Monday, July 3, 2017

CNN Falls To A Little Blue Bird.

The President's latest Twitter storm has the poor darlings in the media are just beside themselves. They want the public to see a nearly  decade old video of Trump in a staged production as an assault against the freedom of the press. What it actually is a confrontation  of a so called news channel that has been  caught in lie after lie after lie.

What the left is really upset about however is that Trump has broken the paradigm that said the President only communicated directly with the public at the State of the Union speech or in a standardized format of a speech to this organization or that one. The other exception bring in the case of some national emergency. Other wise the President spoke to the press and the press passed it on to the public as they chose to interpret it. In any case the press exercised a great deal of control of how and when and what information went out to the public and it never did so without their own editorial spin on it.

Well Trump said the hell with that and just as during the campaign, now speaks directly to the public how and when he likes and about what he likes. He neither wants nor asks for the opinion of the press, especially not CNN.

In this way the talking heads are out maneuvered at almost every turn. By they time they try to form a consensus reaction to one set of tweets he comes out with another that catches them flat footed yet again.

Then throw in the combination of the likes of Project Veratas that catches some media mafioso speaking honestly rather than in accordance with an agenda and forced retraction after forced retraction because they have abandoned any standards of honest journalism and they find themselves caught in a reactive mode. Their foibles, hypocrisy and lies become the news, not something Trump said or did.

The deeper and deeper Trump pushes the media and the Democrats into this defensive position the more outrageous and unhinged there responses become.

The mold is broken, they no longer control the narrative and there is no going back. Every politician, left and right, from City Council to the Senate is going to make social media the central aspect of their operations for the simple reason that Trump has proven it to be a highly effective tool. The MSM knows it and their not liking it isn't going to change it. All there protestations are now akin to a dead snake that hasn't stopped twitching yet.

But don't you worry my dear leftist friends. You still have stuttering Nancy, Mad Maxine, Liawatha and the 1% socialist Bernie on their side! Good luck with that because in the meantime the rest of us will be drying your salty tears for a giant batch of Margaritas!

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  1. And it's only going to get better! With Hollywood and the Clinton corruption imploding almost simultaneously the left will no doubt try to tar Trump and or anyone they don't like with the same pervert brush and any and every politically expedient moment. Somehow not only do I think it won't work but it will end up backfiring and making them even more of a laughingstock. How delicious that will be!


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