Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Little Something For The Progressive Crowd.

It seems all the progressive world has their knickers in a twist over North Carolina's state legislature reaffirming it's authority over the limits of power as relates to local city councils. Never mind that Mayor Roberts was told before the fact that it was beyond the legal authority of the city council to require private businesses to convert their bathrooms and locker rooms to a gender neutral format, and that if she persued passage of the ordinance it would be overturned by the Legislature, even if it required the calling of a special session.

In spite of this she and the Democrats controlling the city council decided to stick their collective finger into the eye of the Republican controlled legislature. That this is a clear demonstration that their real intent was to create a political issue where none had existed and not for any altruistic or "civil rights" concern for what might generously be considered .03% of the population. Neither of course did they have even the least bit of concern for the huge undue financial and architectural space burdens that the ordinance would place upon hundreds if not thousands of small business.

As I and others have pointed out before the law of unintended consequences, not to mention some of the immutable aspects of human nature, are completely lost upon the limited reasoning capacity of the leftist mind. In that light I bring you the following piece from the Ace of Spades blog. Keep in mind before reading it that the left frequently tells us how much more "enlightened and forward thinking" our neighbors to the North are. Enjoy.


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