Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Decent Into Madness.

The number of other events that could be inserted into or at the beginning or end of this list is numerous and exhaustive. The point being that they all represent a decent on an increasingly steep glide path. Please feel free to make suggested additions in the comment section.

010. Trump isn't a serious candidate. This is just one of his publicity stunts.
020. "Do it! I will write a check right now!"
030. Trump will never win New Hampshire.
040. Trump will never win South Carolina. Bush will stop him.
050. Trump will never win the Republican nomination. Rubio will stop him...Cruz will stop him...Kasich will stop him.
060. It's going to be a brokered convention. Romney will stop him.
070. Trump won the nomination but he will be the weakest Republican candidate against Hillary.
080. "We'll know that's not going to happen!" Smirk, smirk, laugh, laugh.
090. "Lump then all together in a basket of deplorables."

100. "Donald Trump has carried Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. He is the President Elect."
110. Not satisfied with the results of the agreed to rules, Democrats appeal to try to create unfaithful electors.
120. Failing that Democrats try to challenge the legitimacy of Electoral votes on the floor of the House.
130. Anti Trump protestors riot in DC on inauguration day.
140. The never ending Hillary blames everybody but herself pity party road tour begins. No closing date yet set.
150. First and foremost Hillary blames the Russians and James Comey for her loss.
160. Recognizing a lying weasel when he sees one. Trump fires Comey.
170. Democrats begin to cheer Comey's firing but then decide it's more important to simply oppose anything and everything that Trump does.
180. Comey illegally steals then leaks government documents to instigate the appointment of his BFF to investigate "Russian Collusion."
190. "Russia, Russia, Russia" becomes the first Leftist and media mantra.
200. Two years of investigation and still not a single scrap of evidence of "collusion" by anyone in the Trump Campaign.
210. Stormy Daniels is suddenly not happy with the NDA she signed and the $130,000 she got for a one night stand with Trump a decade ago.
220. After beating that drum for six months all that is revealed is that Stormy is a gold digging washed up hooker.
230. Maxine Waters constant screeching of "Impeach 45" becomes a call to publicly accost members of the Administration.
240. This quickly becomes physical assaults of Trump supporters.

The Demonrats are trapped in a "zugzwang". A German chess term meaning that any move you can make will only make your position worse. The best move is to make no move at all. Let the tenor of the commentary soften for a while before something really violent happens. Something worse than the attempted assassinations of Republican Congressman and a Senator.

But they can't do that. The disease had taken firm root. Everything Trump says or does has to be reacted to as if it were even more apocalyptic in nature than what he did in the previous week or day.

Trump is winning, just like he said he would. The Dems impotentcy in stopping him becomes more apparent every day.  They are scared, frustrated and enraged. So enraged that they no longer think in rational forms, there every move becomes more extreme than the last one.

The primary victory of this "Democratic Socialist" in New York and the DNC chair saying "she is the future of the party" is going to hurt more than it helps the Dumbocrats. 

She is the perfect manifestation of the naive "Gimme Dat", spoiled brat, political hack. For whatever reason Republicans can meme way better than Democrats.  Imagine just her face with a big D logo and "the future of the party" next to a scrolling list of communist demands straight from the Democratic Socialist own website. Hopefully the RNC is hiring some young, imaginative,  tech savvy conservatives to do this sort of thing.

Should the Demonrats fail to secure control of one or both of the houses of Congress or worse their position weakens even further, their decent into madness will only accelerate. They have so convinced themselves that their perspective on issues and people is so enlightened, do elevated above the common man that they are also convincing themselves that their view must be imposed by force if necessary "for the good of all". 

That many Americans who normally vote Democrat recognise this madness for what it is and are either voting Trump/Republican or not voting at all spells doom for the Democrats as presently configured. 

A small shift in the normally monolithic black/Latino vote will crush them. Trump asked them in 2016 "What have you got to lose?" Enough delivered in the Rust Belt so now he is delivering to them on jobs, and raises/bonuses, tax cuts and deregulation. All those things that directly effect individual prosperity. And prosperity is very, very popular, especially in the privacy of the voting booth.

Don't be surprised if the "Blue Wave" becomes just a Ty-D-Bol flush. But hey watching the Demonrat's party split in two might be fun. Maybe they can say "Hey America, we're not as communist as those guys over there." Yeah that'll work.