Thursday, November 21, 2019

Seriously REO Speedwagon Needs To Sue Adam Schiff

These hearings have become analogous to both the Hillary campaign and cat chaceing a laser pen video.
Firstly in that they've tried to stack the rules entirely in their favor they still keep coming up with the short end of the stick.
Secondly in that there is certainly a measure of entertainment in watching a cat chase laser beam and in the schadenfreude of knowing that cat will never catch it.

Most people have a limited stomach for crybaby sore losers and even the most entertaining cat video can only hold an audience's attention for two or three times though the loop.

Wednesday demonstrated the entire process in a nut shell. After a o three page self serving and ambiguous opening statement followed by numerous leading questions, Schiff and his minions were once again certain that they had finally caught Trump. Schiff couldn't wait to go into recess and get his face in front of the news cameras to declare victory. The bombshell has finally gone off! For the 347th time! And of course ABCNNBCBS et al were already repeating the aria even before the recess began. Egar as they are to prove that there is no unconsidered consequence they aren't willing to ignore in pursuit Donald Trump's head.

Today's story ended with the second act, comprised of Republicans cross examining the Ambassador and clarifying the ambiguities to reveal that all he really had were presumptions built from the same kind of hearsay after hearsay we had been hearing since the Schiff show started.

But I guess we don't need to worry for the Schiff show never ends. Well not until it become a matter of "will the last person on stage turn off the laser and take the cat home with them please."

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