Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Matt Bracken's Prophecy.

A couple of months ago Matt Bracken wrote a piece about how a growing dictatorial power here in America will come under attack. Not by going directly at upper level bureaucrats and political leaders who have some pretty solid defense perimeters around them.  He proposed that the assaults will come against the lower lever bureaucrats and the media flacks who don't investigate and report but rather simply doles out the bureaucratic talking points and propaganda with all the credibility of Russia's Pravda or Isvestia.  Recently some of these same presstitutes and the campaign hacks they openly cooperate and coordinate with found their names listed in various emails released by Wikipedia. One has to wonder if they realize that they may have placed targets on themselves. Just how many Secret Service officers do they really think there are? Do they really think the Clintons care about the peril they may be in if a crisis comes?

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