Thursday, November 23, 2017

Martial Law or Frontier Justice. The Choice Is Coming Like It Or Not.

I fear that the problem of Baltimore or Detroit or south Chicago cannot and will not be solved until we have a straight up race war. Unfortunately that means a lot of innocent people will die both white and black. But until the black population is effectively culled of it's feral animals and the rest understand that going forward they are going have to become civilized members of society, work and behave or die by starvation or swift justice, nothing will change.

We have spent decades subsidising both criminality and stupidity. Why is anyone surprised then that our cities are flooded with more and more stupid, violent criminals? 

As American settlers spread across the continent building farms and towns, industry and cities, one of the first things they did was kill off the predators, both two legged and four, or drive their numbers down to the point where they were no longer a threat to people, property or livestock. Why then as a civilized society should we treat these predators any differently? Not doing so has turned our inner cities into their hunting grounds. Time has come once again for "frontier justice" and for the predators to become the prey. Sadly it's a choice THEY are forcing upon us.

Friday, November 17, 2017

The Swamp Is Being Revealed As An Open Cesspool

The Rolling Stone has just ran a story purporting to debunk the "Pizzagate" story. I find both the timing of the release of the story and the fervor with which it stakes out a position of righteousness in their claims as highly suspicious.

Firstly, this story hasn't been anywhere near even the back burner of public interest in months. Given that and the daily deluge of revelations coming out of Sodom and Gomorrah (Hollywood and Washington DC) one has to wonder if Rolling Stone knows more than they are telling and is this a preemptive cover story.

I posted the following comment directly on the Rolling Stone story:

Let's look at the givens.
1. Hollywood has now been exposed to be filled with every variety of sexual and perverts. Straight, gay and pedophiles.
2. The Halls of Congress are now exposed as being filled with the same sorts of entitled, self-absorbed, predators. So badly so that over $15 million in tax payer money has been shelled out in hush money to cover it up and PROTECT the perpetrators.
3. Historically there is nothing new about sexual predation, the sexual exploitation of children or beastiality.
4. Judge Moore may not be exactly the exception to the rule but so far the vast majority of these so far exposed pervs have been reliable Democrat donors and water carriers.

Given the above facts why would anyone be surprised by accusations that the rich and powerful would operate an underground (literally and figuratively) network to both feed and hide their disgusting sexual appetites?

Questions then arise that demand answers:

1. How bad is the Capitol Hill situation that newly elected members will have to take mandatory sensitivity classes on not harassing Congressional staffers.
2. Why did the recent story on Capitol Hill predators stop short of naming names, especially as the Hollywood revelations have been filled with the names of both the perps and the accusers.
3. Why is Rolling Stone so engaged in trying to discredit the Pizzagate story rather than assigning staff to dig into both the story AND more importantly its implications.
4. Could it be that the majority of Capitol Hill predators are well know and highly placed Democrats? (Just look at all the available videos of creepy Joe Biden engaged in publicly touching young girls in highly inappropriate ways.)
5. Could it be that Rolling Stone and other reliable left-wing media outlets are puting a political agenda over and above the welfare of children?
6. How long will this post remain up before it gets removed? Or will it simply go into the "awaiting moderation" pile and never see the light of day?

(To their credit RS has at this point not censored my post.)

I further noted that people generally collect art and or objects that reflect their interests and tastes. NASCAR fans often collect die cast models of their favorite drivers cars. Many sports fans collect and frame autographed jerseys of famous players. I then invited the defenders of the article to Google "John Podesta's art" and assured them they would find disturbing images of cannibalism and child bondage and torture.

I would invite any of my readers to do the same.

When asked about this image depicting cannibalism John Podesta
remarked, "It's better to be the man with the guy with the fork
than the guy on the table."

Torture sculpture displayed prominently
in Tony Podesta's home.
Jeffery Dahmer posted his victims in death and
kept Polaroid photos. Look familiar to you?
Speaking of monstrosities.
Have we found the DNC's 2020 ticket?

Friday, November 10, 2017

Another Final Solution? Be Careful What You Wish For.

Here is a little story from personal experience for all those people so anxious to see the next "final solution".

In the 1980s I worked as a quality control engineer in a branch operation of a major control valve manufacturer. The main facility of this company was "N" stamp certified and built both commercial and military nuclear systems. Our branch operation was not. All of our manufacturing orders were forwarded to us by the main plant.

We were given a VERY large order for valves. The statement of work required that all equipment was to be "manufactured in accordance with but not certified to ASME SEC. III". The main plant also assigned additional QC staff to assist us in meeting these requirements as the amount of additional paperwork for material certification, welding certification, manufacturing, assembly and testing procedures was exponentially greater than that required for your typical commercial coal fired power plant. 

The reason for all this additional work became abundently clear when when the job was completed, boxed up and ready to go. It was not until then that were finally received the final shipping instruction, and US Customs officials arrived to lock and secure the shipping containers. From there everything had to be sent via a customer contracted trucking company to a specific port and specific vessel. The ship to address on all crates and containers was "Demona Israel via Tel Aviv". The "manufacture in accordance with but not certified to" instruction was simply a means of circumventing prohibitions on the exportation of nuclear technology.

My point being is not that this order was large enough to outfit two nuclear reactors plus spares but that the State of Israel was founded on one simple principle, "Never Again". A concept repeated by every Israeli government from 1947 to the present day. The Israelis did not build the Negev Nuclear Research Center to keep the lights on in Tel Aviv and Haifa. If another war comes and it approaches a point where the Isralis are facing destruction IT A SURE BET THAT THEY WILL OBLITERATE THEIR ENEMIES ONCE AND FOR ALL. Nuclear fallout across the Middle East will be the last of their concerns. 

The Israelis have been preparing for this possibility for at least half a century. They will not be subjected to another annialation alone. I would venture to guess that the Israelis have told the House of Saud that they will not be exempt from their wrath and crackdown on the extremist Wahabbi elements and a backdoor alliance is as much about self preservation as it is about economic restructuring, or political and/or religious reform.

The hatreds in the Arab and Muslim world are manifold. Centuries old  tribalism is rife across the region. The hatred between Arab and Persian  predates even that between the Sunni and Shia divide in Islam and is as much if not more virulent than either of thems hatred of Israel.

I sincerely doubt that the new Crown Prince is great visionary or a Muslim Martin Luther. He has been tasked to make sure the House of Saud remains in control and he's setting about doing that with ruthless efficiency so far. Any deal making between SA and Israel must been seen in that light. And if that undermines Iran and their Shia allies in Lebanon all the better for them.