Saturday, April 23, 2016

Obduate Ignorance On Arrogant Display.

If there is anything that Obama and his minions fear it is his fading into  a justly deserved political irrelevance. The effects of his moral incompetence will be with us for some time, fortunately he will not. Not satisfied to alienate or only real allegiance in the Middle East, he now undertakes to offend our oldest alliance in Europe.

Just as the leftist neocon joint policy of open borders for the US has had documentable deleterious economic effects here, the same open borders policy in Europe has brought the structures of the EU and European identity to a crisis point even more profound than our own. Little wonder that he would seek to have any vestiges of nationalism and cultural identity destroyed and have Europe layed prostrate to both a resurgent Russian Empire externally and an Islamic fifth column internally.

Once the global economic contraction that Obama peddles as a recovery is added into spreading political instability you get the ages old recipe for war that has proven to be a massive engine of death and destruction. The conflict will consume entire generations before the destruction of lives and nations can be brought to a halt. The only relevant question to emerge will be, willthe aftermath of the destruction see a new emergence of political freedom and national selfdirection or human subservience to a collectivist nightmare built on an inheriently unstable alliance between the corrupt political tyranny of a revanchist Russian Empire and an equally corrupt religious tyranny of a similarly revanchist Ottoman Empire. One need look no further than the carnage of the Crimean War and the horror of the genocide of the Armenians at the hands of the Turks for all the historical patterns being played out again.

As far as Obama and the left is concerned neither Britain nor any other nation should have the right to determine what is in their own best interest. They must subsume them to the left's vision of diversity which is nothing more than an instrument of collectivist tyranny.

Sadly few in this country or Europe will lay the blame for yet another massive slaughter at the feet of the man would bring it about: Barack Hussain Obama. All in the name of course of creating his "legacy".

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