Thursday, November 21, 2019

This Vindman shit is seriously fucked up.

The job offer from Ukraine pretty clearly shows in who’s national interest Ukraine thought Vindman was operating. It should have been revealed to his commanding officer IMMEDIATELY and led to serious questions about where his loyalties actually do lay including a polygraph examination. If he did report it to his superiors as he claimed he did and they failed to follow up should at the very least raise questions about their competence if not loyalties. If he didn't report the offer it constitutes a deriliction of duty and should trigger an immediate article 32 hearing. 

The fact that he holds dual citizenship should have disqualified him from having any dealings with Ukraine or US policy as regards Ukraine. This is such an obvious conflict of interest even a blind man could see it. Not only should he be removed from the NSC but anyone associated with placing him there should face demotion and transfer to the most out of the way, inconsequential job possible. This shit is  seriously fucked up.

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