Saturday, December 24, 2016

Unto US A Child Is Born...

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Butthurt Hypocrisy.

Carl Palidino, New York developer and former gubanitorial candidate has made a remark about his anxiousness to see Michelle Obama out of the White House and returning to a group of gorillas in the wilds of Africa. Naturally this produced the predictable reactions from the butthurt, intolerant left. Including the expected calls for his resignation from what ever public boards he sits on (without compensation no doubt) and he's general ostricsization from society in general.

This is of course just another continued demonstration of the very nature of the crybaby intolerant left. How dare anyone, especially a Republican essentially tell the Obsmas not to let the door hit them in the ass on the way out. I seem to recall all kinds of clamoring for the Bush family to move out early so Obama could be sworn in early and "get to work fixing W's mess".

Well apparently there are a great many voters who feel the same way about the disasters left in Obama's wake. We don't however see any calls for accelerating the Constitutional process, no matter how many times the Democrats and their clueless operatives have tried and failed to subvert it.

But seeing as all this wailing and nashing of teeth is just a part of the crybaby snowflake's general nature, maybe they could find a way to make a productive contribution for a change. How about gathering all the salts from those dried tears and contribute them to the NY State Transportation Department to spread on the roads this winter. I'm sure the Govoner would be greatfull for the budget relief it would provide. But then I'm also sure that at least one of you would demand the state perform an Environmental Impact Statement before it used any salts obtained from "non-traditional sources", no doubt quadrupling any cost savings the state might have got from your contribution.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

New Adventures In Butthurtedness

Now that a Federal judge has reversed their previous ruling he has brought an end to the left's vain, fruitless and hopes of overturning the results of last month's election.

This of course means we should prepare for a new round of wailing, nashing of teeth and general butthurtedness and blatant hypocrisy that they will remain completely oblivious to.

After every election that the Democrats win we get a plethora of stories extolling the virtues and wisdom of the American voters. In 2008 we were all told that Barack Obama was going to transform America into a some sort of "post racial" utopian future. Now eight years later we have more poverty than ever, more racial violence than has been seen since the 1970's, and all those wonderfully wise and virtuous voters are suddenly deplorable, irredeemable, soulless and hateful, racist misogynists.

That indeed is indeed quite the transformation. Don't however expect anyone on the left to do any self analysis or draw any conclusions that those that have been leading the government for the past eight years might be responsible. Even Hillary herself asked "Why aren't I ahead by fifty points...?"

We can all expect the cluelessness to continue and for the left to double down on the "fake news" meme. Although it will most assuredly get irritating and we shouldn't hesitate to call them out for their pernicious lies but we should also be prepared to enjoy their flummoxing and fumbling for the great entertainment value it will no doubt provide. The reaction to Trump's nomination of Oklahoma State Attorney General Dan Override to head the EPA is a great example. He was immediately condemned by one leftist rag as "an existential threat to the planet." I kid you not this stuff is going to get hilarious.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Fidel Castro Goes To Hell...At Long Last!

The year 2016 is drawing to a close and the good news just keeps coming! First Donald Trump prevailed in the general election and now Fidel Castro finally kicks the bucket. Poor Bernie Sanders must be so sad about the passing of his hero. Hopefully he will go to Havana for the funeral...and stay!!

I first published this piece back in 2012. With today's announcement I'm moving it back to the top.

Fidel's new host.
Mephistopheles greets Fidel Castro at the gates of hell, “Hello my friend, welcome to your new home!”  He escorts Fidel through the gate and firmly closes it behind him.  “Before we go any further I have to ask you a few questions.  I hope you understand.”

“Of course.” Castro replies, “Go right ahead.”

“Well first, do you smoke?”

“You know I do!  I love my Havanas!”

“That’s great because on Mondays around here all we do is smoke. Cigars, pipes, cigarettes, only the finest of tobaccos.  We smoke until we are sick and then we smoke some more.  What’s it gonna do kill you?  You’re already dead!”

“Ok I guess that make sense.” Castro replies with a pleased look on his face.

“Next then, do you drink?”

As healthy as ever!
“Of course I do.  Good Cuban beer. And I have to confess, I like good American Bourbon, I never cared for that Russian Vodka.”  Castro was clearly getting excited; this place was beginning to sound like party central.

“Wonderful my friend because on Tuesdays all we do is drink, beer, bourbon, whatever you want!  We drink until we puke and then we drink some more! What’s it gonna do, kill you? You’re already dead!”

Castro’s grin widened, “I got to tell you I’m sure begining to like the sound of this place!”

“Perfect then.  Next question, do you take drugs?”

“Well Che and I did smoke some weed while we were hiding in the mountains from Batista and his troops.  And then when we helped the Columbians ship all that cocaine to those decadent Americans we always took a few samples! Castro said now openly laughing with his new friend.

“Ok then because on Wednesdays we do drugs, lots of drugs, we have unlimited supplies! Weed, cocaine, heroin, what ever we want. We smoke it, snort it inject it.  What’s it gonna do kill you?  You’re already dead!”

Fidel was now ecstatic at the thought.  Hell truly was going to be the just reward for the righteous socialist.  All the murders, all his hard work and four hour long speeches were going to find their reward!

Mephistopheles smiled a wide grin and said “Ok one more question, are you gay?”
“No!” Castro sharply replied. “That is nothing more than capitalist decadence!  I will have no part of it!”

Mephistopheles’s smile was gone, replaced with a serious frown.  “Well that then is just to bad, because it looks like every day is going to be Thursday for you!” 
Welcome to perpetual Thursday Fidel!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's to wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving and a warm and comfortable tryptophan nap! And what ever you do no turkey shaped tofu allowed! We have lots to be thankful for but say your prayers for our new President. He's going to need all the help he can get.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

And Here Come The Boo Birds.

With two months to go yet before Inauguration Day the second guessing boo birds are flocking already, bitching and moaning because the President Elect isn't chomping at the bit to throw Hillary Clinton in jail as if that was the first and foremost goal of the last eighteen months of campaigning.

Could also be that Trump is simply providing momentary distraction while he consolidates control in what he feels are are more important areas of economic and foreign policy before the inauguration. After he is sworn in and has his team and policies in motion he can revisit issues that at this point the pursuit of which will only feed ammunition to the leftists and anarchists who are seeking any excuse to foment chaos. For the time being he needs to do what he can to disarm and neutralize them.

Once again Trump is proving he's smarter than most give him credit for. He's already called the corrupt news media to task and most likely already has plans to counter their campaign of lies and deceit going forward. I'd be willing to bet he has sent a back channel message to the Clinton's and Obama that they need to just go off into retirement and follow the long standing tradition of outgoing administrations not criticizing the incoming one. Otherwise the gloves will come back off.

The most important task is to reverse the last 28 years of neocon destruction. The evidence against the Clintons isn't going anywhere and the statute of limitations has a long way to run yet. I would rather see President Trump get his agenda moving and putting people back to work than play games of political revenge. That will do far more to secure the future and continue to weaken the Democrats in 2018 and beyond than a long drawn out political and judicial conflict, that would only both prove a distraction and strengthen the resolve of the Democrats and their media allies.

For now let's just let our new President determine his administration's priorities. Far to many people who did little more than vote for him or throw a few bucks into his campaign are already second guessing him. He didn't dispatch sixteen competitors in the primary and then put the Clinton machine to rest in the general election by being the same kind of dumb ass petty hack that has been the hallmark of DC politcs for too damn long. Isn't that why we supported him in the first place?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Backlashing The Backlash or Idiots Never Learn

President Elect Donald Trump summoned the mavins of media to Trump Tower on Monday and they all arrived grinning from ear to ear, apparently still wallowing in their delusion that they still are an unassailable force on the American political lanscape. Thinking that this was going to be a discussion about how access to the new President was going to be handled and that there was now going to be a restoration of some sort of "normal relations" between the news media and the White House.

Not for the first time, they got played for suckers and left with large portions of egg on their face. If the existing reports are anything close to true I'd bet the temperature in the room dropped a dozen degrees before the meeting was over. The new President by all reports doubled down on the theme he carried all through the campaign. Namely that the gathered assemblage were all a bunch of lying scumbags and that he wasn't going to take any of their shit. The message was that they could act like honest impartial journalists or they would be shut out from either direct access or even back door information.

The media's credibility with the public rests at an all time low and they have, as I see it, only two options open to them. First they can take the President's advice and act as an honest forth estate in their reporting or second, they can redouble in their efforts to destroy him by any means necessary. My assessment is that as I stated in the title, idiots never learn. These are a vindictive lot and always have been.

If I could give our new Commander in chief one piece of my own advice it would be to create within his press office a staff to produce a semi-weekly broadcast to be put out on C-SPAN television that would outline that week's news media lies.  Show the American people, and the whole world for that matter, who lied on what network and why it was a lie. Make it a regular showing repeated two or three times a day with at least one of them in the same time slot as the major network news broadcasts. Close each showing with a list of the email and snail mail addresses of that week's offending journalists and producers. The message to the public would be clear. Put a series of Administration representatives on every available news cast and talk show to put the message out to the public about what was being done to counter the media's propaganda. My guess would be that the broadcast news shows would come around in three to six months as their advertising revenue dried up. Hard core leftist operation like the NY Times etc. will never budge. Let them continue to wither and die.

Contrary opinion should and must always continue to exist. But it must never be tolerated when presented hard news. In the end both the news media as an industry and the American public will be better served by the 4th Estate returning to its historical role as a public watch dog and not as a rabid partisan attack dog.

Friday, November 18, 2016

A Most Vicious And Desperate Backlash

In the aftermath of the rise of the middle class, finally reacting to being crapped upon by the politicians of both parties and the establishment media, the reaction of the global elite has been to, as per their usual tactic, turn logic and common sense on its head.

The last thing these paid hacks and their Fabian socialist directors wanted was for their viewing public (what little that is left of it) is to consider that poll after poll was showing that the public not only openly mistrusts the news media but holds them in utter contempt as well. So we are now going to get the true fascist backlash of the besieged power elite. The claims that any information outlet that is not in conformance with the establishment line is now to be labeled as "fake news".

This despicable and desperate reaction was first telegraphed by the leftist mouth piece Bill Maher shortly before election day. Apparently reading the writing on the wall, he came out to do his best "the boy who cried wolf" impression, stating that maybe the left had overplayed the "Republicans are fascists" card with its open equation of Bush 43 and Mitt Romney as all but the reincarnation of Hitler himself. He then pleaded with his audience to please ignore the previous aspersions and begged them to believe him now, when he said that Trump truly is Hitler reborn. Maher was a day late and a dollar short. The public had already tuned out the left's droning hyperbole and made their decision.

Following up on Maher's initial signal the left moved into attack mode almost immediately. The first reaction to the left's spectacular loss on Nov. 8th was presented by former Obama "Green Tsar" and self professed communist Van Jones who claimed, even before all the votes were counted, that "This was a whitelash" implying that Trump's victory was first and foremost driven by racism. Right on que the media endorsed this analysis and added the secondary causes to be nationalism and xenophobia. Both of which of course have white racism as they their root cause. I.e. Trump and his supporters are either outrightly at worst, or unwitting at best, fascists.

The problem of course was that these self important idiots can't/won't acknowledge that Trump's victory was as much or more driven by people who are simply sick and tired of being called racists or sexists or homophobes or Islamophobic at every turn while their standard of living deteriorates every day and their jobs get shipped to China or Mexico or Malaysia and Vietnam. Then the added insult of seeing what jobs are left going to immigrant labor at half the rate they used to make, while the bankers and corporation boards get fatter and fatter, their limits were reached. Don't expect the media to grasp that doubling down on the racist etc. accusations isn't going to get any more traction after the election than it did before the election.

This denial is the front of their new approach that was previously mentioned, the contention that too many people were deceived by "fake news". Unfortunately for the establishment outlets, including President Obama himself, the public has come to recognise propaganda and lies when they see it. They have turned away from the alphabet TV networks and the establishment newspapers and sought out contrary opinions and sources, and ultimately they selected a non-politician politician. Sources that they have apparently found to be more appealing and credible than the establishment ones.

They know perfectly well that the public isn't going to buy into this line so the flanking action is going to be to try and cut off advertising revenue from these alternative i.e. "fake news" sites. Google, Facebook (Fakebook) and Yahoo are simply going to refuse to allow their affiliated advertisers post on any "unapproved" sites via their platforms. I fully expect that before long if any of these advertisers find work arounds to continue advertising with these alleged fake sites they will find themselves faced with threats that if they don't "return to the fold" as it were, they will be banned from advertising on even the approved sites.

This is of course naked fascism on it face. Rather than drone on any further on this subject, I'm sure there will be more opportunities later, I will once again remind my readers of a singular quotation of Dr. Joseph Goebbels, "A media system wants ostensible diversity that masks uniformity". If that doesn't define precisely and succinctly what this "fake" news assault consists of I can't imagine what else would. Had the Clinton campaign succeeded would we be seeing a proposal that news outlets have to be licensed by the state and or federal government's? The forces of tyranny have been delt a severe setback, but they are far from being defeated or contained.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

He Did It!!

Congratulations to President Elect Donald J. Trump! May God bless him and guide him in his struggle to save our Republic. I would ask all my readers to pray for our new President and for the Lord's guidance.

For now I will withhold my castigations of the all the never trumpers, neocons, rinos and media jerkwads. I just feel to damn good to give them the slightest thought!!

Monday, November 7, 2016

The Pivotal Moment.

Nov. 8, 2016 will probably be recorded by history as the most pivotal moment in our nation's history since the middle of the 19th century. Will we as a nation choose to at least attempt to change our course to a government that serves the citizenry and protects their rights and freedoms or will choose to accelerate our decline into a kakistocracy ruled by the corrupt, for the corrupt and the most the honest citizen can hope for is that he won't be taxed to death and not draw the attention of the ever growing corruption and greed of bureaucracy. Or worse see our children fed into the maw of another devastating war.

Will we return to a nation built upon the principles outlined in the Declaration of Independence where our rights are recognized as being inherent in our individual human existence. Or will we decend into a chaos and tyranny where government tells us we only have the rights they tell us we can have and when we can have them?

Sadly I fear there are far to many Americans who either possess no real sense of history or are so naive that they except the propaganda fed to them by the media and politicians as truth and or are just to god damn lazy or just to plain stupid to discern lies from truth or investigate for themselves.

The Republic is in peril and they don't care just so long as their government subsidy check arrives on time and or their TV still works. They are the anthesis of the informed citizen our founders envisioned as the hope for the American future.

In the ancient past empires took centuries to decline and fall. More recently the British Empire found itself all but spent in less than a century. I fear that if we don't wake up we are about to install our own Caligula in the White House and we will seal our fate for once and for all in just another four years chaos, tacked on top of the destruction wrought by the last sixteen of incompetence and stupidity.

God bless you all and may he grant you wisdom and enlightenment as you go to exercise your most serious responsibility on Tuesday. God save our Republic.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Smoking Gun Revealed???

The latest dump of John Podesta's emails may well have just revealed the proverbial gun. That has long been suspected to exist.  FBI Director Comey's original announcement to not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton was hung on the weak premise of "no intent" to violate the law or obstruct justice.

For anyone with common sense and reasoning ability this email from John Podesta, Hillary's campaign manager, to Cheryl Mills, her chief of staff and attorney should pretty much settle the intent issue. But don't worry the MSM will do their best to sweep it under the rug.

The wheels appear to be falling off not just the Clinton campaign but their entire racketeering operation. God I love popcorn!

Will We Ever Purge The Stench Of Corruption?

One of Mark Twain's famous remarks was that, and I'm paraphrasing here, history may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme. When FBI Director Come made his shocking decision in July to not recommend charges against Sec. Clinton she and her team no doubt thought that it cleared the last real obstacle to her coronation as the Democratic candidate and the Presidency. She and her team presented the decision to the public as if it were some pronouncement of innocence of any wrong doing. The Director was praised as Solomenesque in his decision.

Now just a few weeks later that same Director has said in essence, hold on a minute we have found new evidence and my previous conclusion might have been in error. After that original decision was announced it was discovered that former President Clinton met in secret with AG Lynch just days before Hillary was to be interviewed by the FBI. If that didn't smell of three day old dead fish we later discovered that Clinton crony and confidant Terry McAuliffe had facilitated the transfer of close to half a million dollars into the campaign coffers of an obscure individual running for a seat in the Virginia legislature who just happened to be the wife of FBI's lead investigator looking into the Clinton email scandal.the growing stench of corruption was just waved off b the MSM as if to say "move along, move along, noting to see here.

But wait folks, break out the oil of camfor, because the stench just got worse. The DOJ, having been unable to thwart Director Comey's letter, has now announced that the new lead investigator in the reopened inquiry is none other than the laws school classmate and close friend of John Podesta who just happens to be Hillary's campaign manager.

This doesn't have just the appearance of impropriety it stinks exponentially beyond anything up to this point. Mr. Trump needs to be shouting thus from the rafters and letting the public service that a Clinton Presidency will in fact reduce the Republic to as state of corruption worse than any third world dictator could dream of. His must reiterate that it is just such naked, shameless corruption is why he will appoint a Special Prosecutor to look into not just Hillary's email scandal but the foul orders  arising from the DOJ and the FBI.

Pray for our Republic. She has not ever needed them more than now.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Those Who The Gods Would Destroy They First Make Mad....

The only explanation I can find for this election season (bizarre doesn't even come close) is that the late novelists Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy's and Vince Flynn have all been given a free hand to see who can make this week's events even more incredible than last week's events.

Only under some literary suspension of disbelief could this ongoing circus had been believable if it had been predicted a year ago.

Maybe their is something to the claim that we live in a holographic matrix operated by a capricious god with amazing sense of humor and a cruel sense of irony.

Who's Going To Throw Who Under The Skooby Van?

 Sleazy                    Sleazyer                   Sleazyst.
Fridays FBI letter to Congress revealing that a new trove of "pertinent" emails had been found on a laptop computer accessable to both Clinton aid Huma Abedin and her disgraced, sleaze ball, ex-Congressman and soon to be ex-husband Anthony Weiner, has raised speculations and accusations of every sort imaginable.

For the moment let's put the furious accusations about the motives of Director Comey aside. As such they amount to little more than closing the barn door after the horses have escaped. The speculations about what the emails actually contain is almost irrelevant to the unfolding drama.

The immediate speculation is that will Hillary throw her long time chief aid and purported lover under the bus in a desperate attempt to try and distance the campaign and build a wall between the candidate and any immediate repercussions rffecting the vote.

That would be the Clinton standard play when caught dirty. This would assume of course that Huma is willing to or can be convinced to fall on her sword and or what kind of threats can be brought to bare against her.

Unfortunately for Hillary such a sacrifice is not the only option available to Huma and her husband. With Anthony almost certainly facing a prison sentence for his really bad judgement and behavior he will likely sing like a canary. The truthfulness of his tale will of course be subject to speculation all its own.

If Huma is looking at possible perjury and obstruction of justice charges among others she could very well turn the table over on Hillary and stick a big nasty Khanjar in Hillary's back in exchange for a lighter sentence, witness protection or a free pass back to Saudi Arabia.

The conspirators with the
heir apparent in tow.
Huma's absence from the campaign trail and Hillary's side has created a buzz all its own, particularly as the two have been joined at the hip for the last twenty years. Huma has lain down with dogs on both sides of the bed. Now she come down with a really bad case of fleas. How she chooses to scratch the itch will make for some great schadenfreude. Popcorn anyone.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Matt Bracken's Prophecy.

A couple of months ago Matt Bracken wrote a piece about how a growing dictatorial power here in America will come under attack. Not by going directly at upper level bureaucrats and political leaders who have some pretty solid defense perimeters around them.  He proposed that the assaults will come against the lower lever bureaucrats and the media flacks who don't investigate and report but rather simply doles out the bureaucratic talking points and propaganda with all the credibility of Russia's Pravda or Isvestia.  Recently some of these same presstitutes and the campaign hacks they openly cooperate and coordinate with found their names listed in various emails released by Wikipedia. One has to wonder if they realize that they may have placed targets on themselves. Just how many Secret Service officers do they really think there are? Do they really think the Clintons care about the peril they may be in if a crisis comes?

Am I Sticking My Neck Out Or Are Those Serious Clouds On The Horizon?

As chaotic as this political season has been, I fear
It is just the calm before the storm.

I think there are some factors that are going to drive voter turnout come Nov. 8th. None of which the Democrats and many so called Republicanswant to talk about.

Firstly I seriously think black turnout is going to lag well behind 2008 and 2012 levels. Obama is not on the ballot. That alone will depress the turnout and it must be combined with a sense of disappointment among many blacks who honestly, if delusionally, thought that his presidency was going to magically provide for their every want simply because of his race. Some will even vote for Trump out of spite and or because then can see what a phony Hillary is.

Secondly, I think her Campaign and the media has underestimated the backlash against Hillary for the royal screwing she and the DNC gave Bernie Sanders. This will manifest in two ways. That percentage of Sanders supporters who will vote Trump out of spite or open loathing for Hillary and another percentage of Sanders supporters who will simple stay home for the same reasons.

Thirdly, I think the enthusiasm factor of Trump voters is beyond anything seen in living memory. I have seen virtually no commentary outside of the so-called "alt right" discussing how much of Trump's support is as anti-establishment as it is pro Trump. Concurrently, the public's loathing and contempt for media bias and naked corruption in government is going to both keep some people away from the voting booth and drive others to it with even more determination to vote against the status quo.

Regardless of whatever the "official" outcome is I doubt we have seen the end of the ugliness in American politics. Should Trump be declared the winner the Soros/left fascists will unleash street violence that will make Charlotte and other recent events look tame by comparison. Should Hillary be declared the winner there will come about a whole new series of civil disobedience and rejection of government authority up to and including nullification and open talk of secession.

The third time is the charm.
Throw in the very real prospect of another global financial crisis that could well make 2001 and the 2008 housing crisis  look like mere corrections. Add in the fact that the morons currently in charge (on both sides of the aisle) are seemingly determined to provoke a conflict with Russia over Syria, where we have absolutely zero strategic interest, and I think many if not most Americans are going to be caught completely unaware as to what lies just over the horizon.

Keep in mind that politicians always think their wars can be contained or are "necessary" to release tension between conflicting powers. History proves them wrong virtually every time and seldom are the politicians the ones that have to pay the ultimate price for their folly. So either way hold onto you hats. This "Fourth Turning" is just getting started. If you don't know what that is, for your own sake you had better look it up and prepare accordingly. I sincerely hope and pray I am wrong. But in the meantime.... GGGG.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Facing America's Decline Into Another Civil War.

America is a nation in decline. Sadly it is a decline that is as much or more one of deliberate manufacture as it is one of historical entropy. The signs are all around us but no one in the political class or the 4th estate possesses the courage to openly face it or call out those responsible for it, well because it is that same political class and the 4th estate that bear the largest responsibility for it. Eight years ago we were fed a massive caravan of horse shit under the rubric of "Hope and Change". It didn't take a genius to see at the time that it was all a lie, but anyone who dared point that out was ignored, silenced or condemned as a slow witted racist at best if not a card carrying member of the KKK at worst. Nevermind that all one had to do was read Obama's own works to see that he was/is just as racist as any real Klan member.

No, no we were told. Judging the man by the words of his own discriptions would be so unfair. We must confine our judgements to the perspectives of the politicians and pundits who supported him and the lofty rhetoric of his latest stump speech. Drawing any inference as to his character by that of those with whom he had long associated or self defined as his roll models and mentors would just be to unfair. His history was irrelevant. All that mattered was what he said subsequent to announcing his candidacy and in the historical significance of his being the first black man to be nominated by a major political party.

Well so much for Obama being the "great uniter", the creater of a "post racial America". All the portrayals of Obama as the new Lincoln or FDR reincarnated were as phony as the man himself. Like everything else about leftist ideology the road to hell has been paved and sold as good intentions. Every single policy or legislative action his administration has undertaken has not just failed but proven to be an unmitigated disaster. From health care to foreign policy to economic policy, everything has failed. I would defy anyone to delineate a single MEASURABLE success.

Here we are nearly eight years later and by virtually every MEASURABLE quantum we are worse off. Less than two years in the so called Affordable Care Act has proven to be anything but affordable. The "Arab Spring" has spread instability, violence and slaughter not seen since the depths of World War Two from across the entire arc of the Muslim world, into Western Europe and even to the heart of our own nation. While at the same time the perpetrators of the disaster can't even bring themselves to admit that the root of the violence lays in the 7th century barbarism if Islam itself.

Meanwhile on the streets of our nation are racked with a visceral hatred and violence that shocks the conscience of peace loving Americans. A violence driven by issues as phony as Obama and the politicians who manufacture and exploit them.

We are being forcibly driven into a new segregation under the oxymoronic notions of diversity and equality. We are told that "Black lives matter" except when it comes to black inner city gangs slaughtering each other and anyone hapless enough to be caught in the crossfire or the tens of millions of unborn black babies murdered in their mother's womb as a matter of convenience. Even suggesting the idea that anybody else's lives matter just as much, be they cops or clowns, is immediately condemned as callus at best or overtly racist at worst. The dreams of Martin Luther King jr. And the accomplishments of the civil right movement are being plowed under like so many weeds in the name of creating chaos and glorifying a self destructive culture of entitlement and nihilism. Not that even 10% of contemporary thirty something's would even know what that is.

So today we are being fed that same caravan of horse shit under the rubric of more historical significance of the first woman nominated by a major political party. again we are told her history, the words that have come out of her mouth in the past are irrelevant. That the only thing that matters is what she said in yet another speech. As the expression goes, same shit, different day.

If our nation's founders were to be looking down upon us they could be forgiven if they thought they were gazing into some alternative universe of a massive insane asylum. After all, which of them could have conceived of a national debt of $20 trillion dollars or a nation where over half of those people of working age not only don't work but demand that those who do support them? Lincoln warned us that if America should ever fall it would not be at the hands of a foreign power but rather would be a death by self inflicted wound.

For better or worse we survived the civil war and it then took another hundred years to address some of the scars left by that conflict. Along the way we managed to free millions of people across the globe from tyrannies far worse than slavery and at the same time become the most prosperous and free nation in all of human history. Whether or not we will survive the next civil war that is being deliberately created by those who would seek to destroy the very concept of a Constitutional Representative Republic is yet to be seen.

Being of that generation born immediately after WorldWar Two and having long been an observer of how history or more precisely how ignoring history, drives and shapes the present and the future, I am probably more cynical than most, but I fear that no matter what the outcome of this election we are headed into a paroxysm of violence and despair that will surpass even that of 150 years ago.

No one could harbor any greater hope than I, that I am proven completely and utterly wrong in this analysis. The reality is that their have been forces arrayed against the very concepts of natural rights and self government since long before the American Revolution. Those forces are on the ascendency again. Like it or not, whether they shall prevail or be beaten back once again is up to each and every one of us. We might want to think we can go about our lives and leave politics alone, but rest assured that politics has no intention of leaving you alone. And if the likes of Hillary Clinton and George Soros and the rapacious greed of the Wall Street oligarchy prevail they will not only not leave you alone, they will consume you and what is left of your freedoms.

I know it sounds trite and cliche, but it is none the less absolutely true: Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Make no mistake that that is what they seek. They will tell you that the world has become to complex to trust individuals with the freedoms that made this nations great and the envy of the world, but they want you to trust them with the power to take your freedoms away. If you let them prevail without a fight I hope you are prepared to tell your grandchildren either why they must live in chains, or they must fight and sacrifice and perhaps die trying to restore those freedoms you let slip away.

The Perfect Allegory For How The Clintons Feel About America.

If one were to go searching for a perfect allegory for how the Clintons regard America and average Americans, well as the saying goes, "you just can't make this shit up!"

America, the Clinton's toilets for 3-1/2 decades.

Mike Robins, the manager of the local O'Reilly's Auto Parts in Lawrenceville Georgia recently observed a Hillary Clinton Campaign RV pull up in front of his store whereupon the driver got out of the vehicle and proceeded to dump the vehicles lavatory waste right there on the side of the road!

The local police were called and a bio hazard was declared. There is no word yet when or if charges will be filed or arrests made. My question would be how many other times they have done it, except that the Clintons have been shitting on the entire country for decades.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

An Open Letter To Bernie Goldberg And The Rest Of The So-called Conservative Pundits.

Bernie Goldberg in his latest column continues his underhanded attempts to hand the election to Hillary. Quoting David French? Seriously? The only thing positive to be said about David French is that he wasn't stupid enough to accept Bill Kristol's attempt to get him to run as a third party candidate. National Review? Again I ask, seriously? NR has had their knives out for Trump from the get go.

Come on Bernie let's look at the REAL story here. The neocons have had such a lock on the Republican party since Bush 41 that they have actually convinced themselves and many others, unfortunately, that they really are Republicans and conservatives. Nothing could be further from the truth. They might have some minor ideological differences with the Democrats that they use as smoke screens to blind the voting public, but the reality is that they run in the same globalist/banking cartel/Wall Street financial parasite circles as the leading Democrats do. This isn't speculation, were not stupid. We can compare the donation lists and you see the same corporate and individual names come up over and over again.

The other great commonality we see that they have is their contempt for Trump or anyone who dares expose the one party state fraud of the last three decades whose sole goal has been the accumulation of more and more power and control into DC and to hell with the states and the citizens.

Well Bernie, like with the Brexit vote, the little people have had enough of being paid lip service and then getting spit on and denigrated once the election is over. Bernie, you and your elitist pals just don't get it that Trump's support is as much or more anti-establishment in nature than it is pro Trump.
The man is a vehicle, albeit an imperfect one, but he's the only one we've got for our years and years of pent up frustration with out of control government, out of control spending and elitist lies and condescension. Or may be you do get it and that's what's got you so darn scared that your stinking little game is about up. Time for you and George Will and the rest of you neocon waterboys to retire and get out of the people's way. Oh and take Bill O'Reilly and Bill Kristol and David French with you.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Medieval America

I came across this perspective on America's decline. It's worth a read.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Picture Gets Clearer Every Day.

In a previous set of leaks of Hillary's speeches to Wall Street interests she talked about the need to have both public and private positions on issues. Today we get another leak of Podesta emails stating that she "hates everyday Americans."

This has led to frantic spinning by her paid troll army about context. We are told it's the phrase "everyday Americans" she hates not the people themselves. What a load of horse shit.

These "everyday Americans" aren't quite as dumb as she would hope. It doesn't take a Harvard trained lawyer to figure out that this statement of contempt and the pathetic attempt to spin its clear meaning meshes together with the public vs. private statement quite seamlessly.

Mr. trump was correct. She does have a hate filled heart. May it rupture in agony come Nov. 8th.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Still Waiting For The October Surprise

The October Surprise has become almost a tradition in American Presidential politics. And this round has been filled of rumors from both sides about the "knockout punch".

But so far all we have gotten is a nothing press conference from WikiLeaks and a feeble release of 20 year old tax forms. Usually these things happen before the middle of the month so as to give the media, complicit partners that they are, time to blow them up and out of proportion as much as possible in furtherance of the Democrat candidate whoever it may be.

Time runs short. Has Hillary spent her bolt? Has Trump reached his peak to soon? Will this race finish with a whimper rather than a bang? Some how I don't think so but at this point both sides have shown some disappointment in performance and tactics.

According to Drudge Report Hillary has already sequestered herself in preparation for this Sunday's debate. We'll just have to wait and see who comes out swinging and how hard they punch. Frankly I think Trump needs to take the gloves off and attack both the media and Clinton. Ignore the snarky questions and interruptions and go for the throat.

Tell the little faggot Anderson Cooper to be respectful or shut the hell up. As the old saying goes, the best defense is a good offence. The media has given Trump no quarter, he should return in kind. Neither he nor the fate of the Republic have anything left to lose.

True Trump may be a leap of faith as to what his presidency would be, but Hillary Clinton's would be playing Russian Roulette with a loaded .45 sutomatic. Depression and war is all she can possibly produce.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Just When You Thought They Couldn't Be Any More Insane...

Yesterday's most ignored headline was that our horse faced, horses ass of a Secretary of State had given Russia what amounted to an ultimatum demanding that all offensive operations against anti Assad forces i.e. ISIS, in Aleppo be halted immediately or all cooperation between the US and Russia would stop.

Never mind the arrogance of such a statement, I would like for these bungling fools to tell us just one thing in Aleppo or all of Syria for that matter, that is worth creating a direct military confrontation between the US and Russia. A confrontation that could well drag us and Europe into another world war.

And no I won't accept any BS answers about how brutal the Assad regime is or how the assault constitutes s humanitarian crisis. In both cases I would respond, so what? The Assads have ruled Syria with an iron fist for half a century. And if we're so worried about a body count in Aleppo why aren't we worried about the body counts in Chicago or Baltimore or our own nations capital? Seems to me this is the same Bashier Assad that old horse face and the Democrats were declaring to be a "great reformer" just a few short years ago when they thought such declarations could be used as a political bludgeon against both the Bush administration and Israel.

Unless of course, as the old saying goes, nothing occurs in a vacuum. Donald Trump strongly hinted that the FED has created yet another massive bubble in the markets and their about to burst. It's not a matter of if they pop but when. And when they do somebody is going to get blamed for it.

Rather than taking responsibility for their own incompetence and greed in propping up any already failed system they are going to try and lay the blame on the Russians for creating a military crisis that we will be told is more than the system can take. If millions have to die in order for them to keep their grip on power there don't care.

Donald Trump has represented an existential threat to their power structure since the day he announced his candidacy. That but sides of our own party state have be arrayed against him should be all the proof you need. If not just look at the cozy relationship between Bush the elder and Blowjob Bill Clinton and now the recent picture of Bush the younger cuddling together, all smiles and hugs for a selfie with Michelle Obama.

Our system has been irredeemably corrupted. The vaunted FBI and the Attorney General sell their souls to the Clintons for God only knows what and then they keep telling more and more lies as each batch of past lies gets exposed for the massive frauds that they are.

Is Donald Trump the savior of the Republic, some Cincinnatus come to rescue us from our own folly? Frankly I doubt it. But if he can at least prevent a war between Russia and the West that like almost all wars would spin out of control into a maelstrom of horror and death I'm all for it. Better destroyed markets and liquidated unpayable debts than destroyed cities  nations and peoples. Better the blame for those destroyed markets, banks and debts fall on the heads of the bankers and manipulators that created the problems than bombs fall on to cities and civilians.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Post Script to AP Story.

AP has since revised their story correcting the race of the officer involved. But they still do not mention his new or family history. This still does not change the disparaging nature of the article in which Charlotte's major crime is portrayed as simply being a growing prosperous city that is inherently part of the old south.

One can only hope that such hate filled yellow journalism will securely lock North Carolina in Donald Trump's column.

The AP Lies Again and Again.

The AP just published a story (a story is what it is as it contains so few facts) titled " Black community sees Charlotte as glimmering, fake Oz".

When the authors of such a story put out a absolute lie about an important fact of the recent events, there is little reason to regard the entire story as anything more than a hit piece.

This deceitful piece openly claims that Keith Lamont Scott was shot by a WHITE police officer. That is a bald faced lie! It has been well documented from the very beginning that the officer was himself black. It's very telling that the AP couldn't be bothered to use his name. Brently Vinson is a two year veteran of the CMPD and the son of another veteran officer.

I am not here to address the merits or lack of them in CMPD's tactics in pursuing criminal investigations. Yes the living conditions of much of Charlotte's black community are less than ideal. But they are far from the fetid sewers of run down tenements and row houses of Baltimore, East Cleveland or South Chicago.

Have there been some tragic incidents in Charlotte? Yes. The case of Jonathan Ferrell and officer Randall  Kerrick is the most recent. Much like this case there was a great deal of pressure applied to "release the tape" of the incident. So confident was the city attorney that Kerrick would be found guilty that the City gave Ferrell's family a multi million dollar settlement on a wrongfully death suit even before Kerrick 's trial began. Then came the trial and the tape was released and it showed Ferrell charging headlong at officer Kerrick while he and other yelled at him to stop and get on the ground.

So where do the rest of the citizens go to get their millions of dollars back?

The video released by Scott's wife clearly shows several things. One the officers are heard yelling repeatedly to Scott to "drop the gun....drop the fucking gun!" Two Ms. ,Scott makes a liar of herself by first claiming her husband had no weapon and the pleading with him "don't you do it, do it."

Seems pretty clear she knew he was carrying a weapon, she also knew as a convicted violent felon he shouldn't have been in possession of a fire arm. So did Scott after making the mistake of showing the police he had a weapon decide that he didn't want to go back to prison for another long stretch and considered "suicide by cop" was preferable? If Scott had suffered a traumatic brain injury as his wife claims and wasn't thinking clearly then why did this wife let him go about carrying a gun?

This was a man with a long string of violent offences all springing from poor impulse control. Apparently made another in a long string of bad decisions and this one proved fatal. That is hardly the fault of officer Vinson or the socio-economic condition in Charlotte.

Tragically maybe Mr. Scott wasn't thinking clearly, but the AP  knows perfectly well that they are lying through their teeth. If they want to write a story about conditions in the black community fine. There is plenty to be said but to tar all of Charlotte as racist and or redneck and collectively guilty for Keith Lamont Scott's death and use naked lies to do it is pretty despicable.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

So Now They're Tearing Up Uptown Charlotte.

So now my home town gets to experience the black community's lack of self control, and ready desire to take any excuse for violence and open criminal behavior.

City government in Charlotte has long been dominated by Democrats. City council is majority black. The last two chiefs are black. Two of the last three mayors were black. Compared to may other cities race relations have been relatively benign.

Charlotte politicians have clamored for years about making Charlotte a "world class city". Well congrats you have arrived.

Another Unconsidered Possibility.

There has been much speculation of late about the small size of the crowds seen at some of Hillary's events. The first conclusion put forth is that there is a distinct lack of enthusiasm for Hillary's candidacy. But I think there may be something else going on.

She faced with large crowds and or spontaneous events Hillary has had some embarrassing moments of freezing and spastic reactions. Perhaps her staff is controlling the size of the events to minimize the possibility of any repetition of these events. Just my two cents worth but I think if there were any new occurrences caught on tape and the damage could be come unrecoverable.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Who Will They Blame This Time?

Hillary emerged from the forward cabin of her campaign's jet to speak with the press cloistered in the back. She looked haggered sleep deprived and depressed. Her statement was so lacking in substance as to be not just pathetic but completely worthless.

I have no doubt that she and her staff had spent the previous hours trying to figure out how they could somehow blame Trump and the Republicans for the day's events. If what she said was an attempt to look "Presidentual" she failed, miserably.

I'm also sure she realized that these bombs could not have hurt her prospects going forward any more if they had been planted directly on her plane. She might want to check if large doses of Prozac will interfere with all her other meds. Does it come in an IV drip?

Monday, September 12, 2016

I've Seen Jello With More Spine.

"The most important quality in a president and Commander-in-Chief is steadiness—an absolute, rock solid steadiness."

Hillary Clinton
September 8th 2016

Hillary according to her imagination.

Hillary folds up like a cheap tent and gets loaded in a van like a sack of potatoes.

September 11th 2016

What a rock she is!

Hillary as the average voter sees her.

New Lies Stacked On Top Of Old Lies. More Lies To Follow.

Where are the questions, never mind the answers, to the contradictions of Hillary's campaign releasing a statement of Friday saying there were no health issues and then after Sundays incident release one saying she was diagnosed on Friday with pneumonia? What kind of person diagnosed with a communicable disease on Friday goes to a fundraiser on Saturday and a public event on Sunday and huggs and kisses people without concern for their health?

Someone who doesn't really have pneumonia that's who. Yes pneumonia can create a state of physical exhaustion, but it's not a state from which you recover in two hours. Yes it can make you cough and get laryngitis but neither of those are conditions that comes and go every other day. Along with a true diagnosis of laryngitis comes instructions from any competent physician to not talk above a whisper or not at all for seversl days.

Hillary has a medical condition alright, but it sure as hell isn't pneumonia.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bernie Goldberg And Perpetuating The Great Con Game.

I once again I can get no more than three or four paragraphs into Bernie's scribblings without my blood pressure going up.

The simple fact is the next President is going to be either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Any fantasies about the Libertarian ticket are just that, fantasies. Bernie Goldberg knows perfectly well how malevolently corrupt the Clintons are. So I'd like to know just who's interests does he think he is serving by consistently labeling Donald Trump a buffoon? I'd like him to list specifically what is buffoonish about Mr. Trump's clearly and repeatedly stated intent of making American national and individual interests first and foremost in the establishment of policy and treaty negotiation.

Bernie Goldberg is not a stupid man. He cannot possibly or credibly deny at this point that any actions that serve to diminish Donald Trump's prospects concurrently increases Hillary Clinton's. So then I am forced to answer my own question, with another question. How can anyone rationally conclude the Bernie's Goldberg is something other than a mouthpiece for the very same neocon, NWO, establishment con game represented by the Clintons and the Bushes?

Goldberg's conclusion in his latest column, that the country will survive whoever wins the election isn't just a lie, it is naked deceit that can only serve the purposes of these same elitists who regard nation states as their personal playthings and the rest of as pawns to be moved around at best and completely ignored except as we can be manipulated into the service of the one side or the other of the false left vs. right paradigm.

Tell us Bernie just how does the Republic survive the destruction of the 2nd Amendment if not the entire Bill of Rights?

Bernie of course makes the nearly perfect cover operative for the globalist game that Trump's candidacy threatens to derail. The "disillusioned" former left wing journalist who now plays the "enlightened conservative" while continuing to shill for the same globalist, NWO, corporatist interests he always has.

Well Bernie you might be able to pull the wool over the eyes of people like Bill O'Reilly. You might even get your former cohorts to raise a stink about this column or that column, perpetuating the great con game. But people are opening their eyes like never before and their not buying your bull squat.

Monday, September 5, 2016

An Interesting Twist.

Perhaps instead of asking Hillary and her PR trolls about her seemingly endless lies about Libya/Benghazi, her email scandal or how many communication devices she used, it might be just as, if not more useful, to as her to name something she has actually been docmentably truthful about concerning any of those subjects.

I'd bet that she would freeze like a dear in the headlights and then stutter and babble like a drunk in a stupor. She lies so much by force of habit that I honestly don't think she knows what truth is on these or any other subjects.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

The FBI Data Dump And The Unconsidered Questions.

The FBI summary of their interview with Hillary Clinton certainly raises more questions than it answers. Her persistant use of "I can't recall...I don't remember" makes her look like a mafia Don testifying at a racketeering trial. Her first priority clearly was to try to avoid criminal indictment.

But as I often do, I wonder if there are questions that are not just not being asked but not even being considered. The dropping of this summary on a Friday before a long holiday weekend adds to the suspicion that Director Comey is either corrupt, has been bought off or has been threatened.

That brings me to my first unconsidered question. Is Director Comey being more clever than anyone suspects? What if he deliberately did not reccomend prosecution because if he did then the Democrats would have been forced to nominate a real and actually viable candidate.

Any threats or intimidations from the Arkansas mafia aside, it's been pretty much a given for some time that Judicial Watch, WikiLeaks etc. are fully armed with truck loads of dirt on the DNC and the Clintons and that they were going to unload it at the most appropriately embarrassing moments.

The FBI release of their summary report on Friday seems to fit into this scenario and rather than being an attempt to bury its damaging nature, merely gives the Clinton's enemies time to fully digest and analyze it and then come out Tuesday with full broadside attacks. WikiLeaks hasn't even started in on the Clinton's directly.

Then comes another unconsidered question. Is Hillary deliberately sabotaging her own campaign? With it now being some 275 days since her last real press conference and her deliberate skirting of any direct questions from the media, the level of arrogance must be getting under the skin of some of the field journalists covering her campaign. Yesterday's pronouncement by her campaign staff that she will not hold a press conference unless and until she wins the election seems calculated to just piss people off. It is clearly reminiscent of Nancy Peloci saying about Obama care that "You have to pass the bill I'm order to see what's in it." So the question is, given that under existing campaign law that allows any monies raised and not spent to be converted into personal income after the campaign, and given how avaricious the Clintons are, are they just grabbing money with both fists, sabotaging the campaign and planning to walk away with their pockets full?

Monday, August 29, 2016

Are Cracks Beginning To Show In Hillary's Media Wall?

In the past week or so the AP, The Hill and now ABC news have all run stories exposing serious questions about the intermingled operations of Hillary's tenure ate the State Department and the Clinton Family Foundation. This raises at least two potential questions.
  • Is the MSM beginning to hedge their bets on Hillary?
  • Has a decision been made that questions about improprieties at State are more controllable and or carry less potential than the questions about her health?
Personally my bet would be on the latter. It is interesting to note that the most damaging revelations about Hillary's using the State Department as an adjunct to money raising operations of the Clinton Foundation are coming not from examining Hillary's email account but those of her staff who were clearly working both sides of the street, for State and for the Foundation. It also seems pretty clear where their loyalties are.

Frankly I can't wait for Labor Day to come and be gone. After which I suspect that,

  • Trump will begin releasing a steady torrent of advertising.
  • WikiLeaks will open the spigots on what will be more than the slow drip, of the past few weeks but a steady stream of dirty Clinton water. Culminating in a mud bath around the third week of October.

Hand up Ms. Clinton, you're under arrest
for crimes against humanity.
It should all prove to be unprecedentedly delicious. How much fraud the Democrats manage to pull off at the polls remains to be seen. But I sincerely hope the margin will be an American Brexit in the end. An end the will let us finally close the ugly chapter of the Clinton Arkansas Mafia for once and for all.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

An Introduction To The Alt-Right.

Recently came across this piece. It's about as good an explanation as can be found. My congratulations to the author.

Is Someone Inside The Clinton Campaign Setting Her Up?

All the latest media buzz has been about her commercial trying to portray Donald Trump as a racist and guilty by association because some alleged KKK members claims to support Trump.

As much as the Clintons would like to play up these so-called endorsements there hardly remains much of the Klan in either numbers, social or political influence. White supremacists exist primarily in isolated compounds in Northwest.  Like the Klan their presence on the internet is grossly out of proportion to their actual numbers or influence.

That said I highly doubt that any actual connection can be made between Mr. Trump and any of these dubious individuals and their endorsements. But perhaps is Hillary making these accusations from that proverbial glass house?

I'm not speaking of Hillary having claimed former KKK Grand Dragon and West Virgina Senator Robert Bird as her mentor or Bill having claimed Arkansas's avowed racist Senator J. William Fulbright as his own mentor.

No I'm talking about the long list of convicted felons associated with the Clinton's fund raising and money laundering operations.

Webster Hubbell. Former Hillary law firm partner. Pleaded guilty to stealing nearly ,$400,000 from other partners and clients.

Hassan Namazee. Hillary's national finance director during her 2008 campaign and a leading fundraiser for Bill legal defense fund. In 2010 he pleaded guilty to stealing hundreds of millions of dollars to by New York real estate and to funnel into Clinton and other Democrat political campaigns.

Johnny Chung. Chung confessed to funneling illegal Chinese monies into Democrat and Bill Clinton's 1996 reelection campaign. His crimes included delivering a $50,000 check the Hillary's chief of staff in the White House.

Norman Hsu. A former top bundler for Hillary's 2008 campaign until it was revealed that he was an interstate fugitive wanted on a California warrant for bilking millions of dollars from investors in a Ponzi scheme.

Sandy Berger. Berger was a foreign policy advisor to both the Clinton's and then became National Security Advisor during Bill Clinton's term. Berger was later caught stealing files from the National Archive by hiding them in his socks. The files were later recovered from a construction site in Washington DC. Berger was forced to surrender his law licence.

James McDougall. Former Business partner of the Clintons. Was convicted of 18 counts of fraud in connection with his failed savings and loan business and sentenced to prison.

Charlie Trie. Another Chinese campaign bundler who pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations and spiked hgis guts to the Feds on how he and others manipulated the system to pour money into the Democrats and Clinton's campaigns. A Senate investigation concluded he had significant connections to the Chinese government and intelligence operations.

Mark Rich. The biggest crook of them all. Rich was indicted on fraud charges that carried as much as 300 years in prison. He fled to Switzerland to avoid prosecution. In one of Bill's final acts he pardoned Rich, which was soon followed by his ex wife making huge donations to Bill Presidential Library, Hillary's Senate campaign and other Clinton political operation. Even Jimmy Carter dismissed the pardon as "disgusting".

I would like to see Hillary deny that she knew any of these scumbags. But don't worry the MSM isn't about to bring up any of this history. One can only wonder why the Clinton Campaign would deliberately invite such an attack and what the Trump campaign is waiting for. The pile of available rocks to throw is hugh. Time to start breaking some glass.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Is Panic Setting In At The Clinton Campaign?

During a Federal course hearing today Judge James Boasberg ordered the State Department to complete their review of some 15,000 newly discovered documents from Hillary's tenure as Secretary by Sept. 22nd and report to him by that date. All of these documents had not been turned over by Hillary's lawyers as requested but we're discovered by the FBI during their investigation. Although the judge has not yet set a release schedule yet it's a pretty sure bet that the State Dept. will do its best to delay the review and release until after Nov. 8th.

Just the fact that these documents were not there over as ordered certainly suggest that at least some of them contain information Hillary does not want seen by the public. Now wether this judge has the balls to really stand up to the Clintons remains to be seen. So far he has not ordered her attorneys to appear to explain why the previous court order was not fully complied with. Anyone else but the Clintons would be facing obstruction of justice charges regardless of the content.

In another interesting notes on the leaked documents front a European judge has ruled that the sudden death of Julian Assange's attorney was not a suicide as claimed by some in the Clinton sycophantic media. Add in the revelation that an as yet unknown individual ascaled the outside wall and attempted to gain access to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London last night. Wether this was an assassination attempt gone awry or was just a probe of the security set up cannot be said. It's a pretty sure bet that security will be increased in short order and that Assange my work accelerate his already planned release of more damaging documents.

It's for certain that this election is far from over. And that the Clintons have much to be worried about, win or lose.

Friday, August 19, 2016

More Bad Optics For Hillary.

Today both Donald Trump and Gov. Pence arrived in Baton Rouge LA. to tour the areas devastated by the floods and meet directly with the victims both in private and at shelters where food was being distributed.

Mean while Hillary is in Provincetown MA holding a fundraiser with Cher and the artsy gay crowd while the President refuses to leave the golf course on Martha's Vineyard long enough to make a press statement never mind visit the devastated area. His crass behavior makes Bush during Katrina look like a virtual saint.

But what does he care? He's out in January and has no political stake left. The good thing is that by his sitting on his hands puts a big road block in front of Hillary who now can't go for fear of it showing up her leading supporter. These people are just some special kind of stupid!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Nancy Pelosi Opens Her Mouth To Lie, Only To Reveal Another Truth

To say that Hillary Clinton's campaign has been marked, from its very beginning, by unwanted revelations would be an understatement. The response to each new revelation has more absurd than the previous one. Yesterday they trotted out the queen of absurdities to unveil their newest tactic.

The Democrats are fully aware that more hacked documents are going to be revealed,p and bring fully aware that their systems have been compromised they are also fully aware what has been hacked. Of course Hillary herself can't be seen to be preemptively on the defensive so out comes Nancy "If you want to see the bill you have to pass the bill" Pelosi to pronounce that the next release of materials will be riddled with forgeries.

Never mind that when faced with the DNC email release they never bothered with such a claim. They were far to busy trying to distract from actual content by blaming the Russians for the hack. They of course never stopped to think at the moment that such a position revealed the cognitive dissonance of claiming the one hand that while it was the best Russians who hacked the DNC, on the otherhand couldn't possibly have hacked Hillary's unsecured bathroom closet email system. Never mind that if there are as any metadata in any of the files that pointed to the Russians they would have produced it.

It doesn't take a public relations genius to see that this of smacks of desperation that can only come from knowing exactly how damaging the next round of hacked material will be.

This is not to say that the Russians aren't fully capable of producing forgeries. But why would they risk that if the truth would be just as damning?

For all their claims of bring "progressive" the Democrats seem to be getting squeezed in the transition from the old media to the new. While they gave all but had the traditional MSM in their pocket for decades, the new world of internet media is the wild west by comparrison and these old line Democrats certainly appear to be out of their league.

So let the assault from WikiLeaks and the others continue! Watching these condescending and pathological liars stew in the juices of their own contemptuous plots is going to be the show of the century.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

More Phony Outrage.

The only major change in newspapers over the last half a century is consolidation of ownership into the hands of a few corporate giants.  Time was if you didn't like the bias, propaganda, yellow journalism (call it what you will) from one paper. You could step to the other end of the news stand and find one that presented a different view or find one with a view different than either of the others.

In the public realm that almost never happens anymore. Outside of three or four of the largest cities there is only one paper available and most of these are owned by chains controlled by the large papers like the NYTimes, the Chicago Tribute or the Los Angles time. They even freely print each other's opinions and so-called news stories so freely as to be completely homogenous in there out put.

They all preach "diversity" except in that one most important realm - opinion! The NYTimes has even written that when it comes to Donald Trump they no longer feel they have any obligation to journalist ethics! As if they hadn't abandoned those years ago.

A media system wants ostensible diversity
that masks uniformity. 
The "fourth estate" is no longer the people's watchdog on government corruption and fraud. It has become government's mouthpiece, its ministry of propaganda. Joseph Goebbels is looking up from hell and smiling as newspapers and news media have sold their souls to the same devil he served.

Rules? What Rules?

Given that the New York Times, the so-called "paper of record" has openly stated that journalists should have no compunctions about adhering to any ethical standards when presenting stories about Donald Trump, why would anyone expect anything they produce to be anything but lies and distortions?

If so-called news operations like ABC can deliberately cut away from a live feed at a Trump rally when he starts to talk about Hillary's and Obama's responsibility for not only creating ISIS but providing the conditions that have allowed it to grow, not even claiming "technical difficulties", why then should Mr. Trump feel obliged to adhere to sny rules the media might establish for the debates?

Then when Mr. Trump calls them out for their lies and distortions and naked dishonesty they bellow with self-righteousness about his ethics! Well just what do we expect from a media that is little more than the propaganda arm of the Democrat party except hypocrisy and more lies?

I can only hope that Mr. Trump's operations are quietly planning to turn the first debate on its head and expose both Hillary and the media for the criminal conspiracy, sewer dwelling garbage that they are. I hope during his opening statements he presents them both with a list of question for Hillary that they would never ask and Hillary would never dare answer.

What ever transpires out of it will be delicious! The media assholes will either be forced to ask those questions or look like the bought and paid for fools they are. Hillary will be either be forced to answer them or stumble into an absurd, obstructionist answer such as saying "Under the rules of the debate Mr. Trump isn't allowed to ask me direct questions..." and look the fool herself.
Better yet perhaps she will "short circuit" and get that deer in the headlights look she has displayed so often lately or risk having one of her handlers rush to her side and give her some sort of a key phrase to kick-start her "short circuited" and damaged brain.

Given the avalanche of media attacks and distortions Trump has nothing to lose by such a tactic. Yes those same media outlets will immediately be filled with outrage about how mean spirited Trump's attack on Hillary is, as if she were some fragile child who's "safe space" has been violated and who's feelings must not be hurt by such forceful rhetoric.

But the damage will be done and Trump can then flood the air waves and internet with clips from the live on air meltdown. Even more delicious, short of her slipping into a state of catatonia, will be that Hillary will never let go of the nomination she has coveted and lusted after for twenty plus years.

The obvious question for voters will become: If she can't handle the rough and tumble of a debate how can she handle the unrelenting pressure of the most stressful job in the world?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton Going To Have A Richard Nixon Moment?

I will always remember sitting down to breakfast with my parents one July morning in 1974. I had just returned from a six month motorcycle tour of Europe and North Africa and my father and I were both working for Electric Boat Company in Groton Connecticut. My father, a retired Navy officer and life long Republican, took a long look and his scrambled eggs and bacon and suddenly, seemingly blurted out of nowhere, "I've about had enough of Richard Nixon!" I reached down and picked my jaw up off the table, bit my tongue, and quietly realized that Nixon was finished.

I can't help but wonder if that in 2016 there aren't a certain number of old line Democrats for whom the lies piled upon lies and revelations piled upon revelations aren't building to that same sort of moment where the pile collapses of its own weight and they say, if not out loud as my father did, but to themselves, "I've about had enough of Hillary Clinton!"

Hillary's Medical Records?

From my friend Gary at Coyote Prime.

If this is real Hillary should be finished.

Check it out and decide for yourself. If you think it needs be, pass it on.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hillary's Delusions And Failing Health.

Hillary has been deluding herself for some 12 years that with the MSM firmly in her pocket, there is nothing that can obstruct her path to the White House. She found out differently in 2008 but her delusions just carry on. But now it is 2016 and social media has turned the corner on having a far broader sway in public opinion than the old line media operations.

This can only be an activating and contributing factor in her stress and obviously deteriorating health. I'm not a Doctor but I'm pretty sure any Doctor worth his salt will confirm that stress is bad for people who have suffered from concussions and cerebral embolisms. In short Hillary is potentially commiting suicide in pursuit of power.

That her husband and daughter and handlers know this in and of itself should cause anyone to ask what the hell is going on. That her chief handler on the campaign trail has now been revealed to be a physician should only reinforce the necessity of the question.  If any candidate other than Hillary Clinton had a physician at their side at every campaign appearance the news media would be demanding the release of health records immediately and unrelentingly.

When Thomas Eagleton's history of repeated hospitalizations for depression were revealed in 1972 there was no question that any such serious a condition precluded his having any position on the ballot.  That such established precedent does not apply to Hillary Clinton is just another example of the naked hypocrisy of the establishment media.

Such a breach of ethics should surprise no one. Their questions were completely absent when the Clinton campaign claimed with utter certainty the it was the Russians who had hacked the DNC email server while at the same time continuing to claim with the same certainty that no one especially not the Russians had hacked her unsecured bathroom email server.

They have become so wonton in their corruption that the NY Times claims that it is Trump that is at fault for stretching the boundaries of the journalistic credibility. Should Hillary collapse into a seizure or death during one of the debates they will no doubt blame Trump for confronting her not question her reckless behavior with her health. Neither will they question their part and responsibilities for not examining the obvious. I don't think the public on either side of the ballot will be so generous with their oblivion.

Monday, August 8, 2016

The New York Times, Always Good For A Laugh.

Just today the New York Times produced the most hilariously absurd headlines I have yet seen. "Trump Is Testing the Norms of Objectivity in Journalism". Seriously? The only people who could possibly believe that the NYT even knows what "objectivity" means is the editorial board of the NYT. Of course should they ever publish an article that is actually objective, hell will freeze over faster than a bad Hollywood environmentalist movie. But then if they did what little ad revenue they have left would disappear overnight.

These media outlets act and think like the public is just plain to stupid to notice that they play these ugly tricks. Tricks like the one ABC News played while covering a Trump speech live wherein when Trump started talking about how Hillary's actions at State facilitated the rise of ISIS they simply cut the feed and played elevator music until that portion of the speech ended. They didn't even attempt to hide their bias by claiming "technical difficulties". They are that naked in their being in the tank for Hillary.

But yeah us rubes in flyover country just can't see it.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Enough Is Enough Is Enough. Time To Issue A Fair Warning

A week or so ago I wrote a piece asking when the public would reach its tipping point in regards to the ongoing human slaughter at the hands of Islam. Well today I reached a tipping point of my own. Not in regards to Islam per se, but in regards to all the whimpering, crybaby, selfish, petulant jerks of the so called Republican pundit class. These self appointed Czars of conservative orthodoxy have finally pushed to far.

I can't  and won't claim to speak for anyone but myself, but I know I am not alone in the feelings I am about to express. But I would appreciate my readers who share this opinion to pass it on to any and all of their like minded friends.

Collectively this entire bunch oh know-it-alls has been bellyacheing about the poison of political correctness for the last two decades at least. For nearly as long we've heard lecture after lecture about how foolish and destructive Bush Derangement Syndrome was/is and that it was little more than a rhetorical distraction from the political class's (both Republicans and Democrats) inability and to get anything done beyond running their mouths about what they claimed to think needs to be done.

Well now the primary season is over and for the first time in over a third of a century the Republican voters have demonstrated loud and clear who and what they want. And guess what, it is exactly what these selfish jerks have been claiming they stand for for just about as long.  Only problem is Trump actually means it and he is giving no indication that he is going to sell out to the apparatchiks of Wall Street and the one party state.

None of this is to say that some of these pundits haven't produced some insightful work. Charles Krauthammer and George Will have had their moments, even if George is past his expiration date and would be better served to retire and concentrate on writing about Baseball. Bernie Goldberg's several works on the naked bias of the news media remain as relevant as ever. (Perhaps he should go back and read some of them while looking in the mirror.) Jonah Goldberg's "Liberal Fascism" is an absolute 21st century tour de force and should be required reading in every history AND philosophy curriculum in the country. That leaves Bill Kristol who isn't even a has been, he's just a sanctimonious never was, with money as far as I'm concerned.

All that said for all their past efforts, come 2016 and Donald Trump, who clearly has no interest in bending to their interpretation of what conservatism is or should be, they all have their panties in a massive collective bunch. We get it, they're not particularly happy about having a Republican nominee who espouses his disgust with political correctness, his contempt for the fecklessness of the Democrats, expresses his desire to put the interest of the American people first on his agenda and but at the same but time has no interest in kissing their backsides or advancing the aggressive neocon agenda of endless war and endless debt. So rather than shutting up and holding their noses for Trump, exactly as so many of us did for Romney, McCain and the Bushes, they have responded to this giant hemroidal panty wad by effortlessly and collectively, taking the shoe of political correctness and Bush Derangement Syndrome off of their left foot, crossed off Bush, added Trump and slipped it back on their right foot without the slightest bit of discomfort.

Through all this apparently none of them can see nor admit what pathetic hypocrites they are making of themselves. All their pontifications in their weekly columns about wanting what's in the best interest of the country and the people is exposed as just as much of a lie as the same garbage when it comes out of the mouths of the Democrats. No different than the Democrats, they are wedded to the interests of the party, Wall Street bailouts and neocon globslist interventions.

These jerks, every one of them know perfectly well that a Hillary Clinton administration and her appointing the next two or three Supreme Court Justices will be the end of the American experiment in Republican representative government just as surely as Augustus's reign sealed the fate of the Roman Republic. Many of them have even said so themselves. But they have let their smallnes, their petulance and their own high opinion of themselves come to out weigh any loyalty they had to the Constitution, the Republic and the American people. And yes I deliberately constructed that last sentence in the past tense.

Today's column by Bernie Goldberg, insinuating that Donald Trump was nothing more than a cat's paw for the Clintons has simply pushed me over the edge of civil restraint. As the title of this piece says: Enough is enough is enough. So rather launch into a string of well deserved vituperations, name calling and my own insinuations about their characters, I will issue them all a fair warning.

Should Hillary Clinton prevail in November it will not just be by whatever corruptions and frauds she and the Democrats cook up. It will be equally because they have continued to spread deception, dissention and division on the right. They will in fact be even more responsible for the death of the Republic than even Hillary herself simply because they know better.

As part and parcel of the destruction of our rights and freedoms that she will bring about, they should not be so further deluded as to think they will be immune from the wrath of those patriots who will not go quietly into the dark night of socialist tyranny. The politicians might be able to spend our money to build higher fences around the White House and Congress. Hell they can wall off all of DC for all I care. That won't change the fact that we know exactly who these sniveling little worms are and what they will have done. I'll leave it to their own imaginations as to what their fates might become should righteous indignation come combined with broken patience.