Saturday, November 26, 2016

Fidel Castro Goes To Hell...At Long Last!

The year 2016 is drawing to a close and the good news just keeps coming! First Donald Trump prevailed in the general election and now Fidel Castro finally kicks the bucket. Poor Bernie Sanders must be so sad about the passing of his hero. Hopefully he will go to Havana for the funeral...and stay!!

I first published this piece back in 2012. With today's announcement I'm moving it back to the top.

Fidel's new host.
Mephistopheles greets Fidel Castro at the gates of hell, “Hello my friend, welcome to your new home!”  He escorts Fidel through the gate and firmly closes it behind him.  “Before we go any further I have to ask you a few questions.  I hope you understand.”

“Of course.” Castro replies, “Go right ahead.”

“Well first, do you smoke?”

“You know I do!  I love my Havanas!”

“That’s great because on Mondays around here all we do is smoke. Cigars, pipes, cigarettes, only the finest of tobaccos.  We smoke until we are sick and then we smoke some more.  What’s it gonna do kill you?  You’re already dead!”

“Ok I guess that make sense.” Castro replies with a pleased look on his face.

“Next then, do you drink?”

As healthy as ever!
“Of course I do.  Good Cuban beer. And I have to confess, I like good American Bourbon, I never cared for that Russian Vodka.”  Castro was clearly getting excited; this place was beginning to sound like party central.

“Wonderful my friend because on Tuesdays all we do is drink, beer, bourbon, whatever you want!  We drink until we puke and then we drink some more! What’s it gonna do, kill you? You’re already dead!”

Castro’s grin widened, “I got to tell you I’m sure begining to like the sound of this place!”

“Perfect then.  Next question, do you take drugs?”

“Well Che and I did smoke some weed while we were hiding in the mountains from Batista and his troops.  And then when we helped the Columbians ship all that cocaine to those decadent Americans we always took a few samples! Castro said now openly laughing with his new friend.

“Ok then because on Wednesdays we do drugs, lots of drugs, we have unlimited supplies! Weed, cocaine, heroin, what ever we want. We smoke it, snort it inject it.  What’s it gonna do kill you?  You’re already dead!”

Fidel was now ecstatic at the thought.  Hell truly was going to be the just reward for the righteous socialist.  All the murders, all his hard work and four hour long speeches were going to find their reward!

Mephistopheles smiled a wide grin and said “Ok one more question, are you gay?”
“No!” Castro sharply replied. “That is nothing more than capitalist decadence!  I will have no part of it!”

Mephistopheles’s smile was gone, replaced with a serious frown.  “Well that then is just to bad, because it looks like every day is going to be Thursday for you!” 
Welcome to perpetual Thursday Fidel!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's to wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving and a warm and comfortable tryptophan nap! And what ever you do no turkey shaped tofu allowed! We have lots to be thankful for but say your prayers for our new President. He's going to need all the help he can get.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

And Here Come The Boo Birds.

With two months to go yet before Inauguration Day the second guessing boo birds are flocking already, bitching and moaning because the President Elect isn't chomping at the bit to throw Hillary Clinton in jail as if that was the first and foremost goal of the last eighteen months of campaigning.

Could also be that Trump is simply providing momentary distraction while he consolidates control in what he feels are are more important areas of economic and foreign policy before the inauguration. After he is sworn in and has his team and policies in motion he can revisit issues that at this point the pursuit of which will only feed ammunition to the leftists and anarchists who are seeking any excuse to foment chaos. For the time being he needs to do what he can to disarm and neutralize them.

Once again Trump is proving he's smarter than most give him credit for. He's already called the corrupt news media to task and most likely already has plans to counter their campaign of lies and deceit going forward. I'd be willing to bet he has sent a back channel message to the Clinton's and Obama that they need to just go off into retirement and follow the long standing tradition of outgoing administrations not criticizing the incoming one. Otherwise the gloves will come back off.

The most important task is to reverse the last 28 years of neocon destruction. The evidence against the Clintons isn't going anywhere and the statute of limitations has a long way to run yet. I would rather see President Trump get his agenda moving and putting people back to work than play games of political revenge. That will do far more to secure the future and continue to weaken the Democrats in 2018 and beyond than a long drawn out political and judicial conflict, that would only both prove a distraction and strengthen the resolve of the Democrats and their media allies.

For now let's just let our new President determine his administration's priorities. Far to many people who did little more than vote for him or throw a few bucks into his campaign are already second guessing him. He didn't dispatch sixteen competitors in the primary and then put the Clinton machine to rest in the general election by being the same kind of dumb ass petty hack that has been the hallmark of DC politcs for too damn long. Isn't that why we supported him in the first place?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Backlashing The Backlash or Idiots Never Learn

President Elect Donald Trump summoned the mavins of media to Trump Tower on Monday and they all arrived grinning from ear to ear, apparently still wallowing in their delusion that they still are an unassailable force on the American political lanscape. Thinking that this was going to be a discussion about how access to the new President was going to be handled and that there was now going to be a restoration of some sort of "normal relations" between the news media and the White House.

Not for the first time, they got played for suckers and left with large portions of egg on their face. If the existing reports are anything close to true I'd bet the temperature in the room dropped a dozen degrees before the meeting was over. The new President by all reports doubled down on the theme he carried all through the campaign. Namely that the gathered assemblage were all a bunch of lying scumbags and that he wasn't going to take any of their shit. The message was that they could act like honest impartial journalists or they would be shut out from either direct access or even back door information.

The media's credibility with the public rests at an all time low and they have, as I see it, only two options open to them. First they can take the President's advice and act as an honest forth estate in their reporting or second, they can redouble in their efforts to destroy him by any means necessary. My assessment is that as I stated in the title, idiots never learn. These are a vindictive lot and always have been.

If I could give our new Commander in chief one piece of my own advice it would be to create within his press office a staff to produce a semi-weekly broadcast to be put out on C-SPAN television that would outline that week's news media lies.  Show the American people, and the whole world for that matter, who lied on what network and why it was a lie. Make it a regular showing repeated two or three times a day with at least one of them in the same time slot as the major network news broadcasts. Close each showing with a list of the email and snail mail addresses of that week's offending journalists and producers. The message to the public would be clear. Put a series of Administration representatives on every available news cast and talk show to put the message out to the public about what was being done to counter the media's propaganda. My guess would be that the broadcast news shows would come around in three to six months as their advertising revenue dried up. Hard core leftist operation like the NY Times etc. will never budge. Let them continue to wither and die.

Contrary opinion should and must always continue to exist. But it must never be tolerated when presented hard news. In the end both the news media as an industry and the American public will be better served by the 4th Estate returning to its historical role as a public watch dog and not as a rabid partisan attack dog.

Friday, November 18, 2016

A Most Vicious And Desperate Backlash

In the aftermath of the rise of the middle class, finally reacting to being crapped upon by the politicians of both parties and the establishment media, the reaction of the global elite has been to, as per their usual tactic, turn logic and common sense on its head.

The last thing these paid hacks and their Fabian socialist directors wanted was for their viewing public (what little that is left of it) is to consider that poll after poll was showing that the public not only openly mistrusts the news media but holds them in utter contempt as well. So we are now going to get the true fascist backlash of the besieged power elite. The claims that any information outlet that is not in conformance with the establishment line is now to be labeled as "fake news".

This despicable and desperate reaction was first telegraphed by the leftist mouth piece Bill Maher shortly before election day. Apparently reading the writing on the wall, he came out to do his best "the boy who cried wolf" impression, stating that maybe the left had overplayed the "Republicans are fascists" card with its open equation of Bush 43 and Mitt Romney as all but the reincarnation of Hitler himself. He then pleaded with his audience to please ignore the previous aspersions and begged them to believe him now, when he said that Trump truly is Hitler reborn. Maher was a day late and a dollar short. The public had already tuned out the left's droning hyperbole and made their decision.

Following up on Maher's initial signal the left moved into attack mode almost immediately. The first reaction to the left's spectacular loss on Nov. 8th was presented by former Obama "Green Tsar" and self professed communist Van Jones who claimed, even before all the votes were counted, that "This was a whitelash" implying that Trump's victory was first and foremost driven by racism. Right on que the media endorsed this analysis and added the secondary causes to be nationalism and xenophobia. Both of which of course have white racism as they their root cause. I.e. Trump and his supporters are either outrightly at worst, or unwitting at best, fascists.

The problem of course was that these self important idiots can't/won't acknowledge that Trump's victory was as much or more driven by people who are simply sick and tired of being called racists or sexists or homophobes or Islamophobic at every turn while their standard of living deteriorates every day and their jobs get shipped to China or Mexico or Malaysia and Vietnam. Then the added insult of seeing what jobs are left going to immigrant labor at half the rate they used to make, while the bankers and corporation boards get fatter and fatter, their limits were reached. Don't expect the media to grasp that doubling down on the racist etc. accusations isn't going to get any more traction after the election than it did before the election.

This denial is the front of their new approach that was previously mentioned, the contention that too many people were deceived by "fake news". Unfortunately for the establishment outlets, including President Obama himself, the public has come to recognise propaganda and lies when they see it. They have turned away from the alphabet TV networks and the establishment newspapers and sought out contrary opinions and sources, and ultimately they selected a non-politician politician. Sources that they have apparently found to be more appealing and credible than the establishment ones.

They know perfectly well that the public isn't going to buy into this line so the flanking action is going to be to try and cut off advertising revenue from these alternative i.e. "fake news" sites. Google, Facebook (Fakebook) and Yahoo are simply going to refuse to allow their affiliated advertisers post on any "unapproved" sites via their platforms. I fully expect that before long if any of these advertisers find work arounds to continue advertising with these alleged fake sites they will find themselves faced with threats that if they don't "return to the fold" as it were, they will be banned from advertising on even the approved sites.

This is of course naked fascism on it face. Rather than drone on any further on this subject, I'm sure there will be more opportunities later, I will once again remind my readers of a singular quotation of Dr. Joseph Goebbels, "A media system wants ostensible diversity that masks uniformity". If that doesn't define precisely and succinctly what this "fake" news assault consists of I can't imagine what else would. Had the Clinton campaign succeeded would we be seeing a proposal that news outlets have to be licensed by the state and or federal government's? The forces of tyranny have been delt a severe setback, but they are far from being defeated or contained.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

He Did It!!

Congratulations to President Elect Donald J. Trump! May God bless him and guide him in his struggle to save our Republic. I would ask all my readers to pray for our new President and for the Lord's guidance.

For now I will withhold my castigations of the all the never trumpers, neocons, rinos and media jerkwads. I just feel to damn good to give them the slightest thought!!

Monday, November 7, 2016

The Pivotal Moment.

Nov. 8, 2016 will probably be recorded by history as the most pivotal moment in our nation's history since the middle of the 19th century. Will we as a nation choose to at least attempt to change our course to a government that serves the citizenry and protects their rights and freedoms or will choose to accelerate our decline into a kakistocracy ruled by the corrupt, for the corrupt and the most the honest citizen can hope for is that he won't be taxed to death and not draw the attention of the ever growing corruption and greed of bureaucracy. Or worse see our children fed into the maw of another devastating war.

Will we return to a nation built upon the principles outlined in the Declaration of Independence where our rights are recognized as being inherent in our individual human existence. Or will we decend into a chaos and tyranny where government tells us we only have the rights they tell us we can have and when we can have them?

Sadly I fear there are far to many Americans who either possess no real sense of history or are so naive that they except the propaganda fed to them by the media and politicians as truth and or are just to god damn lazy or just to plain stupid to discern lies from truth or investigate for themselves.

The Republic is in peril and they don't care just so long as their government subsidy check arrives on time and or their TV still works. They are the anthesis of the informed citizen our founders envisioned as the hope for the American future.

In the ancient past empires took centuries to decline and fall. More recently the British Empire found itself all but spent in less than a century. I fear that if we don't wake up we are about to install our own Caligula in the White House and we will seal our fate for once and for all in just another four years chaos, tacked on top of the destruction wrought by the last sixteen of incompetence and stupidity.

God bless you all and may he grant you wisdom and enlightenment as you go to exercise your most serious responsibility on Tuesday. God save our Republic.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Smoking Gun Revealed???

The latest dump of John Podesta's emails may well have just revealed the proverbial gun. That has long been suspected to exist.  FBI Director Comey's original announcement to not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton was hung on the weak premise of "no intent" to violate the law or obstruct justice.

For anyone with common sense and reasoning ability this email from John Podesta, Hillary's campaign manager, to Cheryl Mills, her chief of staff and attorney should pretty much settle the intent issue. But don't worry the MSM will do their best to sweep it under the rug.

The wheels appear to be falling off not just the Clinton campaign but their entire racketeering operation. God I love popcorn!

Will We Ever Purge The Stench Of Corruption?

One of Mark Twain's famous remarks was that, and I'm paraphrasing here, history may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme. When FBI Director Come made his shocking decision in July to not recommend charges against Sec. Clinton she and her team no doubt thought that it cleared the last real obstacle to her coronation as the Democratic candidate and the Presidency. She and her team presented the decision to the public as if it were some pronouncement of innocence of any wrong doing. The Director was praised as Solomenesque in his decision.

Now just a few weeks later that same Director has said in essence, hold on a minute we have found new evidence and my previous conclusion might have been in error. After that original decision was announced it was discovered that former President Clinton met in secret with AG Lynch just days before Hillary was to be interviewed by the FBI. If that didn't smell of three day old dead fish we later discovered that Clinton crony and confidant Terry McAuliffe had facilitated the transfer of close to half a million dollars into the campaign coffers of an obscure individual running for a seat in the Virginia legislature who just happened to be the wife of FBI's lead investigator looking into the Clinton email scandal.the growing stench of corruption was just waved off b the MSM as if to say "move along, move along, noting to see here.

But wait folks, break out the oil of camfor, because the stench just got worse. The DOJ, having been unable to thwart Director Comey's letter, has now announced that the new lead investigator in the reopened inquiry is none other than the laws school classmate and close friend of John Podesta who just happens to be Hillary's campaign manager.

This doesn't have just the appearance of impropriety it stinks exponentially beyond anything up to this point. Mr. Trump needs to be shouting thus from the rafters and letting the public service that a Clinton Presidency will in fact reduce the Republic to as state of corruption worse than any third world dictator could dream of. His must reiterate that it is just such naked, shameless corruption is why he will appoint a Special Prosecutor to look into not just Hillary's email scandal but the foul orders  arising from the DOJ and the FBI.

Pray for our Republic. She has not ever needed them more than now.