Saturday, July 5, 2014

Obama's "A Bridge To Far"

In the fall of 1944 Allied military commanders in Europe had become quite impressed with themselves given the rapidity with which they had pushed the Wehrmacht back to the French frontiers and into Belgium.  This led the British commander, Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, to propose a daring airborne assault into the Netherlands and across the Rhine river that would open the plains of Northern Germany to the Allied armies and possible end the war in Europe by Christmas of 1944.  This became know as "Operation Market Garden", and Hollywood later depicted it as "A Bridge To Far". 

The paratroops drop in.

The operation was a costly disaster.  British and American Airborne units found themselves dropped right into the face of marshaling German armor and mounted infantry units and were unable to long secure their objectives once the Germans counter attacked.  The follow on ground units also faced heavy and determined resistance and were unable to move forward to relieve the beleaguered airborne units.  The airborne units then had to undertake a fighting withdrawal back to allied lines and suffered heavy losses. 

The "Bridge To Far" and the city of Nijmeran are destroyed.

This terrible failure, brought about by the combination of overconfidence and hubris forced the allies to delay their plans for the push into Germany until the spring.  Except the Germans were not going to wait on the allies and used the delay to organize and launch what became known as the "Battle of the Bulge" that nearly reversed the allied gains and if it had succeeded could have pushed the allies back into France.

The Dutch citizen bury the dead Allied troops..
Such may be metaphor for the Obama administration's operations to flood the entire country with under aged and disease ridden children from Central America.  The administration has achieved what it sees as victory after victory and faced little more than token verbal resistance from the public and empty blustering from an all but spineless and impotent Congress. 

  • Black Panther voter intimidation.  Bluster and words from Congress followed by no action whatsoever.  Political repercussions, zero and the media pushes it down the memory whole.
  • Fast and Furious gun running operations to dangerous criminal cartels in Mexico.  Two American Border Patrol Agents and hundreds of Mexican citizens killed with those very weapons.  Bluster and words from Congress followed by no action whatsoever.  Political repercussions, zero and the media pushes it down the memory whole.
  • Internet spying into the Constitutionally protected research files of the Associated Press and other news media outlets.  Bluster and words from Congress followed by no action whatsoever.  Political repercussions, zero and the media pushes it down the memory whole.
  • NSA spying on virtually everything. Ditto, ditto and ditto.
  • IRS political targeting of opposition groups. Ditto, ditto and ditto.

With each new event the administration cements the pattern of reaction to public and Congressional opposition as "Dude, that's so two years ago, so what difference does it really make."

Citizens standing up to the BLM.
But then we had a sea change of sorts that has forced the media to report, even if somewhat dishonestly, public reaction to government lawlessness.  First we had the Bundy Ranch events where hundreds of people turned out to oppose the BLM's use of post-facto law to try and drive Clive Bundy of land that he and his family had been using for generations.  The specter of an armed confrontation between BLM thugs and citizens standing in defense of Mr. Bundy's rights caused the government to retreat for the moment and resort to their fall back tactic of using the compliant news media as its spear point in attacking Bundy personally as a deranged individual and a racist.

It must be admitted that this is an effective tactic, especially when the weight of media and government can be focused on a single individual and/or event in a remote and isolated location.

Protestors block ICE's attempt
 to buss and dump illegals.
But now we have the debacle of the administration essentially opening our southern border to any and all comers.  There is now growing evidence that this flood of Central American children has been planned and instrumented by the administration.  The usual leftist meme of "We must protect the children." isn't working as hundreds of citizen are turning out in various locations where ICE and Home Land Security are attempting to buss in and dump hundreds of these illegals. 

This has potentially created a big problem for the administration and their media lackeys.  They don't have a single event, location or person upon which they can focus their pressure on.  Additionally it becomes harder and harder for the media to ignore hundreds of people gathering in numerous very visible and public locations especially when these protests are occurring in very "Blue" states like New York and California.  Yes the administration and the media will try to portray this reaction as a manifestation of racism and so-called "white privilege" but without any single individual or event to target this becomes a much more tenuous position. 

Portraying as racist honest soccer moms and hard working taxpayers, who are only trying to protect their own children from disease and their communities from further degradation, many of whom who probably voted for Obama once if not twice, is a dangerous tactic.  If any of these protests turn
violent especially in a Blue state, the public's alienation from and resentment of government will only grow, especially as the 2014 election approaches.  (It's interesting to note that they are not attempting to dump any of these bus loads in states with close Senatorial races.) 

Contagious disease and crowded conditions.
A recipe for death and disaster.
Making it worse for themselves Homeland security is both blocking duly elected public officials including Congressmen from viewing the facilities and conditions where these illegals are being held and they are threatening the medical personal treating them with arrest if they dare to  reveal or talk about the diseases that are running rampant and no doubt getting worse under such crowded conditions.  Measles, scabies and TB have already been documented.
The administration faces the further problem that if they are forced to back down in the face of mass public gatherings in protest of their actions, then the tactic will become more prevalent, frequently used and cemented in the minds of the opposition as an effective tool in fighting government tyranny.

The question then become one of when and how, and just how willing, will the fascists in DC be to turning loose their jack booted and militarized SS police thugs on an already defiant and angry public.  Just how are they going to portray the suburban house wife and her office working husband as "domestic terrorists"?

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