Friday, December 18, 2015

So How Many More Points For Trump?

Today what is alleged to be a Republican controlled Congress betrayed the American voters yet again. Obama and the Democrats got everything they wanted. Full funding for Obamacare, immigration, Planned Parenthood, immigration, the whole nine yards. The votes of the American people to reject the Democrats at the polls were just thrown in the dumpster and the Republicans openly declared that they are willing to tell any lie to win election.

That they seemingly can't figure out why Donald Trump is leading in the polls is just unfathomable. The only questions then is how many more points will this translate into in the next round of polls and how much more damage will be done to the structure of the American Republic before President Trump can take office on January 20th 2017 and can it be saved?

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  1. That was a monumental betrayal. For over a year we've suffered betrayal by inaction but this was betrayal with a ribbon on it. A Three Stooges finger in the eye for all those who bought the "Republican" brand last time around. It was a complete and utter capitulation to this freak president we have and his ultra-left party. Who are these clowns? Do they think it best not to rock the boat till the win the WH and THEN they'll really fix things. That's the very best spin possible on what they did but even that stinks of cowardice and lack of strategic vision. Why vote for a Republican for president if all he is is a non-Democrat.


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