Thursday, May 19, 2016

Some Random Thoughts For A Thursday.

If we're  all supposed to be so worried about global warming, why are we in the SE having such a miserable "English summer"?

JFK pretty much set his legacy with his "We will put a man on the moon..." speech. Looks like Obama's legacy is going to be, "We will put men in women's bathrooms."

The news media got all up in Trump's face when he came out immediately saying that the Egyptian Air disaster was "yet another terrorist act." Some saying we shouldn't jump to any conclusions. I even heard one pontificating putz say that as the plane "only" had 66 souls aboard it wasn't a high profile enough target to warrant the attention of terrorists and that it wouldn't make a "big enough splash" for their purposes.  Can we drop a couple of these assholes into the Med. from 37,000 feet and see how big a splash they would make? Can we sell tickets?

So now of course we get wall to wall coverage of the event once somebody who knows what they are actually talking about uttered the words "possible  bombing".

Will any of these media douchebags point one of their crooked little fingers at Hillary or Obama and speculate that it might have something to do with their feckless Middle East policy?

Meanwhile instead of doing that, they will get their panties all in a  Over/under because the Republicans in the House shot down another piece of LGBT legislation.

On a related note I have to wonder how many month after the election Hillary and Huma come out of the closet as lesbian lovers. I'd say carpet munchers but some might think that that was offensive to Muslims. Oh wait Huma is already a rug sucker, why not a carpet munchers ad well? Or perhaps it will be Obama and Reggie posing for the cover story in "The Advocate".  Ah one-upsmanship among the Democrats, got to love it. Over/under Dix months anyone?

What with Loretta Lynch having her hands full trying to keep the lid on the Hillary investigation and shove sexual freaks into little girls rooms at school is she going to have time to defend Obamacare from all the insurance companies that are filing suit to force the government to pay the reimbursements the legislation requires?

Maybe not because she's to busy working with HHS trying to figure out a way to push the coming massive premium increases out past the election in the second prong of the "Defense of Hillary" operations.

Just another boring Thursday. I might need a cup of coffee.

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