Thursday, November 23, 2017

Martial Law or Frontier Justice. The Choice Is Coming Like It Or Not.

I fear that the problem of Baltimore or Detroit or south Chicago cannot and will not be solved until we have a straight up race war. Unfortunately that means a lot of innocent people will die both white and black. But until the black population is effectively culled of it's feral animals and the rest understand that going forward they are going have to become civilized members of society, work and behave or die by starvation or swift justice, nothing will change.

We have spent decades subsidising both criminality and stupidity. Why is anyone surprised then that our cities are flooded with more and more stupid, violent criminals? 

As American settlers spread across the continent building farms and towns, industry and cities, one of the first things they did was kill off the predators, both two legged and four, or drive their numbers down to the point where they were no longer a threat to people, property or livestock. Why then as a civilized society should we treat these predators any differently? Not doing so has turned our inner cities into their hunting grounds. Time has come once again for "frontier justice" and for the predators to become the prey. Sadly it's a choice THEY are forcing upon us.


  1. NO! As long as a single African lives among us this problem will persist. It will persist because the violence in the African is GENETIC. As is it's low IQ, lack of any human moral center, and utter inability to act human. The African is what it is, what it always was and always will be, and We cannot live with it. If left alone the African quickly reverts to what it always was. A stone age tribe, living in caves and mud huts, hunting and killing other stone age tribes. After 500 years, maybe it is time to admit that the African cannot be civilized, or integrated, and just be rid of them.--Ray

  2. The race war is already in progress, JWM. It hasn't been formally declared, but we haven't done that since WWII. It's raging unchecked in a half-dozen cities. Soon it will come to the suburbs...and what fun that will be.

    1. With all do respect, at this point it's only one side actively waging war. Once the line is crossed you will see active, highly mobile sniper teams targeting corner boys and street pimps from long distances with suppressed weapons. From their enraged gangs will indiscriminately target white enclaves in majority black cities. Then all hell will break loose. That will be real war. There will be no discrimination between the guilty and the innocent, white or black.

  3. WATCH:

    DHS Officer and author of "See Something, Say Nothing" speaks to "The Perfect Storm" ....The Gulftainer deal that put Saddams rogue nuclear mastermind Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar, who was on CentCom's "Blacklist" as an enemy combatant, inside the wire at Port Canaveral with an illegal 35 year lease to cargo container operations at critical military infrastructure.

    Dr. Jafar designed the miniaturized nuclear weapon the "Beach Ball" that is strikingly similar to that which has recently been seen on North Korean television with Kim Jung un.

    The GULFTAINER DEAL, code named "Project Pelican" bypassed the safeguards of a CFIUS national security review as ISNA (funds Hamas) operative Aimen MIR was the Treasury Department chairman of CFIUS, who not only put through the URANIUM ONE DEAL but the more deadly GULFTAINER DEAL.

    GULFTAINER has entered into a joint venture with Russia's Rostec/Rosoboronexport, the exporter of the catastrophic Trojan Horse weapons system the Club K. The Club K appears to be a standard intermodal cargo container but carries either 4 Kalibre missiles, cruise missiles , nuclear or EMP.

    Dr. Peter Pry reports Iran has purchased the Club K from Russia. The Club K Kalibre missiles can take out an aircraft carrier.

    Once delivered into an American port the Club K can be placed on rail car, riverine or flatbed trucks to every hamlet in America.

    Yes, Obama built this national security disaster and opened the doors to another, far more deadly, strike on the homeland from inside of America.

    Are Russian Made Club-K Cargo Container Cruise Missile Launchers in the U.S.? | Worldview Weekend

    The report Phil Haney is referencing:

    Center for Security Policy | Center Occasional Paper Exposes a Perfect Storm of Threat
    By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones

  4. The fantasies of race, culture, law, religion and history will soon give way to the most brutal of contests.

  5. I saw story linked on John Daly's web page. You're absolutely right at the rate things are going it's not going to take much to kick it off in earnest. Makes me glad I live well outside any big city and have a closet full of weapons and ammo!

  6. What an idiot this John Daley is. All you do in this story is tell the story as you see it. Butt hurt never Trumpers will be the last to see the threat. I bet he lives in a nice safe all white neighborhood.


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