Sunday, January 7, 2018

Trudging Down The Path To Insanity.

It's an old an often-repeated adage that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. As such it becomes fully understandable if we were to see the American left and the news media reaching the final stages of a psychosis.

We can recall one Dan Rather of CBS News who invented a narrative concerning George W Bush, that when exposed as false, put forth the claim that the forged document was "false but true". We also recall that Mr. Rather was left without a job and on the outside looking in.

For months the media and establishment elites of both parties all said with absolute certainty that Donald Trump had no chance in the primaries against the vaunted Bush machine or up-and-comers like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. When that great vision failed their hopes and dreams fell back to a narrative of calling for a brokered convention and a dark horse Mitt Romney riding in to save the day for the establishment pols and media.

This fantasy of course went up in smoke with the results of the Indiana primary and the next day's satirical and mocking headline, "Hoosier Daddy?" This was the moment that created the psycological tipping point where sanctimony and condescension became blind hatred and visceral contempt. Unable as they were to except or even comprehend this new reality, this paradigm shift, they instead doubled down on their insistence that they and only they could possibly know or communicate the direction the nation needed to move. And that direction of course was Hillary Clinton. Hillary the qualified, Hillary the inevitable, Hillary the exalted, mellenial destiny of America was constantly juxtaposed against Donald the incompetent, Donald the dangerous, Donald the incomprehensible, Donald the mad.

I needn't go into the details of their behiviour during the general election campaign, except to say that like so many deluded, egomaniacal fools they became convinced of their own propaganda and couldn't see that it wasn't helping but rather hurting their cause. Between Hillary's arrogant labeling of Trump supporters as irredeemable, deplorable racists, the growing questions about the content of her unsecured email server and her constant hacking and her televised physical collapse on September 11th, her fate was all but sealed.

Watching reruns on YouTube of the election night emotional meltdowns on CNN and The Young Turks is still some of the greatest entertainment around. Once again rather than excepting that Donald Trump is the new political paradigm and that he had won the election in accordance with the long established Constitutional requirements, they all doubled down once again.

Never mind Hillary's laughable hypocrisy challenging the out come of the election that she had decried against Trump. The goal now became not to just oppose his policy initiatives but to promulgate any narrative, any lie, any deception, any fraud, no matter how how absurd or provably untrue in order to try and drive him from office. The preservation of Obama's dubious legacy has taken precedence over any Constitutional procedure or the desires of the voters.

First of course came the "Russian collusion" narrative and Fusion GPS's Hillary Campaign bought and paid for dossier. As the examination of this alleged scenario goes deeper it is being revealed as laughably absurd and has raised serious questions about who was really in bed with Russian operatives in its production. Both the collusion and obstruction of justice stories have unraveled faster than a ball of yarn in a box full of kittens as more and more evidence of the politicization of the FBI and Justice Department come out.

As the corruption within the Obama administration becomes more exposed and new investigations into the Clinton Foundation are opened the desperation has gotten deeper and more unhinged the left and the media have been reduced to the tactic of questioning the President's mental stability and even his sanity. This latest tactic of course is being being based on the contention that the President's continued use of and arguably bombastic rhetoric on Twitter is some sort of prima facie evidence. Never mind that it was this very method that propelled him into the White House and that no matter how hard they try to adapt his methods themselves, he remains a step if not more ahead of them and continues to out maneuver them. Their hopes that if they could keep him so busy defending himself that he would not have the time to launch attacks of his own have so far come to naught.

Clearly logic and reason have not just taken flight on the left but have completely flown the coop. If anyone one wants prima facie evidence of this, look no farther than this book "Fire and Fury" by Michael Wolff. A book that even the author admits he doesn't know what in its contents is untrue and what is true, while at the same time making the self aggrandizing claim that it will "finally...end this Presidency." Conjunctively we hear the likes of MSNBC talking head Stephanie Rhule doing her best Dan Rather impersonation by stating, "Even if not all of it is true, the spirit of the book is..."

The definition of insanity is ...

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