Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Madness Knocks On The Door And The EU Says "Come On In!"

I have long since lost count of the number of times that I have definitively linked the methods, goals and evils of Islam and the Nazis and I'm not going to repeat any of them here. However today's speech by Turkish dictator (I won't dignify him with the title of President) ought to send chills down the spine of anyone with the least bit of common sense. Erdogan in particular and the Islamists in general look upon Europe as ravenous wolves, with the same lust and greed as Hitler and the Nazi had when they looked upon Poland and the western expanses of the Soviet Union. They have no intention of being turned back at the Gates of Vienna this time.

Not seperated at birth but reborn again.

The primary justification the Nazis gave for their agressions against Poland and Russia was Germany 's need for greater living space, "Lebensraum". One of the factors that drove this murderous greed was the terms of the Russian capitulation to the Central Powers in 1918.

Under The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk Russia ceded the Baltic States to Germany, the Kars Oblast in the south Caucasus to the Ottoman Empire and declared Belorussia and Ukraine to be independent nations. The future of Poland was not mentioned in the treaty nor were any Polish representatives allowed in the negotiations. Though not mentioned the clear intent was that Austria-Hungary and Germany would divide between them the formerly Russian districts in a forth partition of Poland.

The treaty of course was largely made void by the German capitulation in November of the same year, the Versailles Treaty and the outcome of the Russian Civil War, with one notable exception. Even after the dissection of the Ottoman Empire the Turks retained the Kars Oblast and adjacent areas that now make up northeastern Turkey.

While the Baltic States became independent albeit but for a brief twenty years, Belorussia and especially Ukraine found themselves on the losing end of the Russian Civil War and suffered the horrible consequences of Stalin's wrath in the Holodomor and the Great Terror.
The details of how Hitler's failure in dealing with and her people can be e found elsewhere. Simply summed up they at first created the Wehrmacht as liberators but Hitler then quickly treated them as just another occupied nation. His desire for revenge and greed for land blinded him to any other potential. So the Ukrainians turned on him as vicious and effective Partisans.

To tie this back into my opening contention and present circumstances: the population of those regions of the Caucasus seized from Russia by the Turks in 1918 were at the time over 20% Armenian Christians. Many of them soon fell into the gaping maw of the ongoing Ottoman genocide of Armenians and other Christians within Ottoman control. By the time it was done some 1.5 million Armenians were marched into the Syrian desert to die of starvation and thirst.

It doesn't take a genius to see from his actions and words that Erdogan seeks to restore the Ottoman Empire and to make himself the Calif of a new Islamic supremacy. Neither does take a genius that his jailing of his own citizen for so-called infraction such as "insulting the President" ad Gestapo like and his call for Muslim family's to breed like rabbits is a parallel to the Nazi Lebensborn program, which was an adjunct to Lebensraum, were young Aryan girls were housed and fed and repeatedly bred with young Aryan boys to produce babies to populate the occupied territories.

Like conquerors have done for centuries Erdogon drives the refugees into the face of the enemy to clog their logistics and impede their defenses. He then uses the flood to blackmail the EU into removing visa restrictions and paying him bribes. Hitler followed the refugee flood with shock troops. Erdogan and the Islamists mix theirs in with the refugees to work as 5th columnists to attack from the inside.

So far much of the EU's reaction has not been to resist the invasion but to welcome this new Hitler with open arms. Whether Europe can, will or even deserves to survive the insanity of their leaders remains to be seen.

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