Friday, July 18, 2014

Is This All Planed Chaos?

So far I cant figure out if this mess is spinning out of control or going precisely according to some sinister plan.  I guess it's just too bad for the Obama administration that when the government releases a $50 million contract it has to be made public.  Well thankfully at least the Baptist Church has a sense of shame because Obama's bureaucrats sure as hell don't.  Did they really think that signing a $50 million contract with Baptist Child and Family Services was going to go unnoticed?

The $50 million was intended for BCFS to take over an existing midlevel resort in Weslaco Texas and use it to house upwards of 600 juvenile illegal aliens.  Check it out for yourself.  Certainly not the Hilton at Miami Beach but I'd bet that there a tens of millions of American families who wish they could afford a weeks stay. 

Nice digs if you can afford it!
Seems the negative reaction from the Baptist Church's own congregations was so swift that BCFS was forced to withdraw from the contract within a matter of hours. Don't think for a moment that this will be the end of this obscene idea.  You can bet that HHS is casting about right now to find another entity to take this contract that doesn't have a constituency that will object.  Hell seeing how this administration operates they could very well just invent one!

Do these arrogant fools think people can't do the simple math that proves just how outrageous this plan is? 50,000,000 / 600 = $83,333.33 per illegal resident! Somehow I don't see this administration even considering using this kind of money to actually facilitate deporting these hoards back to from where they came.  Imagine if you will ICE chartering airliners to take them home.  Think  of it as Con-Air for illegals.  At an estimated $10,000 and 200 passengers a flight that $50 million would pay for a MILLION deportations!  

Even if the $10,000 per flight is inaccurate by half 
Rum & Cokes and cold Cerveza in the Lounge!

or more this simple calculation demonstrates the absolute absurdity of the administration $3.6 billion appropriation request.  No one, absolutely no one is giving the public anything approaching an honest assessment of what is going on with this situation, not  the administration, not the bureaucrats and most certainly not the MSM.  It doesn't take a particularly over active imagination to get the feeling that we are being despicably and deeply manipulated here.

We've already discussed the serious disease infestations that have been documented among those Central American juveniles that have been picked up. Measles, Whooping cough, Pertussis, drug resistant Tuberculosis  But up 'till now nobody is talking about those illegals that have so far avoided capture.  How widely have they become dispersed into society, whare they going and what kinds infections are they carrying and what are the incubation rates for the influenza infections and the other diseases they knowing or unknowingly carrying.

Stop! We are only here to make sure  the aliens
remain healthy enough to take your job!
At some point one ore more of these diseases will reach a break out.  My Guess that it will happen in numerous locations within a very short period.  Next thing you know the public will be out in force demanding the heads of various politicians for the years of neglect that created this mess.   The government response will be twofold.  First, use the pandemic as an excuse for declaring martial law and second send in agent provactures to insight violence against the immigrant community in order to distract attention away from government culpability and use that to ratchet down even more with militarized police tactics.

Well maybe some of those 18,000 laid off Microsoft employees can sign up for police training so they can help guard Bill Gates' compound from the rest of there fellow former employees who will be screaming for his head as he reads his latest proclamation calling for even more illegal immigration.

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