Sunday, October 15, 2017

Breaking My Silence.

I have been deliberately silent of late. Not for lack of opinion but out of pure disgust. As my son told me quite some time ago "You might still love your country but your country no longer loves you.

That said this whole NFL business has driven me out of my self imposed exile, at least for a brief moment. It's not just disgusting, it's revolting. What we are being forced to deal with is a group of people, 99.9% of whom have been spoiled and pampered and catered to since they were in high school if not sooner, simply because they had a talent of throwing or catching a football or running around hitting people. Ask yourself what do they really contribute to society as a whole? Watching them celebrate making a touchdown or a tackle like they had just singlehandedly cured a disease or saved the world from some impending disaster makes me want to puke.

Add in the fact that the great many of them can't speak proper English even after 16 or more years of school and you have a picture of what is wrong with American culture. Any businessman who walked into his customer's store and told them he didn't like his country, his culture or his flag would not be in business for long. And then they wonder why when they come to the field they look up to see a half empty stadium and hear fans of the game booing them personally. I guess it's true. Steroids make you deaf and stupid.

Just because someone has paid you millions of dollars because you have a talent limited to a very narrow field doesn't make you intelligent, knowledgeable or your opinion worth anything or even worthy of being listened to.

I don't ask my mechanic what his opinion is on this, that or anything other than can he fix my damn car. Same with my Dr. or my accountant or the guys who mow my lawn. In fact if I walked in their office or business and the first thing they did was to start lecturing me on something unrelated to why I hired them I would leave and find a new Dr. or accountant or landscaper immediately.

That these bone heads can't seem to grasp that simple reality just goes to show what a bunch mental defectives they are. Same thing goes for the leftist assholes in the media and the public who defend them. If your life revolves around how this, that or the other sports team is doing then I find it highly questionable that your opinion on police violence or anything else is worth much more than a piss hole in the snow.

President Trump was right. If the owners had told these children in adult bodies right up front that when they put on the uniform they were representing their companies and their public image and that they would be suspended for repeating their bad behiviour this crap would have died quickly.

For me the straw that broke the camel's back was the comment by Cam Newton of the Charlotte Panthers that Colin Kapernick had made "the ultimate sacrifice". This was not just stupid and insensitive but deliberately insulting to the families and friends of those who have died defending the flag and the nation that has given him the opportunity to be a very rich and self indulgent asshole. Watch him or any one of the dozens of others who when in public at anything but a staged event and they have on their $1000 headphones so they don't have to interact with the fans, without whom most of them would be just another ghetto boy and you have all you need to know about how out of touch with reality these petulant children really are.

Needless to say the NFL is banned in my house and will remain so for the foreseeable future. I dare say that nary a one of them, living in their million dollar mansions, in predominately white gated communities really gives a shit about "racial solidarity". What they care about is seeing their names in the paper or their picture on the TV and what that will add to any future contract negotiations.


  1. "have been deliberately silent of late."
    You're deliberate silence conveys the
    totality of your worthlessness.
    You fake patriots who blogged
    to cover your absence of courageous manhood,
    while the Republic burned and (Western) Christian heritage and American culture were destroyed.
    Blog on, you sorry mutt.
    Blog on.

  2. Says Mr. Anonymous. So sorry to see that you're off your meds.

  3. Looking at your past blogs i have noticed i have not received them??? Am i being paranoid as to why only certain one make it to my "in box" some form of silent censorship ???

  4. Not by me. Does Google run algos so if a posting contains words or ideas they don't like it doesn't get emailed? That wouldn't surprise me in the least. Any particular ones you can ID that you didn't get?


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