Monday, March 28, 2016

Summing It All Up.

I would greatly encourage my readers to follow the link below and pass it on both to those who might agree but also to those they know who still don't grasp either the political phenomena that is Donald Trump or why this is becoming a season of truely revolutionary proportions. For those not aware the "Ace" the author refers to is the widely red Ace of Spades blog.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Europe Again Fails To Face Reality.

Slaughter in London, murder on Madrid, carnage in Paris and now barbarity in Brussels. Still many Europeans seem more concerned with accommodating the flood of invaders than facing the reality that Islam is at war with Western Civilization.

The denial of reality does not change it. Yes ISIS is the instrument but Islam is the root cause of the scourge of the 21st century. The methods of modern Islamic aggression are no different than those of the 7th century. Islam is now and has always been far more a political ideology bent on world conquest than a religious philosophy dedicated to personal enlightenment. It is the antithesis of everything that Western culture has arrived to accomplish in spite of its own failures for 2000 years.

Islam has chosen to wage war against the rest of the world. The have openly stated numerous times since the 7rh century that "We love death more than you love life." Unless or until the Western powers begin to meet out violence against these merchants of death with a steadfast dedication and focus to not just defeat the instrument of ISIS but to destroy the sick and twisted philosophy that breeds the Jihadists.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Megyn Kelly Or Who Is Obsessed With Who?

The latest headline in the Trump wars is that Donald Trump has a "sick" obsession with FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly.

Megyn Kelly? Bleck!
Ms. Kelly may have been a competent attorney and prosecutor but as a news person she is the one suffering from obsession, a self obsession that I can only phrase as "look at me aren't I so cute!" Her coverage during the March 15th primary races vote tallying was very unprofessional and childish at best.
I'm so cute! Why would
anyone call me a bimbo?

Her 11PM show was little more than a parade of personalities brought on to bash Trump from every conceivable angle. Tonight's (Friday) program was more of the same, concentrating on lamentations about how much free publicity Trump has gotten from the various media. At one point bragging the she has "the second highest rated cable news program, and I've haven't had him on once."

Her coverage of this political season has become so far from anything that could be considered "fair and balanced" that Mr. Trump has called for a boycott of her show on his Twitter feed.

Given FOX's reaction I guess either they have forgotten or they expect us to forget what has been Trump's Modus Operandi from the very beginning. Come after him, he comes right back at you even harder. It has been a constant. Ask "low energy" Jeb, ask "little" Marco how well frontal assaults on Trump have worked out for them.

For years now FOX News has portrayed itself as immune to the virus of political partisanship that has long infected the rest of the alphabet networks and they have ridden that horse to both ratings and financial success. Trump's ascendency has exposed that FOX is as deep in the pockets of the Republican establishment as the likes of NBC and the rest are in the pockets of the Democrat establishment. That they all are of a like mind in attacking Trump further exposes that there really isn't a dimes worth of difference between them.

Their problem, as mouthpieces for the establishment, is that Trump doesn't kiss their ass and he refuses to be bought. They have consistently, all of them, sought to perpetuate the lie that being an outspoken nationalist makes Trump a defacto fascist fanatic, the oldest and sleazyst political tactic around. Never mind that fascism has always advertised itself as "anti-capitalist". If Trump could be accused of anything it would not be of being anything but an unrepentant capitalist.

So FOX News and the rest need to be asked: Who is obsessed with who?

Friday, March 18, 2016

The Pundit Class's New Talent

It must uncomfortable to be political pundit this year. Given all their "respectability" and self-contradictory acumen it must be very uncomfortable. After all if anyone had been listening 10 months ago the primary contests would be wrapped up by now and we would already be eyeball deep in a Bush vs. Clinton slug fest. Funny thing about that.  The voters have a different idea. Sanders just keeps nipping at Hillary's heals like a rabid little dog and Trump just keeps getting stronger with each new attack that gets thrown at him.

Even as these self-appointed experts get proven wrong at every turn that will not stop the from coming up with a new prognostications that, according to them, will set the political universe back on the desired path. The latest being that Trump still doesn't have a chance to wrap up the nomination and that a brokered or broken convention is all but certain. That some how the Lone Ranger will appear to save the day and the neo-con's fat from the fire.

So let's look at the numbers shall we.

2473 = total number of delegate.
1237 = Delegates needed to secure the nomination.
1440 = number of Delegates already awarded in the primary and cacaus races.
695 = number of Trump Delegates already won.
424 = number of Cruz Delegates already won.
166 = number of Rubio Delegates already won.
144 = number of Kasick Delegates alread yu won.
12 = number of Delegates awarded to other candidates who have dropped out.
542 = Delegates Trump needs = 52% as  remaining available Delegates.
873 = Delegates Cruz needs = 79% of remaining available Delegates.
1093 = Delegates Kasich needs = 106% of remaining available Delegates.

Clearly Kasich remains on the race as a spoiler with vain hopes of being selected as some sort of Cinderella nominee in a brokered convention.

Cruz's chance that he can hold Trump below 52% or even 22% of the remaining Delegates seems pretty thin at this point.

Hence my conclusion that the pundit class has developed a new talent, whistling past the graveyard.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Threatening The (New) World Order.

It is obvious to anyone with eyes and ears set the prospect of Donald Trump becoming president of the United States it is obvious to anyone with eyes and ears that prospect of Donald Trump becoming President of the United States has a lot of people feeling threatened. So far the New World Order Elites within the United States have been unsuccessful trying to derail his Run for the presidency. Having failed to do this they are now recruiting the international membership of the new world order to condemn Donald Trump.

The latest headlines on The Drudge Report is "Theatening the world order." Just who do they think they are kidding. What world order? Do they mean the world order in the Middle East, where there is more chaos and death than ever before? Do they mean the world order in Europe where they seem all but impotent to deal with an immigration crisis and a currency crisis? Or do they mean the order in the western Pacific where China is going through an economic contraction the threatens both their economy and political system? Or do they mean the world order in Japan where they are facing both an ongoing economic crisis but a nuclear diaster that is threatening vast segments of the Pacific including our own West coast.

If all this is what the global elites call "world order" perhaps we do indeed someone who is going upset the way they have been managing order for the last several decades, because what they have managing thing just isn't what I or anyone with common sense wold call "order".

One might conclude it is precisely because Trump is not a water carrying lacky of the establishment order that they have determined that his candidacy must be destroyed, that it is precisely because he seeks to bring to an end the deleterious effects of decades of globalist trade deals and virtually unrestricted immigration across our southern border that is sucking the life's blood out of the American economy and laying waste to the America middle class that they have determined that his candidacy must be destroyed.

That this establishment order feels that they need to not only organize the likes of an Occupy Wall Street gang of thugs but also recruit foreign leaders to join in their crucade, not just to destroy Trumps campaign but to preserve their position and instruments of power and gain.

It is precisely because of his opposition to this disastrous status quo that so many Americans have thronged to his campaign. They are not just voting for Donald Trump, they are voting against what they see as a failed establishment order that care not a whit about them but only for their own status and power.

To paraphrase from the movie "Network", " They are as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more!" These establishment hacks who would seek to circumvent what has grown into a national movement need to also recall a quotation from the late John F. Kennedy, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable."

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Driving Another Nail Into The Coffin Lid Of Hillary's Career.

The Justice Dept. has just announced that they are granting immunity to the individual who installed and maintained Hillary's unsecured email server. This usually a pretty good indication that in previous conversations he has lawyers up and taken the 5th when asked about what he knows in regards to eat was on and what was deleted from the server. This is the FBI's way of compelling him to testify. With a grant of such transactional immunity also comes a warning, if they catch him lying about anything he attest to the immunity grant disappears and he faces perjury charges and serious jail time. They wouldn't be putting him in this position if they (1) didn't have serious dirt on him and (2) they weren't very convinced that he has very damning evidence on Hillary and others on her staff.

I'd bet that Hillary's Dr. has her doubling up on her blood pressure meds and that she is also doubling up on her standing delivery of Depends®. Trump or whoever is going to start with the most pertinent of questions very soon. "Do we really want to consider a candidate for President who could well soon face a criminal indictment? Or at the very least have a Damoclesian sword hanging over her head?" "Do we want to subject the nation to another Nixon?" "If an indictment seems imminent will Obama pardon her to save her from jail and at the same time doom her candidacy?"

Trump isn't the only one make this the most unprecedented election season since the Jefferson vs. Burr vs. Adams.