Friday, July 7, 2017

G20, Why Do They Bother?

For the last couple of decades, every year we get these so-called G20 or G7 summit conferences. Increasingly they have become little more than excuses for gatherings of violent anarchists and leftists to reek havoc and destruction on one major city after another.
Violence and destruction for the
 sake of violence and destruction.
In today's world of instantaneous communication I doubt there is little that is accomplished at these meetings, other than "Gee look at me photo opportunities, that could not be accomplished electronically. Is a photo shoot really worth the millions of dollars or euros of costs in damages and security operations? Does anyone seriously think that anybody gives a crap about what Mexico, South Africa or Indonesia think about relations between the US and Russia?

Yes face to face meetings are important and can bring about significant changes and or policy initiatives. But what dictates that the whole world needs to know about them months or weeks in advance and give these violent disruptive forces time to organize in advance.

If there is some important issue that requires a one on one meeting I see no reason this head of state or that can't pick up the phone and say "Mr. Prime Minister or President we need to meet" then agree on a location, have their meeting and then either hold a surprise joint press conference or issue joint or simultaneous statements.

Straight out of the dystopian
world of a Mad Max movie.
If anything, I'd say it is just as important that these violent hate groups need to be deprived of platforms and opportunities to operate. They do not represent social or cultural progress but rather degeneration to the crudest of bestial instincts. Who in their right mind would look to them for political acumen or advice.

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  1. Don't agree. WhyTF should our leaders have to dance around BS like this? Way back in the day, Philly Mayor Frank Rizzo issued a statement that any looters would be shot. Guess how much looting there was?

    I saw quite a few pretty heavily armed men patrolling in Hamburg? Were they on leashes? Of course. How would you like to have a business destroyed because your civic leader was too much of a chickenshit to deal with people like that?


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