Saturday, November 28, 2020

Watermarks: Another Venue For Exposing The Fraud.

 Ask any avid stamp collector about watermarked paper and this is what they will tell you: firstly watermarks have nothing to do with what is eventually printed on the paper. They are created by making a physical impression of a specific design while the paper is still wet. These impressions can be vary from the large and obvious, to smaller ones that can be seen by holding the paper up to the light to those requiring special wetting agents to see definitively.

If someone is saying that some appear different because of the machine they were printed with, they are lying or ignorant. My bet is they are lying. I would also bet that under examination these ballots will show that the alleged watermarks are actually printed on the paper.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Sidney Powell: Saviour of the Republic?

I have not the slightest doubt that Sidney Powell, not to mention her tacit alliance with L. Linn Wood, scares the bejezus out of these leftists. And I'm also sure that the higher up on the chain of corruption and treason the more sleepless nights she is creating.

The louder and more insistent the Demonrats and their RINO scum satraps become in insisting that Trump concede "for the good of the nation" the more certain I am that she and her intrepid team have found more than even they had imagined. The more personal and vitriolic the attacks against her become the more absolutely convinced I am that the conspirators will have no answers to the evidence she will present except to deny that it even exists.

The Biden steal was a last desperate attempt to stem the tide of American populism and national pride that remain an obstacle to all kinds of collectivists. It was the culmination of long laid plans. The communists have already completed their long march through the universities and the entertainment industry. (Objective journalists simply no longer exist. If one looks at any of them honestly all you find are varrying degrees of truth and lies.) 

They had fully expected this plan to come to fruition with Hillary in 2016.  By the end of her first term the size of the middle class would be driven below 45% and the population so demoralized and dependent on government handouts that by the beginning of her second she could just turn the keys over to the ChiComs and nobody would notice.

But then a force fully emerged. A man who said things they had lauded him for in the past. Just so long as he didn't really act on what he said and kept writing donation checks to their campaigns. But now the time for friendly chats with Oprah were over. The time of firing people for fun and profit on TV was over. Time to put action to words had come and the much put upon and fed up indignant Americans was determined to be right there with him!

And with them they were in 2016 and they are with him in even greater numbers today! The foolishness, incompetence and emptiness of 8 years of Obama was there for all to see no matter how much the media tried to hide it. Trump became Obama's stark legacy of refutation. With Trump's victory so to came the time to put every conceivable corrupt idea into play. Not just into play but put on steroids and meth.

Like with most all criminal operations, they were over confident. They screwed up and got caught. They know 5hey did it, we know they did it and they know we know they did it. And again I'm pretty sure they aren't particularly confident that Sidney Powell doesn't have the goods on them. They know that not a single person she named as corrupt in the Federal DA's office ever sued her for slander, libel or defamation for her book "License to Lie." Why? Because truth is always an irrefutable defense.

The crashendo is building and it going to break upon and out of the Supreme Court. Which side gets washed away and which side will remain as the waters reced only time will tell, but it won't be long.

Somebody should start a dead pool on who the first Arkanside victim will be. Once the first one drops the rest are trapped. Caught between the rock of merciless Arkanside and the hard place of an FBI that nobody in their right mind trusts.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Alinsky Rules For Thee But Not For Me? Think Again...

 Time perhaps to adopt that Alinsky rule about making the enemy follow his own rules. If they say we can’t gather in groups larger than than “allowed” and both dare and demand they arrest be arrested when the cops show up. Flood the intake facilities and courts. When they try to fall back to issuing citations, rip them up in their faces and demand they arrest you for littering! Have large, loud parties and then report yourselves. Rinse repeat.

Then watch as the crime and murder rates rise and the left tries to blame Trump supporters. The answer of course us to say: Now wait, you leftist have been calling for defunding the police. You want this not just to grab those financial resources but PRINCIPALLY to reduce or eliminate police presence in minority communities. Well we’ve done half your job for you! We’d think you would get grateful. Now we want to see you demand the police stop spending time and resources on suppressing your political enemies and put them back in the business going after real and violent criminals. Have fun! We will be watching with great interest!”

Sunday, November 15, 2020

The Transformation Of The Postal Service Into An Instrument Of Cultural Marxism.

There should be little surprise that the Postal Service has become embroiled in the corruption of this year's election. Like so many of our institutions it has become subverted and perverted by cultural Marxism.

There once was a time, not that long ago, when stamp collecting was not only a popular hobby, but the publication of stamps was an important way of memorializing important people, places and events to the American people. This was vitally important in showing Americans that they had more in common and uniting than any differences coming from where they lived or how differently they spelled their last names. This knitting together of Americans would play a crucial role in the Second World War.

FDR recognized this and as an avid collector himself, he personally selected the designs of many of the stamps issued during his tenure in the White House. Most noted of these was the National Parks issues of 1934 and 1935. 

Although the hobby has shrunk over the years these are still considered some of the most collectable. In fact the quality of the engraving work that went into stamps of the era far exceeds anything generally found today. In fact most stamps today are photogravure or lithography which makes for colorful stamps but lack true fine detail.

But back to my main point about the conveyance of cultural Marxism by demonstrating a case in point. 2020 may become the year we will all want to forget but it still will be the 400th anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth harbor. One hundred years ago the Post Office issued a three stamp series memorializing the 300th anniversary. At that time the event was considered an iconic part of the American story the stamps were and remain today the only stamps ever issued that bare no identification as US Postage! 

But back then it was still taught in school that The Mayflower Compact was the very first written expression of free men laying out their intent to government themselves in a democratic manner in the new world. They recognized that they were still the king's subjects but that where they had landed was well outside any areas that could be considered part of the Virginia Charter so it fell to them to create a legal system for governance.

Fast forward 50 years to the 350th anniversary issue of 1970. Although just a single stamp issue it still portrayed the event in a positive lite. The sun can be seen rising in the east behind the Mayflower as the Pilgrims come ashore to new beginnings and new dangers in their there new world.

Now let's look at this years issue. Rather than conveying a positive picture it's dark and foreboding. The sun is seen slipping below the horizon in the west as if the ship's arrival portends some terrible ending. It's seems a send sad message to about a great chapter in lAmerican history. 


It's easy to forget why most settlers came to the new world. They were escaping not just religious persecution but the oppression of the cities of Europe were open sewers. The horrors of the Black Death still haunted many if not most. (And we think the Sino-Lung-Rot is bad.) The population explosion that occurred afterwards made both the conditions of crowding and filth in the cities and poverty in the countryside worse. 

Little wonder then that so many including my intrepid ancestors would choose to risk almost certain death to escape. Indeed fewer than half of them survived that first winter that was already upon them as they arrived.

But these are all things that are not taught, certainly not in any meaningful way, and they are certainly not anything the Marxists want you to consider. To listen to them you would think that the settlers all came here with a blood lust and determined to kill every native in sight. I find it beyond disgusting that such lies are taught in our schools and that the sacrifices made by so many to risk their lives to live in freedom and to leave that to there progeny is not. 

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Cheating Around The Edges. Part 2

I can't speak for anywhere but in the 12th Congressional District portion of Mecklenburg County but imagine my lack of surprise when BOTH the electronic ballot and the paper provisional ballot lacked any provision to cast a write in ballot except in the Presidential race and the local Soil & Water Commissioner race. Having already found that my precinct had been moved from the 9th to the 12th CD where the Democrat was running unopposed I had already determined that I was going to cast a write-in for Congress before I arrived.

So your humble correspondent lacked no hesitation to ask the poll working staff, many of whom I know personally and others knew me as I have been voting there for over 30 years, what was going on. They freely admitted that it didn't seem right to them either and that I was not the only one to have expressed dismay if not objection to the Congressional District change.

They didn't hesitate to call the county board of elections who quickly sent someone from the office to investigate. To no one's surprise the lady who showed up had no answer either other than to instruct the precinct staff to allow me to fill out a provisional ballot which as previously noted also lacked any provision for write-ins.

As it now sits I have a receipt for my ballot and a tracking number but I have to wait 10 days before I can call to check on it's status. By way of prediction I would bet that my having nearly written in my choice in what little space was available in the 12th CD box will be classified as an extraneous mark and used to throw it out.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Push Is Coming To Shove Very Quickly.

 What the left doesn't realize is that this nation's conservatives are just as if not more determined to preserve this republic as they are determined to destroy it. It is they who have taken up the weapons of hate and division not the conservatives. So far they have confused our passivity in the face of their escalating violence with weakness and or lack of resolve. That is rapidly changing.

Americans for most of our history have sought nothing but to live in peace, to pursue our own happiness, free from the impositions of other people and nations. We built a government whose sole purpose was to protect us from the impositions from others, internally, i.e. criminals and extetnally from foreign powers that would seek to control our actions or take territory from us. All other government actions beyond those that supported the protections of INDIVIDUAL rights and securing the borders was and should be regarded with suspicion.

Well now, as the corrupt leftist politicians who have long acustomed themselves to abusing our election process with their games and cheating, they are being confronted by the righteous indignation of inspired and angry conservatives who are saying, " enough is enough, this ends now!" This leaves the left in a state of irrational confusion. Their attitude seems to be that this is how we have conducted ourselves (illegally) before so we're not going to change no mater who challenges us or shows up with a court order directing us to open the process as proscribed in the law. After screaming at us for 4 years that "No one is above the law," they now expose their hypocracy by openly refusing to comply with the law.

As far as I am concerned the best case scenario would be for the Republicans to go to the SCOTUS asking for relief in PA but also questioning the legality of the vote in all these game playing states that have abrogated the Constitution stating that the process has become so contaminated as to make an honest count all but impossible and requesting that their results be set aside and excluded from the electoral count. These states have so allowed corruption into their systems that their failure to address and correct them over decades has abrogated their responsibilities as states and they should be excluded from this election. My druthers would be that they be returned to territorial status untill their governments, constitutions and systems are reformed so as to forever guarantee the electoral rights of their citizens. I.e. they must return to "republican" forms of government as the Constitution requires they maintain. These leftist a holes had best realize that the 14th Amendment and the Insurrection Act are still on the books and win, lose or draw, Donald Trump is still the President and has every authority to use them in order "Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."