Sunday, October 20, 2013

Liberals, The Anti-math.

The latest meme from the math challenged left is that the shut down of government "cost" some $24 billion dollars!  Oh the horror!

So lets do the math.  The vaunted Federal Government was shut down for three weeks.  This comes to $1.143 billion a day supposedly "lost" to the economy because in their Keynesian fantasy world government spending equals prosperity. 

The only problem with such a claim of loss is that the Federal Government spends that same $24 billion in just 2-1/2 days!  It take the Federal Government only six days to borrow that same $24 billion.  Now add into this the fact that all those Federal parasites are going to get paid retroactively for the period that they were in essence "laid off" and I don't see where the economy actually lost any thing.  The tax payer lost because those same parasites just got a big fat 2 weeks plus paid vacation.

In the private sector when a company has cash flow problems employees are transferred to still funded programs or get laid off without pay, and if they have accumulated vacation, holiday and/or sick days they can charge the lost time towards that. 

But were not talking private sector here, were not even talking common sense, were talking Federal Government La La Land where the rules of the real world, the rules that apply to us common peasants, don't apply.  Just another manifestation of the rules applying to us but not our rulers or even their court jesters apparently.

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