Wednesday, January 31, 2018

How Is It Possible That The Democrats are This Stupid?

I just can't understand it. The Democrats aren't really this stupid are they? The do know that teleVISION is a visual medium right? I mean good grief every political consultant in the country and beyond knows that people key on visual perceptions much more strongly than verbal ones. Just dig up Richard Nixon and ask him how that televised debate worked out.

Seriously did nobody tell Nancy beforehand that looking like you were choking on her own bile was not a good image? Could they not figure out, especially after this year's NFL season, that sitting on their hands while the President talks about respecting our nation's flag is a visual that will be used against them? It was like the entire broadcast was a custom made opportunity for Republican video tape editors.

If all those optics weren't bad enough we then got the spectacle of the newest Kennedy iconography presenting the so-called "Democratic Response". Firstly nobody in their right mind thinks Droolin' Joe Kennedy wrote that awful speech.

Maybe Droolin' Joe Kennedy has his own
special kind of substance abuse problem.
Seriously at first look all I could think of was Bevis getting wasted on paint thinner. Beyond that, after lecturing us for a year or more about "toxic, white male privilege" I don't think they could picked anyone who is more of an elite, toxic, white privileged male. Just what is it about being a Kennedy that entitles you to a seat in Congress from Massachusetts or Rhode Island? Who's brilliant idea was it to pose a Kennedy in front of an apparently non functioning automobile? Beyond the hood being up the only thing missing was an empty liquor bottle, a dead body and a discarded neck brace. I'm sure I could find a rusted out old Buick for the next go round.

I can only conclude at this point that either the Democrats have gone completely brain dead or the Republicans have a mole deeply embedded on the DNC strategic planning group. Either way, it's working out brilliantly...for the Republicans.

And Yes It Still Stinks.

Nobody really expects the political operative careerists at the FBI or the DOJ to just give up and go away without a very nasty fight. As the scandle gets deeper and deeper it's now looking like Andrew McCabe is being set up as the fall guy, or more like the public is being set  up to accept him as the fall guy so that the rest of the bad actors can escape with their positions, power and pensions intact so as to continue to wage behind the scenes warfare against the President.

Andy McCabe performs his
 expected duty.
I have no doubt that McCabe has been told to fall on his sword in exchange for escaping prosecution and a fat numbered bank account somewhere untraceable.
I also don't doubt that he sat in the back of the car somewhere mumbling like Marlon Brando about "I could'a been a contender. I could'a been somebody!" But then they handed him a bank pass book and a picture of his family. As a Mexican drug Lord would put it, he has a choice"La plata or la plomo". Silver or lead?

But we can dream can't we?

Evidence that yesterday two separate highly placed individuals at the FBI were quoted as saying they had found "no factual inaccuracies" in the House Intelligence Committee memo. Today we get a report that the Director is taking the exact opposite position. What must be understood is not that one or the other is lying of telling the truth but that probably both are engaged in a deliberate attempt to create confusion in order slow any further investigation and hide the real truth, whatever it may be.

Never underestimate the bureaucracy's capacity for duplicity.  This ugliness and crisis is far from over.

Out Maneuvering The Enemy.

President Trump's State of the Union address last night showed that in but a single year he has transitioned from a brilliant tactician on the campaign trail to a thorough master of Presidential politics. Throughout his speech he had the Democrats, particularly Nancy Pelosi looking like they were choking on their own bile as bit by bit he out flanked them.

Other than his single thrust through the heart mention of eliminating the hated Obamacare mandate, his tone was conciliatory, positive, forward looking and addressed directly to the pubic.

He wove the experiences of his gallery guests masterfully into his narrative of telling the American people this is what we have done so far and how, and this is what we're going to do going forward and why.

As the speech, admittedly long, ended the Democrats rushed out of the chamber like scalded dogs or were their diapers so full they couldn't get to the cloke room fast enough?

The next few days are going to be amazing to watch as the President's various spokesman continue to strike a positive and conciliatory tone while the Democrats and the media ratchet up the personal assaults and hatred. The political arena is supposed to be a contest of ideas that address the needs of the people and the nation as a whole not endlessly repeated mantras of hatred and contempt.  One can only wonder how quickly the public in general are going to reach a state of negativity overload and just tune out the constant stream of hatred.

Nobody likes to be around people who are constantly bitter and angry, not in their personal lives (ask any divorce lawyer) and not on their television screens. Maybe there is a certain amount of shallowness involved but people tune in to be entertained and amused, not to be lectured to by rich privileged people telling them how stupid they are if they don't agree with them. Just look at the decline in ratings for the NFL and Hollywood's endless stream of self congratulatory award shows that have devolved into political hate fests. It's kind of like watching an exercise in self deception and self defenestration. The President opens the widow to a vision of a better future and the Democrats can't help but throw themselves out.

Democrats deciding how to best show their commitment to hating Trump.

And then there is this memo thing........

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Trump Trolls The Fools For Fools Once Again

Recall if you will the psychic meltdown in the conservative blogosphere when the President said he would sign a bi-partisan immigration bill during the White House meeting with staff and Congressional leaders. The screams of "betrayal" were all but deafening. Recall also how those concerns disappeared in the wake of little Dickey Durbin's "shithole countries" accusations.

If Trump did say it or something like it, it was a rhetorical move that was played perfectly. Twits like Durbin and the talking head fools were guaranteed to jump on it and totally miss that their phony outrage exposed their total lack of interest in finding any real solution to the immigration problem. In short Trump trolled them.

Subsequently there was of course no actual bi-partisan proposal to come out of Congress. The extremest elements would never have allowed one to come to a vote never mind pass. The President cast out the bait.

Then came the whole phony "government shutdown" charade. "No wall, no deal" became the President's announced position on immigration. The Republicans' proposal for a Continuing Resolution basically gave the Democrats everything they wanted except anything to deal with DACA or immigration. Democrats being what they are, are incapable of taking yes for an answer, so they forced the issue, refused to except the proposed CR and shut down funding. The Democrats of course could  not see up front that they had overplay their hand and were left then once again looking like fools putting the interests of a small minority of illegals over and above everyone and everything else. Even with all the usual suspects in the media carrying their water the optics and no doubt their own internal polling were so bad they caved in three days. The President set the hook.

This opened the door for Trump to put forth his own proposal addressing very specific elements of the problem and solutions along the lines that he ran his campaign on and which the voters supported by electing him President. This sent some in the conservative blogosphere off the rails once again. (Are you hearing me Ann Coulter?) The President will ignore them as he continues playing his game by his rules.

The Democrats, being what they are, immediately continued their pandering to their hoped for future voting base and condemned the proposal in the vilest of terms. So short sighted and entrenched as their leadership is, they completely miss the fact that they have once again been trolled by the President into exposing that one, the race card is the only one they have and two, that they have no real interest in solving the problem on anything but their own terms. Terms and positions even they can't define. The President has begun to real them into the net.

All of this is of course happening concurrently with the continuing and unfolding scandal at the FBI and Justice Department. Given the way that virtually the entire media and political establishment has and continues to underestimate how skillful a player the President is, I have no doubt that he is somehow planning to merge these two elements together at a soon to arrive moment and in such a way as to both inflict serious political damage on the Democrats and get all the funding and logistics needed to build the wall. At this point the Democrats will have nothing left to do but flop about in the bottom of the boat.

Tump continues to play three dimensional chess while the Democrats are still fiddling with their checkers. He's been doing it since that day he came down the escalator to announce his candidacy. Trump has completely change the political paradigm and the fools still haven't figured it out. The shame is on them as the old saying would go. Good. It's called winning and I'm far from tired of it!

Friday, January 26, 2018

The Pernicious Evil And Tactics of the Social Justice Warrior Movement.

I have to admit that I stole this from Ace over at The post title is mine but the exposure of the subject is his.

It is the common practice of Social Justice Warriors to infiltrate organizations and hobbies in which they have little to no interest -- videogames, comic books, sports, science-fiction awards organizations, all academic fields, etc. -- for the sole purpose of seizing "key nodes and critical infrastructure," as Diversity and Comics notes (echoing US military doctrine), in order to turn non-political pastimes into never-ending propaganda echo chambers -- or destroy them outright, if they cannot be made to serve the regressive left's propaganda mission.

They're deadly parasites for any organization that allows them to crawl inside their bodies.
But these organizations let them in -- hell, they actively seek them out -- just so that social justice blogs and websites like The Mary Sue or Buzzfeed will give them the Social Justice Warrior Stamp of Approval.
Trouble is, as Marvel Comics is finding out, Social Justice Warriors are not consumers of any of these products, and will not buy them even if they have been converted into full Social Justice Warrior propaganda outfits.

These organizations are being infiltrated by Social Justice Warriors not because Social Justice Warriors like them or the cultural products they produce, but because Social Justice Warriors know that non- Social Justice Warriors enjoy these products, and thus these cultural artifacts must be seized and repurposed to serve leftist indoctrination ends or simply destroyed.

If they cannot be remade to be useful indoctrination centers, then they must be destroyed, so that, at least, non-Social Justice Warriors will have one less enjoyable thing in their lives, and may be forced to seek Social Justice Warrior-controlled entertainments as an alternative.

But do tell me how afraid I should be that Donald Trump keeps whining, ineffectually, that he might have to "open libel laws" for reexamination.

Let's keep laser-focused on that while ignoring the widespread subversion of cherished relics of traditional Americana to either serve the left's propaganda efforts or be destroyed from within.

Have you heard of a genre of movie called the "Beautiful Loser" movie? It was late-sixties thing about so-called "beautiful losers," people who just didn't fit into Society, and, of course, who were therefore losers, but were "beautiful" in their loserdom. They felt so much, and had such Integrity in their Losing.
They were beautiful precisely because they were losers, and ineffectual in changing their fates in a Society rigged against them.

I've never seen one of these movies, by the way. I just hear of this genre on occasion.
As I have no interest in Beautiful Loser movies, I also have no interest in Beautiful Loser "Conservatism."

Friday, January 12, 2018

Digging Their Own Grave, One Shithole At A Time.

What fools the leftists are. As usual they are incapable of considering even the possibility of unintended consequences. Good. By latching onto an unverified, second hand source remark, the media minions think they have found their "gotcha" of the week or perhaps month.

What it is turning into however is the new meme of the right that they are going to get pilloried with endlessly. It's going to be hilarious.

Socialism, making the shitholes of tomorrow today.

Haiti, the Caribbean shithole where slavery is a growth industry.

Haiti, incubating AIDS and tuberculosis and exporting shitholeism to the world.

Liberia, a West African shithole exporting Ebola to the world.

Detroit, showing American solidarity to the shitholes of the world.

CNN, shitholyer than tho.

BBC, Doing our part to make Britain a Muslim shithole so you don't have to.

The meme possibilities are endless.

A Stable Genius Indeed.

A day after volumes of angst spilled out onto conservative websites, blogs and twitter feeds over the DACA/immigration meeting in the White House, Trump played a master stroke that worked at at least three different levels.

The left and the RINOs, which just yesterday thought they had maneuvered Trump into a deal they could use to their advantage, today were left with the taste of ashes and infuriation. "Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?" was probable themost brilliant, succinct question ever openly and publicly asked in the course of the entire immigration debate.

This instantly became the question that every honest conservative citizen and voter had been asking themselves for years but no damn politician had ever dared to express before. In the midst of all the left's anger and screeching about racism they were left with the problem that they couldn't dare actually answer the questions. So they can only screech platitudes about being a nation on immigrants.

Wednesday's conservative angst quickly became Thursdays cheers of jubilation that Trump had executed a brilliant trap once again. It won't be the end of the immigration debate but it set the left and the RINOs back and placed a big rhetorical obstacle in their path going forward.

A stable and brilliant genius. The talking heads of the Pu dit class have underestimated the President's once again.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Trudging Down The Path To Insanity.

It's an old an often-repeated adage that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. As such it becomes fully understandable if we were to see the American left and the news media reaching the final stages of a psychosis.

We can recall one Dan Rather of CBS News who invented a narrative concerning George W Bush, that when exposed as false, put forth the claim that the forged document was "false but true". We also recall that Mr. Rather was left without a job and on the outside looking in.

For months the media and establishment elites of both parties all said with absolute certainty that Donald Trump had no chance in the primaries against the vaunted Bush machine or up-and-comers like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. When that great vision failed their hopes and dreams fell back to a narrative of calling for a brokered convention and a dark horse Mitt Romney riding in to save the day for the establishment pols and media.

This fantasy of course went up in smoke with the results of the Indiana primary and the next day's satirical and mocking headline, "Hoosier Daddy?" This was the moment that created the psycological tipping point where sanctimony and condescension became blind hatred and visceral contempt. Unable as they were to except or even comprehend this new reality, this paradigm shift, they instead doubled down on their insistence that they and only they could possibly know or communicate the direction the nation needed to move. And that direction of course was Hillary Clinton. Hillary the qualified, Hillary the inevitable, Hillary the exalted, mellenial destiny of America was constantly juxtaposed against Donald the incompetent, Donald the dangerous, Donald the incomprehensible, Donald the mad.

I needn't go into the details of their behiviour during the general election campaign, except to say that like so many deluded, egomaniacal fools they became convinced of their own propaganda and couldn't see that it wasn't helping but rather hurting their cause. Between Hillary's arrogant labeling of Trump supporters as irredeemable, deplorable racists, the growing questions about the content of her unsecured email server and her constant hacking and her televised physical collapse on September 11th, her fate was all but sealed.

Watching reruns on YouTube of the election night emotional meltdowns on CNN and The Young Turks is still some of the greatest entertainment around. Once again rather than excepting that Donald Trump is the new political paradigm and that he had won the election in accordance with the long established Constitutional requirements, they all doubled down once again.

Never mind Hillary's laughable hypocrisy challenging the out come of the election that she had decried against Trump. The goal now became not to just oppose his policy initiatives but to promulgate any narrative, any lie, any deception, any fraud, no matter how how absurd or provably untrue in order to try and drive him from office. The preservation of Obama's dubious legacy has taken precedence over any Constitutional procedure or the desires of the voters.

First of course came the "Russian collusion" narrative and Fusion GPS's Hillary Campaign bought and paid for dossier. As the examination of this alleged scenario goes deeper it is being revealed as laughably absurd and has raised serious questions about who was really in bed with Russian operatives in its production. Both the collusion and obstruction of justice stories have unraveled faster than a ball of yarn in a box full of kittens as more and more evidence of the politicization of the FBI and Justice Department come out.

As the corruption within the Obama administration becomes more exposed and new investigations into the Clinton Foundation are opened the desperation has gotten deeper and more unhinged the left and the media have been reduced to the tactic of questioning the President's mental stability and even his sanity. This latest tactic of course is being being based on the contention that the President's continued use of and arguably bombastic rhetoric on Twitter is some sort of prima facie evidence. Never mind that it was this very method that propelled him into the White House and that no matter how hard they try to adapt his methods themselves, he remains a step if not more ahead of them and continues to out maneuver them. Their hopes that if they could keep him so busy defending himself that he would not have the time to launch attacks of his own have so far come to naught.

Clearly logic and reason have not just taken flight on the left but have completely flown the coop. If anyone one wants prima facie evidence of this, look no farther than this book "Fire and Fury" by Michael Wolff. A book that even the author admits he doesn't know what in its contents is untrue and what is true, while at the same time making the self aggrandizing claim that it will "finally...end this Presidency." Conjunctively we hear the likes of MSNBC talking head Stephanie Rhule doing her best Dan Rather impersonation by stating, "Even if not all of it is true, the spirit of the book is..."

The definition of insanity is ...

Read And Learn. Why did the head of the DOJ-National Security Division, John P Carlin resigns?

Take the time to read the article. It progresses from deliberate obfuscation buy the State Dept, Fusion GPS and others at DoJ conducting illegal surveillance against private Trump associates both before the election was over and during the Transition  period.

More to come.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Another Bad Week For The Democrats.

1. The FBI's chief FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) officer has stated that the memo that Comey leaked and all the memos he wrote were classified when they were written and are still classified today. So where are the charges?

2. The FBI's Little Rock Arkansas office is launching a new investigation into pay-to-play at the Clinton Foundation. And what was destroyed in that fire at Chappaqua?

3. A Federal Judge has ordered that all of the Fusion GPS bank records must be released to Congressional investigators. Why did the previous Obama appointed judge recuse themselves?

4 . The DOJ has agreed to release all records and emails relating to the termination of FBI Supervisory Special Agent Peter Strzok and his illicit lover FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

5. Congressional panels are now officially requesting the FBI open an investigation of the author of the now infamous Trump Dossier.

Not to quote Sean Hannity but tick tock, tick tock.