Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The 50th Victim...

At the rate that the revelations of sheer incompetence and politically correct madness are coming out in the wake of the Orlando slaughter, the latest and hopefully last victim will be Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign.

First we got the revelation that the father of this monster was an open supporter of the Taliban who had spoken with members of the Clinton State Dept. on at least one occasion. Next we get the news that the shooter had been interviewed by the FBI on three occasions which apparently concluded that his particular derangement didn't constitute any threat to the public. Now it has been revealed that during Hillary's tenure as Sec. of State an investigation of the Mosque he attended had been ordered shut down by said State Dept. because it was considered undue "racial profiling".

And still President Obama and Hillary Clinton prefer playing foolish semantic games over what the definition of "radical Islamic terrorism" is and blame guns rather than take any concrete action to address the slaughter and actually protect the public.

Donald Trump was exactly correct when he said that Democrats can't claim to be protectors of gay rights and women's rights while at the same time continuing to facilitate unfettered immigration of people from place that are by their very nature openly hostile to both.

Sadly, at the rate that Islamic violence is occurring, this will not be the last incident of mass murder in the name of Islam before the election in November. Nor will it be the last time Obama and Hillary will make pathetic excuses for the murderous results of their feckless policy. Hopefully come November, it will be the last we shall have to endure of either of them on the American political stage.

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