Friday, January 5, 2018

Another Bad Week For The Democrats.

1. The FBI's chief FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) officer has stated that the memo that Comey leaked and all the memos he wrote were classified when they were written and are still classified today. So where are the charges?

2. The FBI's Little Rock Arkansas office is launching a new investigation into pay-to-play at the Clinton Foundation. And what was destroyed in that fire at Chappaqua?

3. A Federal Judge has ordered that all of the Fusion GPS bank records must be released to Congressional investigators. Why did the previous Obama appointed judge recuse themselves?

4 . The DOJ has agreed to release all records and emails relating to the termination of FBI Supervisory Special Agent Peter Strzok and his illicit lover FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

5. Congressional panels are now officially requesting the FBI open an investigation of the author of the now infamous Trump Dossier.

Not to quote Sean Hannity but tick tock, tick tock.

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