Saturday, November 27, 2021

Assessing The Blame

Decades of putting repeat offenders back on the street with little or no punishment or consequence for their crimes is rapidly reaching its inevitable and all to predictable crescendo of violent disregard for life and property that threatens the cohesion of society itself.

Such a threat must, MUST be confronted and corrected with aggressive political and legal action lest counter violence become just as inevitable and predictable.

It doesn't take a lot of deep thought or analysis to see at whose feet the blame should be laid. I don't speak so much of the feral animals, not that they don't deserve punishment for their crimes, but rather I speak of the self-righteous, self-important, we know better than you, contemptible, bleeding heart liberals who think that a corrupted soul can be reformed with mere forgiveness of and worse acquiescence to the manifestations of their corruption.

That these liberals arrogance and indeed their own corruption  has laid waste to thousands if not millions of souls and entire swaths  of society is of no consequence or concern to them. They regard themselves as protected by the establishment, safe in their ivory towers of academia and secure behind the walls of their gated communities with their private security armed with the very weapons they would deny the rest of us. 

Having created the chaos they think they are exempt from it. If history carries any precedent and truth it will prove them wrong. We all just need to pray that it comes to fruition with a minimum of pain and bloodshed but I fear George Santayana warnings is falling upon far to many hardened hearts and deaf ears.

"Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

Sunday, November 14, 2021

John Kerry Is, Was And Always Be An Ass Hole

Yeah I've gone into rants about the paper a coal industries before but Kerry dating all coal fired plants will be shut down in less than ten years is not just stupid but arrogantly ignorant of how our economy works.

These morons ars so stupid that they think power companies are the only consumers of coal. Not one of them can tell you why paper products are so expensive. Neither do they have the slightest idea what kind of energy and resources it takes to make them.

Paper mills are huge complexes that employ
thousands mostly in rural areas.

The simple fact is paper production is the largest industrial consumer of coal. Why? Because is the only energy source capable of producing the vast quantities of electricity and steam needed to make paper. So much so that drawing the power needed from the grid would shut it down in many areas. And even if they could it still wouldn’t provide the massive quantities of steam and chemicals needed to process wood pulp into paper.

Toilet paper prices spiked across the NE last year because a single paper mill in Jay Maine had their pulp digester blow up. Estimates at the time we’re it would be close to a year before a new one could be built, installed, tested and brought on line.

The digester at Androscoggin
Mill in Jay Main explodes.

And then there is the issue of disposing of the highly toxic waste of corrosive acids and bleach that come out of the process. But rather than dump it they put it through an expensive reprocessing to turn it into a fuel that can be burned in specially designed boiler that both destroy the waste but also produce more electricity and steam they need to make paper. There reward for properly disposing of this dangerous waste is to have the federal government tax them on the basis of how much they burn.

So the next time Amazon drops off that pile of cardboard boxes at your door filled with packages made with more paper and cardboard and that nice soft virgin wood toilet paper you love. Try to remember it all depends on COAL.

Questions. What's Killing Who?



While contemplating the above information from JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY (I've seen reports of similar data coming out of India where Ivernectin is widely being used both in treatment and as a prophylactic, and gawd only knows what the ChiComs are really doing) some questions come to mind that need to be asked. Asked even if it takes at certain measure of courage to contemplate nevermind try to answer them. Questions that have some pretty sinister implications. 

I will leave it to the reader to decide who should be asked what questions and held accountable for any answers. 

Is it possible that someone (individual's/groups/organizations) want to see the African and Asian populations to over time to develope an immunity to covid variants through the long-term use of Ivermectin? Meanwhile are European and Western Hemisphere populations to be decimated by covid and whatever gastly consequences of endless jabs that these so-called vaccines create? And might this be being done to facilitate those African and Asian populations rushing into the void of not just falling Western birth rates but a created growing death rate? Nature abhors a vacuum and all that.

Do you think that such sinister ideas are beyond the communist scum hell bent on destroy this country? Is not “globalism” just another word for “internationalism”? Did not Stalin justify his mass deportations and exterminations of non Russian populations as necessary to build the “New Soviet Man”/”Socialism in a single state” by destroying old cultural identities”?


We are now seeing instances of open instances of discrimination against unvaccinated individuals with life threatening consequences. Decisions are being made that mean a conscience albeit twisted, sick conclusion hasbeen reached that some lives are no longer worth living. Gee, just where and when have we heard that before? And what did that opening salvo of dehumanizing horror Cascade into?

Do you have the courage to ask yourself if Mark Twain’s reminder applies here? “History may not repeat itself but it sure does rhyme.” Was not the immediate aftermath of the Bolshevik overthrow of the Kerensky government a long and bloody civil war?

Red Pill?
Blue Pill?

Friday, November 5, 2021

Yes Alice this year there may not be a Santa Claus

Don't Trust Your Dr. No Matter How Much You May Like Them.

 I am at the point of seeking a new Dr. After being very satisfied with the one I have had for over a decade.

During my recent semi-annual visit I asked him to give me a guarantee that should I contract the Sino-Lung-Rot that he would treat me with Ivermectin and he flatly refused saying simply "It doesn't work." I asked if he had treated anyone with it and he said "no." I then asked how he then knew it didn't work and rather than answering he said he would not prescribe it because of the "side effects." Well prepared, I then asked "If it's so dangerous why has it remained in use for so many years and why did the inventors awarded the Nobel Prize for it?" Again he could not and would not answer. I then reminded him that it is impossible to turn on the television without being bombarded with ads for drugs of all kinds, all of which list at the end and as quickly as possible all the possible side effects up to and including death! Again I got no response.

I then reminded him that there are now thousand of examples of "vaccinated" individuals who have subsequently gotten the bug. He then gave out the standard bullshit answer that that was true but they "only had mild symptoms". Reaching my limits I told him that I knew a specious answer when I heard one as I also knew that the vast majority of people who had contracted it even before the "vaccines" had only had mild symptoms, otherwise it wouldn't have a 99.95% survival rate! 

He then said "Well it sounds like you have your mind made up" and accused me of getting my information from "Facebook". Keeping my temper in check I reminded him that I was a degreed engineer and had an MS in History from Univ of Chicago and I certainly knew how to do research and comparative analysis, none of which included anything found on social media. I then ripped my mask off I and told him how I knew they were useless because any fool who learned how to calculate the area of a circle could figure out that the ratio between the size of the virus and the holes in this mask is some 360,000 to 1 and that you had a better chance of shooting a BB at the open end of a 75" pipe and expecting it to be stopped. His feeble response was that "We've all been wearing then around here and no one has contracted the virus." I laughed and reminded him that there was a big sign downstairs that said "If you are sick do not enter. Return home and call in," and that there were no studies that I had been able to find that documented any asymptomatic transmission. I didn't wait for any more CDC or AMA propaganda and simply left.