Thursday, March 3, 2016

Driving Another Nail Into The Coffin Lid Of Hillary's Career.

The Justice Dept. has just announced that they are granting immunity to the individual who installed and maintained Hillary's unsecured email server. This usually a pretty good indication that in previous conversations he has lawyers up and taken the 5th when asked about what he knows in regards to eat was on and what was deleted from the server. This is the FBI's way of compelling him to testify. With a grant of such transactional immunity also comes a warning, if they catch him lying about anything he attest to the immunity grant disappears and he faces perjury charges and serious jail time. They wouldn't be putting him in this position if they (1) didn't have serious dirt on him and (2) they weren't very convinced that he has very damning evidence on Hillary and others on her staff.

I'd bet that Hillary's Dr. has her doubling up on her blood pressure meds and that she is also doubling up on her standing delivery of Depends®. Trump or whoever is going to start with the most pertinent of questions very soon. "Do we really want to consider a candidate for President who could well soon face a criminal indictment? Or at the very least have a Damoclesian sword hanging over her head?" "Do we want to subject the nation to another Nixon?" "If an indictment seems imminent will Obama pardon her to save her from jail and at the same time doom her candidacy?"

Trump isn't the only one make this the most unprecedented election season since the Jefferson vs. Burr vs. Adams.

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