Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Daily Comments for Tuesday March 28th.

1. A Hollywood California middle school is going to face mandated budget cuts because it has "Too many white students". So does this mean we are going to see highrise public housing being built in the posh Hollywood hills? Don't hold your breath. These people are more interested in posturing about integration than actually doing it. After all this is a public school so the mandate doesn't effect any of the "really important" people who send their kids to private schools so as to avoid having to deal with the poor white trash and coloreds of various shades.

2. Congresswoman(?) Maxine Waters openly questions the patriotism of Trump supporters on the House floor. So what? I suspect at least 75% of her colleagues, both Republicanswant Democrats, have been questioning both her sanity and intelligence since the day she first got elected. If wrinkled old Maxine is now the paragon of virtue in the Democrat party they are in worse shape than anyone can imagine.

3. Los Angeles, Chicago and NY City are going to defy ICE and remain sanctuary cities and even vowing to try and block Immigration officers from doing their jobs. Oh goodie! Does this mean we're going to get some George Wallace moments with Commie DeBlasio in New York or the dancing faggot Emanuel in Chicago trying to block the door when ICE comes to arrest another batch of high school bathroom rapists? To bad given the ways of urban politics it would get them even more votes. Yet theyJust can't figure out why people (read white people who have jobs and pay taxes) are fleeing places like Chicago as fast as they can. "Chicago the new Detroit!" could become their new tourism pitch line. Where is Marion Berry when you need him?

4. Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks (R) Huntsville, has filed a one sentence bill to repeal Obamacare. One clear, simple​, articulate sentence. That's all it takes really. No wonder his fellow Congressmen don't understand it and have so far refused to sign a discharge petition to get it out of committee. Any legislation not so complicated that you need a raft of K Street lawyers to under stand it doesn't stand a chance. And they wonder why we hold them all in such utter contempt.

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