Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Is Hillary's Grip On The Machinery Going To Fail?

Each passing week brings more bad news for Hillary and her bid for the White House. Today's release of the State Department summary of their internal audit of her operations as Secretary is quite scathing.

Not only does it conclude that she had failed to comply with both record keeping requirements and established procedures for turning in all records upon leaving office but also that her staff had been warned on more than one occasion that her system was not in compliance with Dept. requirements but that her staff either ignored or brushed off those warnings.

If Hillary and her company of sycophants can't be trusted to behave in a legal manner at the State Dept. why would anyone have even the slightest expectation that she would operate within the bounds of law as President?

It's not George Orwell but Joseph Goebbels that comes to mind. "We were not legal in order to be legal, but in order to rise to power. "We rose to power legally in order to gain the possibility of acting illegally."  
Joseph Goebbels as quoted in Deutsche allgemeine Zeitung, nos. 549-550, Nov. 25, 1934.

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