Sunday, February 27, 2022

Riddle Me This...

Riddle me this. How is it that after years and years of the leftist calling everyone who dares oppose them Nazis, why then are they joining in lockstep with the neocons demanding we support a Ukrainian army that has show no shame in flying this flag?

Ask yourself if anything you have heard is worth risking the possibility of a thermonuclear exchange from which there is no recovery?

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Make The School Board Members Personally Liable For Their Crimes

 By law all government officials whether elected or appointed have to be covered by a surety bond.

The parents and students in places like Loudoun county and others need to take civil action against the school board members with suits against their surety bonds making them personally financially liable for their violations of law. These actions can include such things as demands for resignations and demands to cease and decist for listed violations of the law such as:

1. Practicing medicine without a license.

2. False imprisonment.

3. Illegal segregation and racial discrimination. (CRT)

4. Assault inflicting physical harm.

5. Assault inflicting mental distress

6. Distribution of sexually explicit materials to minors.

Parents in various districts can expand on this list as they see fit.

Under the law once such actions are filed with the court and notice served on the individual members of the board they will have a specific time frame within which to comply with the demands. Such time period to be spelled out in the notice.

If the members served with such notice do not comply with the demands within the specified time frame than two things happen.

1. The bonding company is required to conduct its own investigations into the alleged violations of law.

And more importantly


And it only takes actions of one citizen filing notice against their bonds, it's a pretty sure bet if they will fold like a cheap suit. Many of these jerks may be rich but none of them are going to shell out a million dollars to cover the revocation of their bonds. In addition the bonding company will bill the bondee for all costs of their investigation regardless of whether they find wrong doing or not.

As the old saying goes there's more than one way to skin a cat. Filing for criminal action interest into a long slow grind that they can ignore and continue their illegal activity. Filing civil actions against them threatens their pocketbooks and that's what they're really interested in protecting, not your kids. Their money and their power are all that matters to them.

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Following Up On my Dreams Of A Trucker's Strike. SOLIDARITY!

 I've been thinking that there has been something missing in all the various protests taking place both here and across what used to be referred to as "the free world."

Something is needed, some singularity, to demonstrate that they all have a common goal in pushing back against the inhumanity of the Covid-1984 tyranny that is destroying families and lives and all semblance of social cohesion right down to the level of our neighborhoods and our children's schools and educations.

I had this nagging question in my mind that there had to be some one thing or idea that all the disparate movements could consolidate around.

And then I saw this morning a short video clip of the Polish expat Pastor Artur Pawlowski who has been at the forefront of standing against the Covid-1984 tyranny in Canada. He was marching with the Canadian truckers in Ottawa. Being Canadians they were being polite but on edge, adopting a theme for this march of "We're Not Angry Yet." I thought well that was a good turn of phrase but, in my mind at least, it still wasn't quite there.

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. There it was as plain as the nose on my face.

A single word united a nation and destroyed an empire.

There it was that single word that united a nation, swept away over 45 years of oppression, tyranny and occupation. A concept that spread like a wild fire across all of central Europe and eventually brought about the shattering of the Russian empire itself.

That single word came to strike terror in the black hearts of communists from the Baltic to the Black Sea. Virtually overnight that one word spelled in Polish and with various national flags brought down the Iron Curtain and brought the fresh air of freedom to millions.

Imagine now seeing that banner unfurled once again. With the same style of graphics. The only variation being swapping out the flags as appropriate. Imagine it showing up at the same time all across the world whereever the protesters go into the streets. Now imagine the fear in the hearts and minds of the tyrants as that that banner would envisage. A fear that would invariably lead to that other image: That of Ceausescu and his wife being summarily executed by a firing squad just minutes after their convictions for murderous crimes against the Romanian people.

The flags and banners are available and for sale from various companies and on eBay.


As Ben Franklin said long ago. "We can hang together or we will hang separately."

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Dreaming of a Truckers Strike?

The left hates the fact, and certainly would never acknowledge it even exists, but cops to a great extent are just working stiffs like the rest of us.

What with all the disparagement being heaped upon the Canadian truckers, who could blame some of them being sympathetic. For the last two years they've had more than their share of scorn heaped upon, from being told to stand down as cities burned and were looted, to loosing members to budget cuts to now getting shot at and killed on a regular basis.

Now this is pure speculation of course but what would happen if American truckers organized a convoy proportional in size to the one that is occuring in Canada?

It was widely reported that the Canadian convoy was over 40 miles long. Now the US population is 8.6 times that of Canada it would mean a convoy nearly 350 miles long. While the feds wanted in DC busily erecting barriers and fences around Congress, the Whitehouse etc.

With that many trucks they wouldn't even need to enter DC. They could surround it, blocking both the inner and outer loops. And now imagine thousands of cheesed off cops from cities all across the country, cops that are facing the same get jabbed or get fired mandates, joining the convoy and acting as security. Security weeding put the both the overt racist nut jobs and the inevitable Alphabet Agency's planted spies and provocateurs.

Not only would DC be cut off but the main North South traffic artery on the east coast would be severed.

Now let's further speculate that other groups of truckers began blocking other key Interstates critical crossings and intersections. Or maybe just go on strike and deadlocking ports off entry le Los Angeles and Long Beach that by design already have limited and restricted access points.

I know it's all speculation but...
The planning and organizing for an American convoy is already underway and organizers have an announced start date of March 1st and have said they hope to start sooner.

Hey a guy can dream can't he?

Saturday, January 15, 2022

The Others

 The non-compliant are quickly becoming what socialist/tyrannical autocracies most need for survival, the “other.” They will eventually seek to do the same sorts of things the Nazis and Communists did to those that opposed them or were identifiable groups that could be and were labeled “enemies of the state.”

How soon before the Nazi’s yellow star becomes and internal passport designating “others” that limits where when and what and how much you can buy with your own money.
How soon before the unvaccinated farm owner is stripped of his property and prohibited from even grow food for himself and his family?
How long before non-compliance becomes an automatic sentence to a quarantine camp?
How long before 10 days becomes 90 or becomes an indefinite sentence for continuing to refuse their useless at best, poisonous at worst, vaccination?
It is not coincidental that the more draconian, the more totalitarian the Biden administration become, the lower his ratings become.
Admit it or not, western civilization is at the darkest crossroads we have faced since the 1930s when the combined monstrosities of fascism and communism butchered millions and enslaved millions more.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Nuke Them From Orbit?

I watched an amusing video clip that showed a British (piss be upon them) news hack doing her propaganda bit about the great horror if Jan. 6th from in front of the capital. It had recently snowed and as she got about 6 seconds into her scripted piece and new front of snow combined with a brisk and sustained wind and quite literally buried her in whiteout. It was hilarious!

In the comment section one individual suggested that it might be better if DC was nuked from orbit. I replied to his comment that I would much rather see SanFranshithitshow take the hit. Something along the lines of a 9.9 on the Richter scale earthquake that levels the entire peninsula north and south of the Golden Gate. And most preferably on a day when Nazi Pelosi is in residence in her little Palace with its high walls and fences and armed guards.

What would the open civilizational destroying perversity that has been deliberately inflicted on that beautiful city over the course of decades, how can any of us residents any longer claim innocence? To paraphrase Friedrich Bonhoeffer, "to not speak in the face of evil is itself evil." Or could it be considered that they have spoken, and endorse the evil at The ballot box?

We should keep in mind that corrupt truth about the methodology of the perverted left: "Never let a crisis go to waste." And they have used the Sino-Lung-Rot to put that principle on a cocktail of meth and steroids. Over the course of two years they have created a proto fascist nightmare that has turned the world and particularly the US upside down. 

They unflinchingly talk of "Strike Teams" to round up the "dangerous unvaccinated" and put them into interment camps as is already being done in Australia. They might want to call their vaccine passports protective measures but what they really are is internal passports even more restrictive than in the old Soviet Union.

We are being bombarded with a propagandistic eave of hate and fear of the "other" that in it's methods and linguistic and even more frighteningly, legalistic structures are no different than those of the kissing cousins of fascism and communism.

All the lessons of horrors of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia are being swept under the rug. Moreover the most fundamental of lessons and laws of nature are being ignored. In the contest between human  hubris and nature, nature always wins.

This virus, just like the Spanish Flu of a century ago, is going to mutate and attenuate over time. It's already being said that this omicron varient is only marginally more deadly than a seasonal flu. In time it will most likely become just another oh the existing pantheon of covid strains that cause what we no call the "common cold."

None of this of course will incline the globalists to loosen their grip on society's throat. Just like their tyrannical predecessors they will seek to continue to rule on the basis of "emergency measures" and fear of the other. The nature of which only they are allowed to define and change at a whim.

We live in a world of perverse euphemisms. What was temporary (two weeks to flatten the curve) has become permanent. What was quarantine has become internment where ten days becomes 90 becomes years becomes slavery. What were the Nuremberg Codes and our HIPPA laws have become mandatory vaccinations via Mussolini's corporatist back door without Biden's unconstitutional OSHA mandates passing judicial muster. All of these crimes have been intended to hide the worst euphemism and greatest of crimes against humanity: Calling biological warfare experiments, gain of function research. 

The Demonrats have taken Orwell's warnings of 1984 and turned them in an instruction manual. Mark Twain warned us that "History may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme." Maybe we should be asking if we really want to tolerate the repitition of the events that brought about Lot's ordeal? Or is that what it's going to take to truly going to take to open people's eyes and see that we are being led down path of horror and death? A path that humanity has oh so tragically trodden so many times before before.

We all need to stop and pray for understanding and acceptance of G-d's wisdom no matter how He and only He can decide how it shall come to pass as maybe His tolerance for the corruption of places named for his holy Saints and Angels has reached its limits.

Beyond that might be my sin but in spite of having old friends who live there I wouldn't lose a when lot of sleep should all of coastal Cacafornia from Hell-A to SanFranshitshow slide into the Pacific. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.

Monday, January 3, 2022

The Calus Lies Of Elizabeth Warren

Massachusetts fake Indian Senator Elizabeth Warren recently sent a letter demanding that several large grocery chains should not be raising prices in the face of rising inflation and decreasing availability of supplies but maintain existing prices and give employees higher wages instead. She of course doesn't mention that it's policies she supports that have created the problems. She simply spouts off  accusing the corporations of being more concerned about for the stock holders and executive pay. 

This letter of course hits all the typical leftist pandering talking points one would expect from someone gearing up for a presidential run. Namely that they ignore basic and long established economic realities.

Our phony Indian leaves two important facts out of her posturing rant. 

One. Corporate executives are also stock owners in the companies.

Two. Following prescription would drive down profits and along with them stock prices and return on investment on those stocks. This would further depress the stock price and increase the costs of borrowing for operating and expansion capital as lone rates are often driven by stock price, return rates and how quickly loans can be rolled or repaid. This would inturn further depress profits and stock prices and create a downward spiral that could only be reversed by stabilizing through raising prices and or closing stores. 

She won't ask and certainly doesn't want you to ask, how does putting workers on the street helps them or how forcing customers to drive further to find a store helps them, especially as gas prices continue to climb.

Warren might be a phony but she's not a stupid phony. She know how capitalism and stock pricing works. She just doesn't like it but won't directly say it lest she be labeled as the not so closeted communist she is.

She cares little about workers or economics. She cares about her political relevance, her agenda and power and little else.

The fake Indian loves to rail against the power of big corporations, that provide the actual goods and services a healthy economy and society needs to function, but has no problem with big tech companies controlling and bending the political discourse in her favor.

Ask yourself what you need more, which one could YOU do without and which ones are political hacks the likes of Warren dependent upon:

1. Twatter, Fakebook etc.  OR

2. Food, electricity, gasoline?