Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Cheating Around The Edges Of The 9th Congressional District.

The Demonrats aren't just going to cheat in the Presidential race but are targeting local Congresdional districts for cheating as well.

After having a conversation with my neighbor about her voting experience and doing my own explorations my fears have been realized. Somebody either at the board of elections or more likely a corrupt Demonrat judge is messing with the boundary between the 12th and the 9th to help the Demonrats in the 9th.

Ever since the ballot harvesting fiasco in 2018 and the subsequent special election had only a 5000 vote margin, the Demonrats have had a target on the 9th district.

By way of background over 40 years ago the 9th district was comprised of Mecklenburg county and areas from the surrounding counties. As the state grew and new districts were added we got blessed with the 12th district. This district was the textbook definition of gerrymandering, not because of any corruption in the state legislature but because some corrupt federal judge ruled that majority black districts must be created. It was one of the most criticized districts in the entire nation. 

Since then and over the years through redistricting, more court rulings, and demographic changes the 9th is now comprised of the counties to the southeast of Mecklenburg and the southeastern and not coincidentally wealthy and traditionally Republican part of the county.

After my conversation with my neighbor I put my address into the county elections board's web site and it came back saying I was in the 12th district. Yet when I went to the official federal website for district maps and zoomed in on my location it showed me in the 9th! Now when I asked when the line had been moved I was told it was two years ago. At this point I told the young lady who was just a 20 something clerk at best, that "I'm sorry but that's a lie. I'm not accusing you, but that is a lie. I voted in both the special election in the 9th last year and the regular election in 2018." Rather than blowing up at such blatant fraud and manipulation. I simply thanked her and left as I was not in the mood to go to jail.

Attempts to reach both phone numbers for Congressman Bishop official office and campaign office produced vapid recordings and the board of elections didn't answer. Being determined to find out something I drove down the the board of elections myself, donned my stupid mask and went in side and asked to see the "official" map. After some hesitency and asking to put my address into their computer I refused and again ask to see the official map. They then took me to a large map of the county and it indeed showed the boundary had been shifted about three blocks moving several thousand mostly Republican voters from the 9th into the 12th.

It should be noted that the 12th is now as it was intended so majority Demonrat that Republicans don't even bother to put up a candidate. So the addition 9f Republican voters to the 12th has absolutely zero chance of having any effect on the results there but it can and will effect the results 8in the Republican controlled 9th.

There are certainly areas of the 9th to the north of me that not simply close to the border as defined but are actually surrounded on three sides and are only a few blocks wide. But wait this is the heart of Myers Park where the multi-million dollar mansions are lined of cheek to jowl and they are almost all occupied by wealthy bankers and industrialists (what few are left in Charlotte). You know the very scumbags that like open borders and low worker wages. So us peons in Barkley Down who are mearly well to do because we worked hard all our lives get screwed and the super-rich get to keep their power, voice and influence.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Joe Biden, the New Green Deal and the Destruction of the Paper Industry.

I have posted on this subject before but its time to elaborate. 

 Few people understand how energy intensive the paper industry is. I was in the busjness of suppling equipment to paper plants for most of my career and I can honestly say i have never been to a paper mill that operated on the public power grid. Paper production requires three things beyond wood pulp, lots of electrical power, lots of high pressure steam and lots of highly corrosive chemicals. 

After choping the wood into small pieces and adding whatever other matetials the customer requires, depending on what the end product is, it all goes into what is called a digester along with the first batch of chemicals, lots of chemicals. This produces the slurry which is pressed, dried and has the chemical residue extracted. (Just recently a mill in Jay Maine whose sole product was toilet paper had their digester blow up in a massive explosion. This besides idiot hording was the cause of the recent shortages and price spike, particularly in the Northeast.) 

 This chemical residue is considered one of the most toxic and corrosive by-products that come out of any industry. It's so toxic that it can't simply be disposed of. So what is done is that it is reprocessed into first "red liquor" and then into "black liquor." This product is then burned as a fuel in specially designed "recovery" boilers to extract as much of the energy back out of the chemicals for use in making needed steam and electricity. Every paper plant in America has at least two COAL fired plants and at least one recovery boiler. I have been to some plants that had as many as five coal plants and three recovery boilers. 

These recovery boilers are considered one of the most dangerous places in the world to work. No one is even allowed to go up onto the tower until they have been through an extensive orentation class. If for any reason there is an external steam leak or anything else that may cause the boiler's internal pressure to go positive and the alarms go off there is only one rule in effect. Put on a rebreather mask and get the hell off the tower as fast as you can. You don't ask questions because any hesitation can mean a painful death from poisonous gasses. 

Now back during the Obama administration they imposed a hew tax on the paper industry specifically targeting this combination of energy recovery and toxic waste disposal. Taxes were imposed upon them based on how much fuel they generated. Imagine if you were taxed every time you properly disposed of your waste insted of dumping it at the side of the road. 

The fact that these taxes are simply added to the pricees they charge the customers (thus becoming a tax on the consumr, i.e. your butt!) is completely lost or ignored by the politicians who create them. They just give temselves another raise to offset the consequences to them and screwing the taxpayer yet again. This among other things is why you find it so expensive to wipe your butt! 

Now Biden and the New Green Deal is promising to "do away with fossil fuels" all together. The reality is there is no other way to produce the every day paper products we use. Be it toilet paper or the brown paper bags they insist you bring your groceries home in. 

So get ready folks. If these stinking communists get their way you will be shitting into a ditch in your back yard and cleaning your ass with your left uand and a bowl of water, just like the rest of yhe third world that they are determined to turn our great republic into. 3