Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Of Course Only White People Can Be Racists.

The latest skirmish surrounding the phoneyed up class action suit against Donald Trump has brought out the hypocrites in full force.

Trump's questioning the impartiality of the Hispanic Judge presiding over the case is certainly reasonable given the circumstances. Besides the below list, since when is anyone's credibility beyond question just because of their particular ethnic heritage?

1. Both the judge's parents were born in Mexico.
2. Controlling ILLEGAL immigration is, like it or not the leading issue in this year's contest.
3. The Judge is a member of and linked to La Raza organization.
4. The law firm representing the plaintiffs is linked to the same organization.
5. One of the members of the firm was convicted and sentenced to two years in prison for driving up phony class action suits.
6. This same firm has funneled some $650,000 into the Clinton slush fund via paid speeches.
7. Judge Curiel is an Obama appointee, like Justice Sotomayor who has openly stated that ethnicity “may and will make a difference in our judging.”

The direct translation of La Raza is "The Race". Just how stupid does one have to be not to see that by definition this is a racist organization? That virtually every stripe of left winger and a good number of alleged Republicans are trying to tell us it's not or that its members when placed in positions of power can or will just magically abandon their bias is not just absurd it is a bald faced lie that a ten year old could see through.

There was a time that when it came to the Justice system, that not even the appearance of bias or impropriety on the part of a sitting judge was cause for recusal, but apparently that is one more legal standard that has been thrown out the window by this administration and its lackeys.

That asshats like Paul Ryan have jumped on the "That's racist" bandwagon just goes to show how bogus his so-called support for Trump is. Ryan is just another stinking RINO neocon political hack.

I doubt that Trump is going to back down at this point. I'm sure he has resources digging into every speech Judge Curiel had made and every decision he has rendered. If there is anything to be found they will find it. 

This is not Trump's or his lawyer's first time dealing with this kind of crap.  And so far thier record of prevailing in these kinds of gold digging law suits is on par if not better than his record for establishing successful businesses. 

Truth be known this is not about finding "justice" for the complaints, it's about slinging mud, creating political distraction and making money for a bunch of questionable Shylocks.

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