Friday, May 18, 2018

So Here We Go Again. Part 1.

Another Tragedy In Texas.

Another young man has gone of the rails and slaughtered his fellow students.

There are still lots of facts to be determined but here is my bet.

This kid complained to his parents and or the school counciler. Then then dispatched him into the hands of a psychologist or psychiatrist who then proceeded to pump his young and still not fully formed mind full of psycotropic drugs.

He then went home and either continued or started smoking weed to further compensate for his sense of inadaquacy.

He then sank deeper into psychosis, the Dr. then upped the meds and made things worse. The perfect recipe for a decent into chaos.

But rather than lay the blame at the feet of Dr. and the drug companies that agressivly market these powerful drugs, the NRA and the 2nd amendment will be immediately assessed by the media and the SJW army as the only party to be blamed.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Speaking Ill Of The Living

They say don't speak ill of the dead so I'm going to get this off my chest while John McCain is still among us and before Charon drags him, kicking and screaming onto the ferryman's barge that will carry him across the River Styx.

John McCain may have served his country honorably in VN. But that does not grant him a pass on his subsequent behavior in the realm of politics. Perhaps his origional intent was to continue serving the nation but sadly he breathed deep the poisonous swamp gas of DC and all to quickly and it seems eagerly, succumbed to its lure of power.

Does the ferryman await John McCain?
For his sake I hope not. Still, Megan McCain might
want to make sure he has at least two coins in his
pocket, if not on his eyes, before they close the lid
on his casket. The story is Charon doesn't like it
when he is not paid for his services.
He soon revealed himself as a thin skinned, self-centered, egotistical obstructionist jerk. Being an obstructionist for sake of being an obstructionist became his Hallmark. Having become a full fleged swamp rat he is oblivious to the rank hypocrisies his actions have revealed. What he and much of the media calls being a maverick, most others, either publicly or privately call be a plain, old fashioned asshole.  

Ever since he lost the election in 2008 and especially sinces his diagnoisis, he has doubled up on his dose of the jerk wad pills. As if he felt he was no less entitled to the office of Predident as Hillary Clinton still feels she is.

I can't be sure if his disparaging Sarah Palin at this late date is just more of his inherent bitterness coming out or his glioblastoma removing the last of his verbal inhibitions. Gov. Palin being on the ticket was the only thing that allowed me and many others, to hold our nose tightly and vote for him. I am sure that graciousness has never been his strong suit.

W gives McCain a final salute on
behalf of all the swamp rats.
The other thing I am sure of is that the Clintons, the Obama's, the Bush clan and all the rest of the globalist, neocon elites, of both parties, will be at his funeral shedding buckets of crocodile tears all for public consumption, and secretly wishing they could spit on his grave. 

Will he ask Jesus for the redemption of his soul in his last days or even hours? For his sake I hope so but I have my doubts. More likely, from what we have seen of late, is that he would rather go out doing his version of Captain Ahab. Muttering, if not yelling, at Donald Trump and all his enemies, both real and perceived, "To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell's heart, I stab at thee; For Hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee."

My feeling is he is gone, morally, figuratively and soon literally. Let us speak of him no more, because nobody but nobody will be addressing any future events with the prefaced question of "What would John McCain do?"