Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Is 2024 As Important 2020?

This is perhaps rambling and longer than originally intended. But it is what it is.
Trump is proving himself the master. Having been elected largely on the issue of illegal immigration and then finding himself first obstructed by the filibuster rules in the Senate and now the deranged leftists in the House he was left with not options but to innovate within the powers of the Presidency. Having obtained what is at lest a PR victory in with his tariff gambit he can pivot to confronting the other prong of the opposition. The Chamber of Commerce and its affiliated interests have long been both over and under the table advocates for cheap labor which means illegal immigration. By training his sites business lobbyists he strengthens his position with large segments of industrial labor as well as small business owners.
Next I would wager he is going to going to ratchet up on silicon valley, not just on the censorship aspect but go straight to trust busting, put on the mantle of Teddy Roosevelt, bully pulpit, fighting for the little guy, frontal assault.
Should he succeed in reining in the CofC in any significant way and start putting big techs feet to the fire while the economy continues to remain strong the Democrats hard left turn pipe dreams are going to burn out like a wad of flash paper. Not just in the Presidential race but in the Congress as well.
This isn't even considering the repercussions of the ongoing struggle between the increasingly desperate and delusional impeachment wing and what little remains of pragmatism in the Democrat party. Not to mention the increasing paranoia being induced and the potentially party shattering results that may come out of AG Barr's and his defacto Special Prosecutor Durham's investigations.
One might want to consider just which elements of the Democrat party survive and as what and which ones will disappear perhaps forever. Are there forces at work determined to do away with the Clintons and any remaining vestiges of the boomer generation and along with with them any capitalist/competition based perspective in economic policy? Anyone who doesn't think that George Soros isn't applying his money and influence to that end isn't paying attention.
Joe Biden, the man destined to be the period at the end of the chapter of the boomers. All his leftward turnings not withstanding. Bernie is also playing out his swan song but he too has a destiny to fulfil. That of the torch bearer keeping the flame alive for the naked, out of the closet, commnists to follow. We see them on display already. The left is playing the long game.
The Trump Republicans I fear are not. 2020 is of course important as well as what can be accomplished in the ensuing four years. But then what of 2024? Will a continuation of Trump's take no prisoners, confrontational style be what will be required, not just to win an election but move the agenda of American renewal forward? I think it will be but I don't really see who will or can do that.
The communists will be in firm control of the Democrat party by then and they will hold on to it with a death grip. The tactics of disruption, obfuscation, personal vilification and lies without shame or apology will only intensify. They have openly rejected god and any semblance of a moral compass. For them the ends of seizing power and control justify any means. And history has always, always, always shown that this can come to no good end.
It's going to take a man of exceptional will and fortitude to confront them beyond the Trump presidency. The globalist RINOs resent Trump as much as the globalist Democrats and they are far more dangerous as they will stab anyone not in their club squarely in the back without hesitation. The would be John McCain, Willard the rat Romney will be the first in line.
Teddy Roosevelt regretted his choice of Taft to succeed him. It's going to take a man of exceptional character and skill to step out of Trump's shadow, and preserve and move his legacy forward while at the same time fending off the leftist onslaught. Trump and his circle must be paving the path for 2024 not just victory in 2020.