Thursday, September 29, 2016

Just When You Thought They Couldn't Be Any More Insane...

Yesterday's most ignored headline was that our horse faced, horses ass of a Secretary of State had given Russia what amounted to an ultimatum demanding that all offensive operations against anti Assad forces i.e. ISIS, in Aleppo be halted immediately or all cooperation between the US and Russia would stop.

Never mind the arrogance of such a statement, I would like for these bungling fools to tell us just one thing in Aleppo or all of Syria for that matter, that is worth creating a direct military confrontation between the US and Russia. A confrontation that could well drag us and Europe into another world war.

And no I won't accept any BS answers about how brutal the Assad regime is or how the assault constitutes s humanitarian crisis. In both cases I would respond, so what? The Assads have ruled Syria with an iron fist for half a century. And if we're so worried about a body count in Aleppo why aren't we worried about the body counts in Chicago or Baltimore or our own nations capital? Seems to me this is the same Bashier Assad that old horse face and the Democrats were declaring to be a "great reformer" just a few short years ago when they thought such declarations could be used as a political bludgeon against both the Bush administration and Israel.

Unless of course, as the old saying goes, nothing occurs in a vacuum. Donald Trump strongly hinted that the FED has created yet another massive bubble in the markets and their about to burst. It's not a matter of if they pop but when. And when they do somebody is going to get blamed for it.

Rather than taking responsibility for their own incompetence and greed in propping up any already failed system they are going to try and lay the blame on the Russians for creating a military crisis that we will be told is more than the system can take. If millions have to die in order for them to keep their grip on power there don't care.

Donald Trump has represented an existential threat to their power structure since the day he announced his candidacy. That but sides of our own party state have be arrayed against him should be all the proof you need. If not just look at the cozy relationship between Bush the elder and Blowjob Bill Clinton and now the recent picture of Bush the younger cuddling together, all smiles and hugs for a selfie with Michelle Obama.

Our system has been irredeemably corrupted. The vaunted FBI and the Attorney General sell their souls to the Clintons for God only knows what and then they keep telling more and more lies as each batch of past lies gets exposed for the massive frauds that they are.

Is Donald Trump the savior of the Republic, some Cincinnatus come to rescue us from our own folly? Frankly I doubt it. But if he can at least prevent a war between Russia and the West that like almost all wars would spin out of control into a maelstrom of horror and death I'm all for it. Better destroyed markets and liquidated unpayable debts than destroyed cities  nations and peoples. Better the blame for those destroyed markets, banks and debts fall on the heads of the bankers and manipulators that created the problems than bombs fall on to cities and civilians.


  1. It's very simple.
    Qatar(and other Arab Gulf States)have massive amounts of Natural Gas they want to get to Europe, and put a crimp in Russia's (Gazprom) supply to Europe. They want that pipeline thorough Syria. Syria (Russia's allies) say no way. and so you got this big fight. USA invents, funds and supplies ISIS to get this done via proxy. And the beat goes on baby......!

  2. The demonization of Russia is amazing to watch. I enjoy watching Ralph Peters and Jack Keane on Fox Business Network. You can set your watch by when they'll trot out the "Putin the Thug" nonsense. Peters is particularly vocal about Obama's not having "the guts" to confront the Russians militarily. Didn't we just observe the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI with its terrible casualties? Who are these ass hats that yearn to launch another war against a prepared and nuclear-armed "foe"?

    Anonymous describes a plausible motivation for us in taking the side of the Sunnis. There are other theories. The important point is that none of them has been announced as a goal of the U.S. Our purpose is murky and hidden and the "Assad must go" theme is complete garbage. Assad is precisely the leader that our foreign policy should be seeking to install in the Arab world but, no, Obama is hell bent on removing the leader everywhere and ensuring either that the MB takes charge or that the countries fall into utter chaos instigated by jihadi monsters.


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