Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How Deep The Desperation Chapter 3

I am not a regular listener to Rush Limbaugh. Today however I was working in my greenhouse and I turned on the radio just in time to hear this so-called independent conservative launch into a disingenuous defense of the Colorado Republican Party. After less than ten minutes of his bull crap I had had enough and had to turn it off. That does not mean I will let it slide without some deconstruction of his propaganda piece.

His basic contention seems to be that the Republican party is a private entity and that party insiders are perfectly justified in removing voters from the delegate selection process and that these insiders own the party structure and they are not going to let anyone, least of all rank and file registered Republican voters take it away from them.

Pure hypocrisy at its highest form. For decades we have heard nothing but from the RNC and it various mouthpieces that they wanted to make the party "more inclusive, broader based" that they were going to create "outreach programs" to accomplish that. But then what happens?

Firstly these same insiders give us a fundamentally flawed candidate in John McCain and then Mr. Wishy Washy Mitt Romney. On a national basis the choices made by the party elites do not appeal to anyone but themselves and those voters willing to hold their noses when they step into the voting booth. As numerous studies have shown there were sizable portions of otherwise Republican voters who either literally stayed home or simply skipped the Presidential vote on their ballots.

Yet when it comes to Congressional districts where candidates are closer to and more responsive to the voters. Republican control of the House has been solid and growing since the 2010 midterm election.

Enter stage center Donald Trump who declares his candidacy for President. A man who these same insiders have been hectoring for money and support for decades. A man who up to this point has demonstrated that he can and does pull in votes from the none traditionally Republican segments of the electoate. These same elites then do their best to slam the door in his face for doing exactly what they said they wanted to do.

The problem of course is he is not willing to do it the way they want it done, which is to say, leave the party insiders holding all the levers of power. These are the same type of insiders who loathed and dispised Ronald Reagan, maneuvered to deny him the nomination in 1976 and did their best to do it again in 1980. These same people today speak with nothing but effusive praise of and for Ronald Reagan.

From the very beginning of the campaign Trump has told anyone who would listen, that a great deal was going to depend on how fairly he is treated by the party establishment. As long as they thought that Trump was just playing at being a candidate and or that he would sabotage himself or the voters wouldn't take him seriously they seemed all well and prepared to "play fair" with Donald Trump. Some even praised him for bringing attention to the crowded Republican field even before the first vote was cast, including the aforementioned Rush Limbaugh.

But then, as the old saying goes, "a funny thing happened on the way to the forum", Trump wasn't just drawing huge crowds to his appearances, he started winning elections and rather handily. Almost before anyone could blink, Jeb, the anointed one, was out of the race. He was followed quickly by virtually all the rest. So now any semblance of "fair play" or "outreach" has gone under the proverbial bus. The early whispering about a brokered convention has reached a high decible shout. These same insiders now openly declare "We choose the candidate, not the voters."

The voters of both parties have pretty clearly demonstrated that they have had it up to their necks with top town party and governmental control. But beyond empty lip service the insiders are going to have nothing of it. They own the party, they own the government and they own the country, and if the great unwashed don't want to do as they are told, well then to hell with them, to hell with they party and to hell with the republic. Better they all decend into chaos than they loose their grip on power.

That Rush Limbaugh spouts on about Constitutional limited democracy as some weak ass excuse for insider manipulation that couldn't pass the smell test in a Chicago stockyard, just goes to show that he has become the quintessential Republican insider himself. He is no more an "independent conservative" than Hillary Clinton is a "candidate of the people".

As for the average American who just hopes he can retire someday or pay for their kids education or even more fundamentally, survive to their next pay check, I have a message for them: You may want to leave politics alone, but rest assured politics will not leave you alone.  I am not saying Donald Trump can or will save the republic, but you can bet that any candidate selected by the insiders will only pay you lip service at best and that their first job will be to make sure that the scams and corruption that feeds the 1/10 of 1% at the top first, last and only, continues unabated. The entire world can collapse into depression and war but their only concern is that the high walls around their gated compounds will make sure that they will be spared from seeing the degradation that their greed and corruption have visited upon you.


  1. That while I interpreted remarks made by Rush in a different fashion I certainly agree that Rush is a member of the one percent and has an agenda similar to the elite political/educational industrial complex,his own interest. Hope interested parties understand it's a revolutionary undertaking to retake the country!

  2. Thank you for your comments. Revolutions need not be violent, but as John Kennedy said,"Those that make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable. "


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