For The President.

Having been both sorely disappointed and newly outraged that ex-Director Comey didn't drag Donald Trump's bleeding corpse into the Senate hearing room, the left is now embarked on pursuing even the most absurd of notions as if to try and prove him guilty of something by either ignoring recent example or crude simplistic analogy to a 400 year old fictional play. I kid you not.

I've been through the the desert on a source with no name!
The flesh of the Democrats may be rotted away but the bones
remain alive and deadly like some take of Odysseus.
News was released today that the Attorneys General of both Maryland and the District of Columbia are filing suit claiming that Donald Trump's businesses receiving money under legally executed contracts from foreign entities constituted a "conflict of interest" that they of course want the courts to interpret for them as an impeachable offense.

Never mind of course the millions if not billions of dollars the Clintons pocketed from everyone from the poor storm ravaged citizens of Haiti, to Kremlin linked Russian banks, to every corrupt and xenophobic Muslim Potentate between the Pillars of Hercules to Straits of Oman. Nope, no collusion or influence peddling involved there. "Move along folks there's nothing to see here."

The latest desperation play is of course a real play being put on for the public in New York City, casting President Trump as Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar". I have not seen it and I don't need to look for it on YouTube to confidently predict that the assassination scene is unduly graphic beyond anything that could be ascribed to the Bard's metaphor and that Mark Antony's "I come to bury Caesar not to praise him" speech will either be absent or distorted beyond any recognition. With CNN praising it as "A masterpiece" you know it's complete garbage. Those idiots haven't got anything right in the last two years. They couldn't figure out two plus two equals four if you counted it out for them on their own fingers. What next? "MacBeth" with Kelly Anne and Ivanka as two of the three witches and Hillary as he ghost of murdered King Duncan?

That brings us to the "never Trump" neocon pretenders over at "The Weekly Standard". Their latest line of presumptuous assault is to serve up the goings on inside the White House as President Trump vs. the Trump Administration along with a side a side dish of "Many insiders prefer Pence."

All of these dispicable creatures would be giddy as school girls after getting laid for the first time if they could actually find some albatross to hang around the President's neck. Short of that and in the meantime they will be satisfied with creating phony controversy after phony controversy. Anything and everything to manufacture salacious headlines and to try and distract the President from the pursuit of his agenda.

Traitors are real.  They think of no one but themselves
and they have been around since the dawn of man.

If I could give the President some advice it would be for him to be wary of his advisers, especially anyone who hasn't been with him since well before the Republican convention. As his enemies become more desperate and frustrated with their impotence they will not be beyond finding an insider to manufacture evidence, entrap him with a secretly recorded conversation and even be prepared to take the fall of a prison sentence in exchange for a large enough bribe into an untraceable off shore account. They are even capable of entrapment and blackmail to force the creation of an unwilling but weak-minded Quisling. There is no Machiavellian plot that they will not consider. These are not redeemable souls we are dealing with. The President might even be better off dealing with the devil himself. At least he would know who he is right up front.

He's there already​. I dare say even more than one.
You can bet they are discussing where, when and how
they are going to serve the President up for dinner.
To drain the swamp he should be prepared to start
inside the gates of the White House.

Purchasing Our Own Demise.

Sometimes I would like to say screw the internet. Yes it's great for communication with people far away and commerce for finding those rare items or those thing only available from a vendor hundreds or even thousands of miles away. But it's not just killing the small local merchants who depend on walk in traffic, it's isolating us from our immediate neighborhoods and businesses.

I can't be the only one who wants to pick up and feel and examine an item before I buy it. Plus I like the ability and satisfaction of not only going to a store and getting what I want today but also of building relationships with small vendors with whom I share an interest.

For example over the last couple of years every single hobby shop in my city has closed its doors. Sure there are still places like Michael's and Hobby Lobby that are glorified big box stores that carry either a very limited selection or none of those particular items you're​ looking for because there is no volume or limited demand so they don't meet their precious dollars of return per square foot of space requirements. They have no interest in getting to know their customers. Their attitude is buy what we offer at price we ask or get lost.

Looking for some specialty items and having an immediate need I was forced to go to a shop some twenty miles away and in a different State. When I got there the first thing I did was congratulate The owner on having the only traditional hobby shop left any where around the area. He replied, "Thank you, but to be completely honest with you we're barely hanging on." I could see the sadness and despair in his eyes as we discussed the plight of the small business owner.

The small niche markets are being, have been, all but destroyed, along with the true diversity of interests that make up communities large and small. So the next time you need something that doesn't have to be purchased from across the country and via the Internet seek out your local specialty vendors. Get to know them and let them get to know you. It's good for your community and the human spirit. Keep your money circulating locally as much as possible.

After all just how much more of your hard earned money does Jeff Bezos need? At this point he is no longer building commerce and sure ad hell isn't building communities. His buying influence and power over people. He already owns the Washington Post and it's affiliated news outlets whose despicable opinions and bogus journalism I needn't elucidate here. Now he is seeking to take his billions and create a bank where he will use the fractional reserve process to suck even more wealth, power and the human spirit out of the economy and the American people.

Fuck Bezos and the fascist corporatists like him. True diversity is within communities, their varied economic interests and social and political interactions and opinions and should not have anything to do with the color of their skin or what God they pray to or who they sleep with.

Yes we need banks and a central government capable of defending the nation and our individual rights. But not when those banks either own the processes of economic interaction at even the smallest level and the politicians that operate the levers of governmental power.

Both are a betrayal of what " We The People" means and why the founders put it large bold letters in the Preamble to the Constitution. It is the very concept the corporatists and the politicians they own, be they call themselves Democrats or neocon Republicans, want to destroy first and foremost. Think otherwise at your own peril.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wasting Time On Twitter Wars When Real War is Upon Us.

While a Twitter war between President Trump and the mayor of London serves no good purpose for either the UK or the US, Sadiq Kahn needs to remember his place. He might be the mayor of a European capital, that status in relation to the Presidency of the United States is still pretty lowly. As far as his saying that our President's State visit should be cancelled he ought to just shut his goat munching mouth. Mayor's don't set State policy or conduct foreign relations.

Does this rug sucking piece of shit really think anyone has forgotten that it was he who has said both that terrorist attacks are "Just a part of living in big cities..." and that this latest slaughter was "no reason to be concerned."

 As far as I'm concerned this piece of human excrement makes Neville Chamberlain's "Peace in our time." statement look like pure genius. Sadiq's peace is spelled piece, as in pieces of Londoners scattered around on the streets. If it had been up to me my Twitter response to him would not have been so polite as to say he was "making up pathetic excuses." I would have sent a private message to PM May asking "Why haven't the heads of Scotland Yard and MI5 been fired for shear incompetence in not arrested for negligent homicide?" I'd further ask "Why hasn't Kahn been charged with aiding and abetting a criminal conspiracy?"

The UK has declared it's independence from the European mainland so now they had better realize that Islam has long since declared war on Britain and they damn well better start fighting back with something approaching the earnestness their grandfather's had in fighting against the Nazis or within a decade if not less there won't be any Britain left except in the history books.

The British at prayer in the midst of the destruction 
of the Blitzkrieg. Where is that British fortitude
today?  We all need to hope and pray they can
find it again, for all our sakes.
Do our President and the American people really want us to be in a position analogous to that of Britain in the dark days of 1940 and '41? Dodging the almost nightly bombing raids and praying that the fascists didn't come storming across the Channel the next day?

We saved the Brits' asses twice before when the threat of destruction was still on the other side of the English Channel. Unfortunately it seams that now, with the fascist murders in their midst, many Brits don't even have the courage to fight for their own survival.

When I read the story of the people lying on the floor of that restaurant all but waiting to be slaughtered, where one individual was video recording what may have been their last moments on Earth and another man shouted out "Fuck these Muslim scum!" and he then came under immediate rebuke for swearing at these heinous murders my heart sank. It sank even farther as I read of Tweets supporting the man who had rebuked him, saying how he had "retained his dignity" by doing so.

How in the world can anyone think that there is dignity in cowering in oh so polite fear when facing getting your throat cut or you head cut off by demented vicious murderers who want to kill you for killings sake? Why can't these people understand that the only dignity in such as case is in standing up and fighting back even in the face of certain death? Just what the hell is wrong with a government that tells its own people that the best response to these attacks is "Run, hide and call."?

The only sound I hear coming from across the pond is that of their own "Greatest Generation" groaning and turning over in their graves. I can only imagine how betrayed those that still survive must feel.

The ass lifters seem to be the only ones praying in
the UK and they sure as hell aren't praying for
the salvation of what's left of a once great people.
Just what combination of perfidious self-deception and wanton complacency is it that drives so many people to not see that this is clash of civilizations not seen since the Gates of Vienna 335 years ago. Just what will it take for these people to see that as far as the Islamists are concerned the current invasion of the West is but a continuation of that same conflict and that their goal have not changed at all?

I know that for far too many Christianity is now somehow passé. But as it stands they had better start praying to our forgotten and neglected Father because he may be all that remains standing between them and their destruction AND damnation. Their government and politicians sure don't seem  a to be. They may not have the moral or intellectual fortitude to pray for their own survival but I won't let that stop me from praying for them. I can only hope that that my prayers do some good and that a merciful God can open their eyes to what terrible fate may await them both in this world and the next.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Right On Cue.

Faced with unfavorable reactions from across the political and social spectrum, Kathy Griffin issued the standard non-apology apology and then fell back to the tried and true leftist tactic, playing the victim card.

Like all self-righteous, self-important leftists, Griffin doesn't think the old tried and true axiom that "actions have consequences" should apply to her. Similarly she not bright enough to think there are such things as unintended consequences.

So today we were treated to a performance and don't kid yourself this was nothing but a performance. On could argue that crocodile tears, self pity and blaming everyone but yourself we're raised to an art form at Griffin's press conference but we've seen it all before. In fact Hillary has had this particular show on the road since last November. Nobody with any common sense is buying it from Hillary and were sure not going to buy from a nobody like Kathy Griffin.

So Kathy, I hope you enjoy your long, well deserved and self-created oblivion. Just be prepared for all those high profile lawyers to desert you when the money runs out. I doubt you have the money or the pull to fight off the Trump family lawyers once they set their sites on you.