Saturday, March 19, 2016

Megyn Kelly Or Who Is Obsessed With Who?

The latest headline in the Trump wars is that Donald Trump has a "sick" obsession with FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly.

Megyn Kelly? Bleck!
Ms. Kelly may have been a competent attorney and prosecutor but as a news person she is the one suffering from obsession, a self obsession that I can only phrase as "look at me aren't I so cute!" Her coverage during the March 15th primary races vote tallying was very unprofessional and childish at best.
I'm so cute! Why would
anyone call me a bimbo?

Her 11PM show was little more than a parade of personalities brought on to bash Trump from every conceivable angle. Tonight's (Friday) program was more of the same, concentrating on lamentations about how much free publicity Trump has gotten from the various media. At one point bragging the she has "the second highest rated cable news program, and I've haven't had him on once."

Her coverage of this political season has become so far from anything that could be considered "fair and balanced" that Mr. Trump has called for a boycott of her show on his Twitter feed.

Given FOX's reaction I guess either they have forgotten or they expect us to forget what has been Trump's Modus Operandi from the very beginning. Come after him, he comes right back at you even harder. It has been a constant. Ask "low energy" Jeb, ask "little" Marco how well frontal assaults on Trump have worked out for them.

For years now FOX News has portrayed itself as immune to the virus of political partisanship that has long infected the rest of the alphabet networks and they have ridden that horse to both ratings and financial success. Trump's ascendency has exposed that FOX is as deep in the pockets of the Republican establishment as the likes of NBC and the rest are in the pockets of the Democrat establishment. That they all are of a like mind in attacking Trump further exposes that there really isn't a dimes worth of difference between them.

Their problem, as mouthpieces for the establishment, is that Trump doesn't kiss their ass and he refuses to be bought. They have consistently, all of them, sought to perpetuate the lie that being an outspoken nationalist makes Trump a defacto fascist fanatic, the oldest and sleazyst political tactic around. Never mind that fascism has always advertised itself as "anti-capitalist". If Trump could be accused of anything it would not be of being anything but an unrepentant capitalist.

So FOX News and the rest need to be asked: Who is obsessed with who?

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