Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Blood In The Water?

Time to shitcan the Alexa and that Smart TV.

The recent headline on Drudge report stated that "Democrats Smell Blood In The Water". At the rate the story seems to be developing however it would that a Las Vegas juggler to keep up with all the accusations and denials flying back and forth. Adding in the various Democrats inability to keep up with their own activities and lies and you get a near full blown vaudeville act.

It's begining to would all to much like an old Ella Fitzgerald son, "First you say you will and then you won't, then you say you do and then you don't!" I've already lost count of the number of leaving Democrats that said they never met with the Russian Ambassador only to be shown up as liars the very next day by release of video or still photos. First there was a FISA court application then there wasn't, then there was then there wasn't. Then the valid Nancy Pelosi said "We don't do that." But then apparently they do if you happen to work for FOX News or the AP and you publish a story that displeases the great Master Unicorn.

It wasn't enough that the whole lot of them and their allied RINO pals were doing a bad remake of "The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming"' just this morning WikiLeaks reveals that the CIA has created its own NSA like cyber spying operation based on purloined RUSSIAN software that can be used to make any discovered hack look like it came from a nowhere other than its actual source. It was further revealed that the CIA had hacked into Apple and Android systems to be able turn turn on the microphones and cameras without the owners knowledge. The same tech can also hack your smart TV and listen in on your home. All while making it look like it was the Russians or Chinese or whoever they want did it.

"Warrants, we don't need no stinking warrants! We're the CIA! We don't even have to tell Congress what we want all those billions of dollars for." Nevermind of course that existing Federal law allegedly prohibits the CIA from conducting operations on US soil.

If the President were to as me he shouldn't be closing down Gitmo but expanding it and filling its cells with soon to be ex-CIA and ex-NSA employees. If someone were asked to define what "domestic terrorism" is, this type of activity sure seems to fit the bill.

At this rate there is indeed going to be blood in the water, and it's not going to be President Trump's.

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